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I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A very fun read! I loved the mystery and suspense. It did get a bit predictable, but none the less enjoyable. 

Thank you kindly to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for this review copy.
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Violet Young is a popular mommy vlogger and online influencer. Married to Henry, with three young daughters, she has battled postpartum depression.
One day she suddenly disappears from social media. All her accounts are closed, her videos deleted.
We follow two of her regular and devoted viewers. LIly, a single mom and Yvonne, desperate for a baby and struggling with infertility.
These two fans become distraught after Violet vanishes, obsessing over where she might be or what could have happened to her.
Alternating viewpoints, the story connects the characters lives and profound secrets are revealed.
An entertaining psychological thriller with some unpredictable twists. The characters weren't very likable, but they did engender sympathy.
A fun read!
Thank you Crooked Lane Books for the e-ARC via NetGalley.
3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 stars.
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Wow. This is a thriller from the beginning. I think because it hits home. It is centered around social media and what exactly you choose to share, or overshare, that exposes you to potential harm. This is a well done and entertaining, although creepy, view of this phenomena.
Thoroughly enjoyable. I will definitely watch for other books by this author.
Thank you for the early edition.
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As a teacher, I like these books that are centered around social media.  This was great writing and a fast read.
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Great writing. This story quickly grabs your attention and doesn't let go. 
Thank you for the ARC. This is my honest review.
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"Unfollow Me" was an interesting thriller. The twists towards the end took a bit of an unexpected turn, but that is not a bad thing.
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Well written and full of suspense this fits in well with the genre of ‘unreliable narrator’. Moving forward quickly and always keeping the reader guessing, if is such a strong read. Very highly recommended.
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Here are my pros and cons for Unfollow Me:


1. I am a HUGE unreliable narrator fan. I love wondering if what I am reading is real or not, and when unreliable narration is done well I am in heaven! The two lead characters in this book (Yvonne and Lily), while perhaps not 100% unreliable narrators by definition, at least had a propensity to omit information and skew truth to their benefit. I enjoyed the uncertainty.
2. The pacing in this book is spot on! It moved along quickly, but critical elements to the story were scattered throughout randomly and slowly (see Pro #3). I thought the tension and mystery of what was going on was developed very well. I was definitely engaged with the characters and intrigued by the story.
3. I love how the author dropped new little nuggets of information into a seemingly boring moment in the book – nuggets that revealed a whole new dimension to the story. These sudden, but powerful, revelations really made the book interesting to me.
4. Yvonne and Lily were fantastic characters. I thought their character development was well-done. Oddly, I found myself sympathizing with them, but I was also just a bit scared of them, too.
5. I thought the intimate and emotional observation of motherhood was interesting. We learn about issues facing single mothers, women trying to conceive, and a vlogger mom who some believe exploits her children for the sake of internet revenue and fame. There are multiple motherhood/parenting issues that are included in this book and I appreciated how the author treated the issues seriously.
6. This is also an interesting look at the influencer and social media culture we live in. How much “sharing” is too much? What happens when fans don’t know how to maintain a distance (physical and emotional) from internet famous personalities? Is it normal behavior to be obsessed with a YouTube personality? Interesting topics for debate and this book delved into all of them.


1. Remember when you were a little kid and you are watching someone set off fireworks – like bottle rockets or roman candles – and you were just fraught with anticipation waiting for that flame to reach the firework and explode into a burst of color in front of you? So exciting, right? BUT… occasionally there is a dud and nothing happens. No explosion, no bright colors, no pop… just nothing. Super disappointing! That is how this book was for me. I was getting revved up, wondering what was going on, reading way past my bed time anxious to get to the end, dying to discover the big reveal, craving that exciting conclusion I just knew was coming… and then POOF! Absolutely nothing exciting happens. The ending was banal, ordinary, unimaginative, and so incredibly disappointing. All that build up with potentially TWO unreliable narrators and all I get was basically a “reasonable explanation” for what is going on all along. I was so angry at the end of this book. I really felt let down.

