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The Body Language of Politics

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In this political environment knowing body language is important. I found this book ties into my day to day life at work also. Took me a bit of time to get through the book due to the density of the book, but was worth it.  Thank you for an advance copy.
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This is an interesting book, though it does not shed any new light on the body language information presented in the many works on body language that are already out there. I still found it an interesting update, with a skew toward politicians and politics. Just about everyone is wondering how to vote in the upcoming election, and there is definitely a lot of information from the candidates themselves as well as from the parties and the many pundits. It is important to make decisions based on facts, not fluff the candidate or surrogates are pushing.  That is where body language can help. Appearance, tone of voice, even inadvertent gestures, etc. are all important in body language, as candidates “sell” themselves. The author does note that most have studied or been coached on body language, which is important to know/realize.  Throughout the book, the author includes photos of politicians, but really does not spend much time discussing them or explaining the body language exhibited, which would have been useful. This is a helpful book, as it points out one more way to help the voter make his/her decision on how to vote. It also is interesting for those who know little about body language or who might want a refresher on the subject. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.
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This is a body language book, and as such the information doesn't apply solely to politics.  It does, however, warn you that politicians are very aware of and practice their body language, so more subtle signs have to be observed.  Useful in many situations.  I'd have liked more explanations of the photos, though.
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The Body Language of Politics doesn't expand on the knowledge of what is already out there. The pictures in this book are talked about in their body language.
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Who out there is not frustrated by our current politicians? Wouldn't it be great if we could see behind the scenes, and determine which ones are telling us the truth, and which ones are lying? Then we could actually make informed decisions based on facts, not on which politician has the most effective selling practices.
The author sets out to help us with this. How to tell when someone is lying, based on their body language. Their tone of voice, how they hold their body (relaxed, stiff), their skin tone (natural or sweaty and blanched), how they gesture while talking, and many more clues. Most of the information provided can be found in many, earlier works on the subject. There is no real groundbreaking information presented here. 
I did appreciate the author identifying that most politicians today are hyper aware of how they present themselves to the public. And how practiced they are at "selling" themselves, avoiding common negative body language identifiers. 
The author peppers the book with very current photos of current politicians speaking. It would have been useful if she would have expounded on the photos, and said what identifiers each politician was displaying. That would have been very useful. Instead, the photos seem randomly placed throughout the text. 
I don't know if I would recommend this book to my followers. I believe the subject has been covered better by many other authors.
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The most effective messages related to emotions and relationships are nonverbal ones.' Demir, 2011
With this said, there's an easy way to some everything up with one idea, "It's a man's world."
Women are making progress but we still have a long way to go in seeking equality without bias.
Injustices are the new norm against women and we must learn to not only support one another but to consistently stay united on the front.
Double blind is similar in nature to damned if you do or don't but in this case it refers to one trait that works for one gender but penalizes the other.
Often, we see in today's social media content that anger sells and anger rules.
The louder, the more obnoxious, the crueler we become as humans seeking instant gratification, the harder it becomes to go back to reality.
Sadly, we went from a calm and cool nature of discussion to screaming, finger pointing, abruptly turning and walking out within the camera's watchful eye.
The compare and contrast of acceptable behaviors and images was quite alarming. How one carries themselves, their demeanor, their sense of character, is constantly being judged.
Women who are assertive and strong are viewed in an unhealthy light as 'Biotches' whereas a man is seen as 'believable and credible.'
The old saying,' watch actions not words and never be fooled' applies here.
We are constantly being bombarded by subliminal messages and non verbal cues.
We have to be aware of the constant threats, intimidation, coercion, and intimidation while staying mindful to the knowledge that instantaneous news cycles are commonplace and not everything is factually based or informative but rather for branding and selling.
Attention seekers, narcissists, enablers should be lumped together in this toxicity as they are at the helm riding their followers blindly off the cliff.
Institutional racism is upon us. Bigotry and hatred has grown beyond all boundaries. Insecurities and triggers are more common than allergies.
Gender stereotypes are nothing new. Yet we have to believe in ourselves before believing and supporting others.
Who you vote for ultimately depends on your beliefs, your ideals, your attention to detail.
PAY ATTENTION as we live in a politically polarized nation!
Be informed and don't just go along to get along.
Be wise and vote with knowledge backed by facts!
As a malignant narcissist survivor I can tell you what happens when you don't pay attention to the warning flags.
If it doesn't feel right in your gut you must acknowledge it and don't simply write it off as a farce or excuse it away.
If nothing else our plates are full of information. Now we must decide who we want to represent all of us in our highest office of the land.
God Bless the USA!
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