The Violence Inside Us

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 29 Jun 2020

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Murphy tackles a deep subject on this one. The writing is great and when he tells the real stories behind tragedy it is at it's best. However, you don't feel there's any solutions here and sometimes the book uses weird logic to go from A to B.
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A great book for those who are also interested in American history and violence. 
I felt a lot of The books chapters were extremely long and could have been broken up better. I also thought a lot of information was dragged out especially during the explanation of violence in Medieval Europe. . 
Overall a great informational book on gun violence and how it affects us all. Deeply moving and emotional in some parts.
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This is a book that needed to be written and researched, the author did it wonderfully.
I was really impressed that the author took the time to thoroughly research how violence has banded us together and how it is now destroying us.
The book focuses mostly on the guns, AR15's and large ammunition magazines. 
I thought it was very well written and researched. 
HOWEVER, the one part that was bogged down was the War chapters.
I felt that the War chapters could have been their own book. Too little attention was given, and the author should have reduced it and focused only on guns.
Overall a good book and one in which people interested in gun regulation should read.
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