I loved this book. I really did… until the last 20 pages or so. It went from a solid 5-star read for me down to a 3 in one fell swoop. Maybe I should have only dropped it to a 4, because I really did like a lot of things about this book… but I’m still kind of angry about the boring ending so I’m sticking with 3.

I likely would recommend this book to others, not only because of all the Pros I noted above, but also to find out if the ending affects others the way it affected me. I often wonder if I am being overly critical, but I committed to writing reviews that include honest feelings and thoughts about what I read and I was honestly disappointed with the conclusion of this novel.

Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for a free eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Violet Is Blue. That's the name of Violet's YouTube channel. A channel where millions of people connected with her over her honesty about the struggles of her Post Natal Depression, and just general life in trying to raise children to be kind, healthy and happy little humans. However, when overnight, all of Violet's social media sites disappear, two women find it difficult to grasp.

Lily, a widowed, single mother who struggles to make ends meet and sees Violet's vlogs and blog as an escape, doesn't know what to do now that Violet is not around to help her forget about her struggles. She becomes increasingly obsessed, and worried, that something serious has happened and that Violet is in trouble, or worse, dead. She is determined to get to the bottom of it all, she has to, for her own sanity.

Yvonne, a successful, married woman who is struggling to fall pregnant. Her obsession with Violet is quite different to Lily's. It's almost become a love/hate thing. As she struggles to let go of her past, Violet was a way for her to escape, and now she is left wondering how bad things are that Violet has disappeared.

As the story unfolds, secrets, lies and deceptions come to the surface. What happened to Violet? Why has she gone radio silent? And does someone know more than they're letting on?

I'm a sucker for a psychological thriller, I really am. This one appealed to me because in today's world, social media platforms are IT. It's very rare to meet someone that doesn't have some form of presence on the world wide web, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or any number of sites that are now readily available at our finger tips. And having a story where an influencer disappears overnight? Well sign me up, Scotty, I am here for it. And let me tell you, it was quite a ride.

The book is told in different POVs between Lily, Yvonne, and Violet's husband, Henry. The story itself is fast paced and kept me glued. I just HAD to know what was going on and what on Earth was going to happen next. I found myself thinking about how CRAZY these two ladies were. Yvonne is trying to fall pregnant, and is having difficulty due to her husband's sperm (we find this out extremely early on), when this woman thinks she MIGHT be pregnant she actually goes a bit loopy. She starts buying baby clothes, and telling people she is pregnant even though she has no idea if she is or not. And Lily! Oh my Lily. She stalks children just to try and find out what's going on with Violet. At first I was blown away with how crazy they sounded, and in Lily's case, I realised how people like this actually exist. Some of the in between parts of the book, well, the bits between chapters, we're treated to a layout of a web discussion on a mummy forum of sorts. The speculation and obsessiveness that these people have for someone they don't know is astounding, and I realised that there are actually people out there like this. Take for example, I think it was the end of last year, I love a certain makeup brand, and when the creator who is also an influencer on YouTube, disappeared for a couple of weeks, the speculation from the fan base that I was seeing in different groups on Facebook was insane. These people are just THAT obsessed with someone that they don't even know and it was kind of scary. Yes I like the IDEA of this person, and their product as well as their content. But I don't claim to KNOW them. So it goes to show that there are really people out there who are actually like this, and it is TERRIFYING. That someone's world can be so consumed by a person that they don't know is scary to me. So I feel that this really added to the dynamic of the story because it is actually real and does happen, it made the story feel INCREDIBLY real to me. As for Yvonne, I've got no doubt that there are women out there who want a baby bad enough that they will start doing the things that she did, and ultimately the reveal near the end, I believe it.

The characters were really well rounded, I actually really disliked both women but also felt a bit of pity towards them as well. And if I met these women in real life? Yeah, I'd be running the other way for sure haha. I feel like it really shows that Duckworth is brilliant at her craft, being able to create characters that have a lot of depth, so many flaws, characters that I really didn't like but I still NEEDED to know what happened to them.

