The Thorn Girl

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This book focussed on Adele and her journey to discover the truth surrounding her birth. It takes on a sensitive subject matter, which I applaud the author for being brave enough to do. Due to this it was uncomfortable reading at certain points during the book. 
I did like the character of Adele and her determination to get to the truth regarding past events. 
Unfortunately though, I was left feeling underwhelmed by this book. The premise of the story was set up well, but I really felt whole thing lacked any pace and could have ended about 50 pages earlier than it did. There were a lot of characters to keep track of which became confused at times. There was no big twist that I didn’t see coming. 
Sadly, this one is not for me, but thank you to @netgallery and @bookouture for this advanced copy to review
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Wow! What’s the heck happened??? I really enjoyed reading this book and it was soooo good!
Loved that they had kind of secrets and a few lies...

Thanks to Netgalley for Laura Elliot, Bookouture, and Publishers..A exchange honest review
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Having read several of this author’s books I was looking forward to this one and it doesn’t disappoint.

Adele’s mum Marianne passed away when Adele was born. All of her life she has been asking questions with regard to her mum but her grandmother wouldn’t talk about her. When Adele’s grandmother dies, she comes across her mum’s diary which details the last months of her life. What Adele discovers sends her into a tailspin and she is determined to seek justice for her mum. 

As Adele takes up residence in Marianne’s old home town, she is determined to gather information regarding the past but she is thwarted at every turn so she decides to put segments of the diary on social media and sets the cat amongst the pigeons. 

A gripping heartbreaking read which had me hooked from the start and kept me reading well into the night. I would recommend this book.
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Although this book has many five star ratings, I found I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Of course it is focusing on a very sensitive subject but I just found the book totally lacked pace. There were a lot of characters to deal with and I felt it could have concluded much earlier.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and the author for the chance to review.
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I very much enjoyed but very sad how Adele finds out is heart breaking  once you start you wont want to stop to find out very gripping a must read book
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I’ve just finished this and loved every bit of it. 
While Adele is clearing out the attic of her Grandma’s house following her death, she comes across a backpack hidden in the rafters. The backpack contains items which belonged to Adele’s mother who died shortly after giving birth to her. The discovery of this backpack leads Adele on a journey which will turn not only her world upside down. 
Laura has once again written a book which kept me wanting to read so much I struggled to put it down. 
As Adele searches for the truth behind what happened to her mother, she returns to Reedstown where her mother was from originally and there discovers the lengths people will go to to protect themselves..
I would highly recommend this book
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I really enjoyed this book which tells the story of Adel's determination to find out the truth about her mother who suffered an unimaginable event in her life. Adel had her mother taken from her shortly after her birth and when she is clearing her deceased grandmothers house she finds a diary which tells of a violent sexual attack. Although Adel is preparing to leave for the US with her fiance she she is consumed with the need to uncover the truth of what happened, all those years ago in the sleepy Irish village.
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An emotional read. It is easy to forget that this story is fiction as it will be relatable to many on a number of different levels.
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This book was fast paced. Hard to put down. It flowed well and it was very well written. It caught hold of me and had me hooked from the start . I was literally on the edge of my seat reading this book.
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A very well written novel, dealing with harrowing themes with care and compassion. I was hooked from page one and couldn’t put  it down.
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A gripping, intense book that kept me turning the pages. I liked the the way the tension built slowly and the screws tightened on the culprits. It was well written and held my interest from start to finish.
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I got a free advance readers’ copy in exchange for my honest review.

I have heard enough to know that rape can be devastating. Gang rape is something that I think would be even worse. And the consequences of rape can last a lifetime.

In In My Mother’s Name, Laura Elliot shows how devastating the consequences of this can be. Adele Foyle is cleaning out her maternal grandmother’s home when she stumbles across an old diary. It belonged to her mother, Marianne, who died giving birth to her as a teenager. Adele never got the details of her mother’s life from her grandmother, Noreen, and is thrilled when she finds the diary, hoping to read about the love story between her mother and boyfriend, Shane which led to her birth. However, she finds out the truth about what led to her birth. Her mother was gang raped. Horrified, she returns to Reedstown, the town her mother grew up in, hoping to find clues about the tragic events. She soon realizes that a lot of townspeople are not pleased about her investigation and are determined to put an end to it.

I empathized with Adele throughout this story. To find out something so disturbing about yourself must be horrifying. To make matters worse, upon her return to Reedstown, her mother and grandmother are instantly vilified. When news breaks about her mother’s diary and what it contains, they instantly discredit its contents. I would have felt so alone and confused in that situation. However, what I admired most about Adele was her determination to find out the truth, no matter what it cost her.

The lengths the townspeople were willing to go to to ensure that the truth stayed buried was amazing. The fanaticism that existed long after the Thorns, a religious group founded within the town, was disbanded was fascinating to read about. No matter what, cults will continue to exist because there are weak minds everywhere.

