The Blood-Dimmed Tide

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...They thought it was over. They believed the Zhen invasion had been thoroughly repelled. Earth would be safe again at last. 

....Not so.

Tajen, Liam, and crew burst into action again, because Earth MUST be matter the personal cost. THE BLOOD-DIMMED TIDE is Book 2 in THE REMEMBRANCE WAR Series,  sequel to THE WIDENING GYRE.
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A sequel to The Widening Gyre. It can be read as a stand-alone but I feel you are missing out on a great beginning to this series.

Tajen has just married Liam, when an alert sounds. Ships have entered Earth’s atmosphere. One of these ships deliberately crashes into the shipyard and so Tajen and his new husband are back in action.

Due to the Zhen’s constant attacks, Earth’s fleet are in trouble and so Tejen, Liam and a crew head to the Kelvaki to ask for help.

But while they are away, the Zhen take the opportunity to attack again…..they want the planet back and to rid the universe of humans altogether.

Can Tajen raise enough of a resistance to take back control of Earth again.???? And are the Tabrans friend or foe?

This is a full on, action packed space opera, with a great range of characters and fantastic world building.  Roll on Book 3….

Thank you to The publishers and NetGalley for an eARC of the book. This is my honest, unbiased review.
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I really enjoyed The Widening Gyre last year, so when I heard that there was to be a sequel, obviously it rocketed up my TBR. This sounds like a set-up to say I was disappointed: I was not. I liked this book, perhaps less so than the first, but it was still an enjoyable read.

The Blood-Dimmed Tide opens a few months after the end of The Widening Gyre. Tajen and his crew are busy defending Earth from repeated Zhen attacks, and have little hope of holding out for much longer. So, Tajen is sent to the Kelvaki Assembly to ask for help. Unfortunately, while he’s away the Zhen overwhelm Earth’s defences and occupy the planet, leaving Tajen and his crew to set up a resistance if they have any hope of getting their planet back.

Much like the first book, this is an action-packed romp through space. The action starts almost immediately and doesn’t let up throughout the whole book. As someone without pretty much no attention span, I loved that about it. And that the characters have a bickering found family relationship going on too, because that’s my favourite sort. So overall I enjoyed it.

In fact, really any problems I had were just to do with how the writing style worked with me, personally. There’s a tendency for the book to feel a lot like “this happened and then this happened and then that happened” and, while that’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination, it did make it feel sort of like events weren’t given necessary weight at times. People die at the hands of their oppressors in this book, and yet it never carried much emotion for me, perhaps because it happened and then things moved on immediately the next chapter. I can’t believe I’m saying this, me with my poor attention span, but you sometimes do need to slow down and dwell on things. Just a bit.

But that aside, this was a fast-paced and enjoyable read, and definintely a series I will be recommending.
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This is the second in Michael R. Johnston’s Remembrance War space opera series. It would have been helpful to have read the first, but Johnston provides enough backstory that reading the first isn’t essential. In the distant past, human destroyed their planet and took to the stars. They wandered alone in space until finally taken in by the Zhen. The Zhen were not as compassionate as they originally seemed. Earthlings remain second-class citizens. Tajen Hunt, a human, has rediscovered Earth and took the planet back from domination by the Zhen. As a result, humans are again walking where their ancestors walked 1000 years ago. The world building is excellent and technical stuff believable enough for me to suspend disbelief. There’s a touch of romance (I enjoyed two men being both husbands to each other and partners in saving Earth), lots of techie stuff, and humorous banter.
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