The mystery itself was really well thought out an executed, I honestly didn't know things were going to turn out that way at all. So this is a win for me because I hate it when I work stuff out way earlier than the characters, it takes the fun out of it. Even though we were reading chapters from Violet's husband's POV, it didn't really give anything away and honestly created more twists and turns than I had been expecting.

If you love a good psychological thriller that really keeps you guessing, give this one a go, you won't be disappointed.
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Unfollow Me is well written suspenseful story about a social media influencer/blogger named Violet. She's a mommy blogger. Her husband's rich and has three kids. Out of the blue she shuts down all her sites and her fans go a little cra cra! This was a timely theme and a great story with interesting characters.
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You may be ready to power off your online presence! But maybe your followers aren’t ready or willing to let you go?

Violet has it all. An adoring husband and three beautiful little girls. She shares every last detail of her life and that of her family’s online. And apparently it’s intriguing enough that she’s gained over a million followers on her YouTube channel. So what happens when she suddenly vanishes? Or more accurately, her on-line presence disappears! YouTube....Instagram...Facebook, all gone! It’s as if her entire online life has been shut down.

For her devoted followers nothing could be worse! How can they get through their own lives without tuning into hers!

Told from multiple perspectives. Each character with their own bizarre agenda hoping to find out what happened to Violet!

I’ve read a number of social media thrillers lately. And they continue to scare me to no end! Strikingly realistic. A friendly piece of advice…careful what you share because there just might be someone out there following just a bit too closely!

A buddy read with Susanne!📚

Thank you to NetGalley, Crooked Lane Books and Charlotte Duckworth for an ARC to read and review
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So with a really vague synopsis I wasn’t sure what I would be getting myself into with this book. I wish I could say that it exceeded my expectations (since I didn’t really have many to begin with), but to me I feel rather indifferent about the book. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t not like it. I didn’t have any real problems with it. It reads very easy and quickly. I just found that I didn’t really care about any of the characters. I did want to find out what happened to Violet so that’s why I kept reading. I found the ending to be okay. It didn’t have much of a shock factor. Overall it was just an average book to me and I’m glad I didn’t spend more than 25 hours on it.⁣
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What is it about unreliable women narrators that is so appealing? This one captivated me from the start, and I read it quickly. None of the characters were particularly likeable, per se, but still so compelling. There were a few things that confused me (mostly Henry's POV since I didn't understand where it was going at first), but it was still definitely a fun read.
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Great thriller read! It had me hooked the whole way through! I loved the characters, and the atmosphere. The mystery surrounding Violet kept me turning the pages, and I enjoyed the story being told from more than one perspective.
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I was instantly intrigued when I read the description of this book. There has been a rise in social media inspired novels in the past few years and I always find them fascinating because it’s real life. We are obsessed with social media. So I had to read this book.

First impression from the first chapter, a slow start. I was expecting an interesting story line and instead I was left feeling it was lackluster and a bit drab. While I continued to read through, I found my mind wandering to other things in my life and when I had free time to continue reading, I was drawn to other activities. This book just was not holding my attention.

Full disclosure: I did not finish this book. I could not get into it long enough to even read, so I had to give up at 20%. Now, I fully encourage others to read this book. It may just not click with me and it will with other readers. Check it out and share your thoughts.
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I really had high hopes for this book going in, but by the time I hit the halfway mark, I was truly bored. I found most of the chapters unnecessarily and the characters repetitive. 

Kudos to the author still! I did enjoy the creepy, stalker-ish parts that were involved and the writing style, but this one just didn’t hit it for me. 

Thank you to NetGalley, Crooked Lane Books and Charlotte Duckworth for this eARC!
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I received this ARC book from Netgalley for honest Review.