When Adele found what she was looking for, I realized there was still a lot of the book to go. I started to get worried that the author was just gonna use a lot of unnecessary filler at the end. However, she was able to fit in even more surprises which led to a thrilling end.

The only wrong thing I noticed was a passage which was placed twice in the book. I suspect the second time may have been a typo and I hope that would have been corrected before the book is published. There were also some terms I did not understand but that was just because the events within the book happened in Ireland so a lot of Irish slang was used.

There were a lot of references to violence, both sexual and otherwise. The Mother and Baby Home also had some disturbing scenes. There was some minor profanity. This is a book for adults mainly. If you enjoy thrillers and mysteries, this book is definitely for you.
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Brilliant. A really emotional read. So many babies were taken from their unmarried mothers in Ireland. So many lies were told. This is a powerful book about this incredibly painful part of recent history. 

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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This  book is a slow burner. However, once you get into it, it a powerful emotional rollercoaster. 

Adele is clearing out her Grandmothers attic following her death. Adele was raised by her following her mother’s death when she was born. Hidden in the eaves is a backpack containing her mother’s Journal. It details her conception. More traumatic is how she was taken to a mother and baby home in her Native Ireland. 

Adele then moves back to her mothers home village to discover what happened twenty five years ago. 

Lots of suspects and twists in a well written book.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.  What a powerful read this was.  and I can just imagine this sort of thing happening in Ireland.  Worthy 5 stars
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This book is one of my favorites of the year. I finished it in two days. I could not put this book down. This book has so many twists and turns. This book starts with Adele cleaning out Her grand mothers attic after he passing. While cleaning up she finds a backpack with a diary. This diary belonged to Marianne her mother who died during childbirth. She starts to read her mothers diary and finds out her mom was gang rapped which lead to her pregnancy with Adele. Adele starts her mission to find out who her father is and to bring justice to her mother. 

This book keeps you guessing and keeps you so hooked on the story. 
I now want to read all of Laura Elliots books. 

Stop whatever you are doing and pick up a copy of this book. You will not be disappointed.
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This was an interesting book , I love the start and I thought it had real promise but I nearly gave up in the middle of the book as it was obvious who the culprits were but I stuck with it and I was surprised it had quite a good ending . It wasn’t my favourite book of hers but it was still worth reading
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For me, this book was a little slow to get started but it soon picked up and I couldn't stop.  It tells the story of Adele in the present, whose grandmother has just passed away and who is now packing up the home they lived in when she comes across a backpack in the attic that belonged to her mother, Marianne, who died in childbirth.  As she reads it, she realizes she didn't know her grandmother like she thought and that there are too many secrets about what really happened to her mother.  While her fiance moves to the US for a new work project, she stays behind to visit her mother's hometown and see if she can discover the truth of what happened to her mother and who her father might be.

The story alternates between this timeline and that of Marianne in her diary passages.  Upon becoming pregnant, she was sent to a mother and baby home of some religious fanatics and she stayed there until she died.  Why she was sent there and how she became pregnant in the first place is apparently much disputed and Adele is working hard in the present to clear her mother's bad reputation.

The story involves the typical close-knit community covering up lies upon lies.  Politicians, police and the local well-known community leaders in this case.  Adele comes to town claiming her only interest is making a documentary about the religious cult that ran the mother and baby home, but it's clear she has ulterior motives and those who were involved do all that they can to prevent her in succeeding in unraveling the truth.  The reader will most likely realize who the culprits are early on, but it's more about finding out what was done than who did it.  There are a couple of good twists thrown in but towards the end the story got a little hard to believe, in my opinion.    I don't mind credibility being stretched, but you may find yourself being drawn out of the story and thinking, 'Oh come on, really?'

Anyway, I did find this to be a good page-turner with plenty of action and I kept wanting to find out if justice would be served in a way all of the scumbags in the story deserved.  I don't think you will be disappointed!
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Adele Foyle was raised by her grandmother and is horrified and heartbroken when she discovers her late mother’s diary.  At first devastated to read the awful story about the rape and death of her mother in one of Ireland’s notorious unwed mother institutions Adele is  then resolute in exposing the truth and holding everyone accountable.  This is brilliantly written, you feel as if you were in the rooms with her mother, stunned at the stonewalling of the hierarchy out to protect themselves at every turn.  How I loved Adele, strong, identifiable,  yet  vulnerable in her life-changing decision to avenge her mother’s death and expose the never ending deception and deceit.  A really, really wonderful book that I will be thinking about for quite a while.
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The start of In My Mothers Name is truly haunting, it gripped me straight away and is a brilliant beginning.
The rest of the story can be a little slow but with different points of view this is a slow but worthwhile story. Little pieces of the mystery are leaked and left me terrified at times. I did not like the last 25% of the story it could have been edited better since I lost interest once the main storyline was out of the way.
Small town mentality and the history of Magdalene Laundries is fantastically shown and there was a lot of moments that made me gasp!
Overall while I found faults in the story it’s definitely one worth reading!
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