What a great thrill and suspense it was to read. What a great psychological thrill! This novel had everything in it. The thrill, the suspense, the psychological, and the twist is crazy. This novel will keep you thinking and guessing. When you think you right, well let me just say that you might be wrong. This had me all over the place. My heart beating so fast! I couldn't believe what I was reading. If had me in shock. Every page, every chapter was a page turner. I couldn't believe my eyes what I was reading. I highly recommend everybody get this book and read it. It will surprise you in every way.

The storyline was very good! 
The theme and setting was well put together. The characters was well put together in the story. 
This story will have in a rollercoaster with all the spooky and secrets. Was so well put in the story. 
Everything all in one book. 
It was just perfect!
I highly recommend everybody get this and read it. 
What a great read! This had me hooked from the beginning. What a Rollercoaster! The sitting, theme, and the Characters had me pulled so in. Everything was well put together and it was just perfect. This novel would have you guess and thinking all the way to the end. What a great thrill and suspense. I love a great suspense that would have me think and guessing. This novel did just that to me. To the point that am wrong. When the ending comes am on shock. I wouldn't of never believe or guess. Like OMG! 
Highly recommend everybody get this book and read it. Its so good! 
Can't wait for her next book.
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22nd March 2020
2 stars

Violet Young was a hugely popular journalist-turned-mummy-influencer, with three children, a successful husband and a million subscribers on YouTube who tune in daily to watch her everyday life unfold.
That is until all her social accounts are deleted and Violet seems to have just vanished.
This book is told from The husbands point of view before his marriage to Violet up until present day, we follow two of violets followers, Yvonne who is happily married but struggling to conceive and Lily who is a single mother who has a slight obsession with Violet and her life.

This book was rather dull for me, I didn't really like any of the characters which I think was the purpose of this books. I also kept waiting for this big mystery to be revealed as to why Violet deleted all her social accounts and dropped off the radar. This book did have me keep turning the page, I had all these different theories and then when it was revealed at the end it just didn't make much sense to me and felt too rushed nd I was hugely disappointed.
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Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for the ARC!! 

I knew I would enjoy this book since I first read the plot. I couldn't put it down!! I just really, really, really needed to know what happened to Violet. I feel kinda close to this universe, because I do worry about my favorite vloggers deleting their social medias and disappearing overnight. That would be so scary. This story is crazy, but sadly I can totally imagine it happening in real life. People like Lily, Yvonne and Henry really exist too.

I apologize that I wasn't able to post my feedback before the pub date, but I'm glad I had this story to read now and take my mind somewhere else. So, thank you.
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This book's synopsis definitely grabbed my attention. Being in a society that is essentially run by social media, these types of books really show the dangers of what can happen in real life. However, a lot of these books are coming out, especially within the last few years. After reading them all, they all start to sound the same mystery wise. Someone disappears, they have a social media presence..yadda yadda.

I didn't hate this book. I really didn't. I thought learning about Violet and what happened to her and why she deleted her social media without a trace was pretty interesting. I just think that the background details just were kind of meh. I didn't feel any specific way towards that, but I did enjoy the thrilling aspect of it. This honestly could've been classified more as a thriller than a mystery in my eyes.

My favorite part about this book was that two fans were trying to figure out the mystery of what happened to their favorite Youtuber. Usually, watching the news or reading a story about it, if something happens to someone with a social media presence, it's a crazed fan that did something to them. Don't get me wrong, these two were definitely obsessive over Violet, but it was nice to read something that wasn't like the others in that aspect. I really liked the difference of story there.

The difference in point-of-views had me a little confused at times. Throwing Violet's husband in there to separate things was very smart on Charlotte Duckworth's part because I was able to distinguish the multiple feelings of this story.

Overall, this was interesting but it didn't WOW me. The writing was alright, there were definitely some attention-grabbing parts, but I just didn't have the best time with this novel. The conclusion was just alright, but if you're looking for a fast-paced story to read while you're staying inside, this is a good one that'll take up a day!
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