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I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and when I found Slayer, I knew I would love this series! I was not wrong! This series is spectacular and I only wish that there was a third book! Chosen concluded the series well enough, but it was so fun being back in the Buffy universe! I can’t wait to read some other books by this author!
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This was a fun book and I enjoyed it a lot more than the first book. One thing this book and this series does well is the action and the tension between the characters. I loved the relationship between Nina and her sister Artemis. I think the author does a good job of developing that relationship and showing the love and the tension between the two. Their mom is the worst and I really struggled with her character, which is something I think the author intended. 
Overall a fast paced YA book that I would definitely recommend to those who enjoy fantasy series with demons. It had some Shadowhunter vibes to it that I enjoyed!
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Thank you NetGalley for a complimentary copy.  I voluntarily reviewed this book.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

I went into Chosen not realizing it was a second book, so I was basically lost. The plot was interesting and the characters were unique and well developed. I think that overall this type of content is just not my thing, but the right audience will no doubt love it.
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A continuation of a series you loved is always a conflicting situation. You are excited to be part of that world again, but fear that the new addition to the story could not possibly measure up to what you remember. I think that Kiersten White manages to avoid this with her Slayer series. She gives fans something that both works with and sits along side the original series.

A large part of what worked about both Slayer and Chosen for me is that we are following brand new characters set in the same world. We can take what we love about the original and remember it fondly without irreversibly breaking it. The new characters keep the story feeling new while still feeling known.

Nina reminded me a lot of Faith. Nina struggles with being a slayer and, in particular, the darkness inside her. She makes a lot of really bad choices. She also has things in common with Buffy though. She relies on her friends to help her through, and really does what to make the right choice even if that isn't always possible.

The side characters are some of the most easily loved. Doug, a demon who loves Coldplay, was a personal favourite. Nina's friends become important to the plot in a similar fashion to the Scoobies and that enriched the story for me.

The love story was one of my favourite elements of this series. It has the same epic scope that made me love the Buffy and Angel relationship so fiercely. There are many love stories being told and all of them resonated with me in their own way.

My only real issue as I was reading was the character of Artemis. I felt like I understood Nina's motivations and character. I did not feel that Artemis was fleshed out in the same way. I wanted more from her and a deeper insight into what was driving her in this book. I did appreciate that the sister relationship was a central part of the story arc but I just didn't feel as connected to Artemis.

Nostalgia is baked into the premise of this series and the way it is used it masterful. There are some cameos that had me entirely losing my cool. Kiersten White captures the essence of these beloved characters that it felt like coming back home in a way. My emotions were always in the surface and that is because of the respect and care that was shown to the story and characters I love completely. I do not want to ruin any if the surprises but rest assured that fans of the television show will be satisfied. The amount of inside jokes (with a brilliant one included towards the end) warmed my heart and delighted me to no end.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans should immediately pick up this series. It is like returning to Sunnydale in a way but through the perfect means. It allows those perfect memories of the show to remain untainted while still giving us more of the world we love. It is exactly what I hoped it would be, I am just sad we have to leave these new characters so soon.
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I loved reading this book! I'm not a hard core Buffy fan, but I watched the movie and the show, and I really enjoy Kiersten White's writing, and I really enjoyed the first book! And watching Nina deal with the strangeness of her powers after they were held by Eve was so entertaining to read!

In this book, we do learn more about Cillian, including the fact that there's more about them that even he knew. And it's kinda an important part of the plot! The rest of the gang has some good screen time, like Doug, I loved Nina and Doug's London adventure! 

We do met other Slayers in this book in person, and Nina does have a few more Slayer dreams, with both Buffy and Faith, as well as an encounter with Oz, which was pretty fun. And then we were also in Artemis' head on and off. And while I felt for her, well, I could see the train wreck coming a mile away! But it was so entertaining to read! 

That ending, yeah, it was really nice to read! Things worked out pretty well, it was satisfying, and it solved their problems. And I'm pretty sure this is a duology, so we won't have more from this series, most likely. Which is a little sad, because I enjoy reading about these characters! 

This book was a fantastic read, I enjoyed it from beginning to end!
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4 stars

While I liked this sequel, it didn’t hold my attention as well as the first book did. The characters were well written and I enjoyed the setting and overall story.
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Hmmm... that was underwhelming. I just adored the first book in the Slayer series and was really looking forward to Chosen. Unfortunately Chosen felt very meh, could it be the winter blues getting to me?  I think it was just missing the charm the first book had. Chosen still had the banter . We got to see more of our favourite original characters such as Buffy and Faith etc. Which was my favourite part yes I am sucker for nostalgia. What I didn't like was the lack of character development I mean you expect some growth in book two but I felt like they took one step forward and two steps back. Also the story started off with a punch I felt it was an action packed as the first one and found some parts just dragged. 

Overall Chosen was unfortunately for me fell into the second book syndrome. 

Edit: just found out this is a duology, so now I'm even more disappointed.
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bleh.. i love buffy but this spin-off series really isn't it for me.

i was hoping that after being disappointed with the first book, chosen would be better, but i really just don't like these characters. at all. i've wanted artemis gone since book one and as book two continued, i was just begging someone, anyone to kill her. also every character's motivation was irritating. i still hate pretty much every relationship in this book except for nina and doug's friendship. i'm relatively neutral in regards to cillian and rhys...

i dont know. this book seemed dramatic for no reason.

also i was really uncomfortable when oz showed up for 5 minutes... when actual buffy characters show up it starts feeling like fanfic.

oh well.. kiersten white is still one of my fav authors
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In the follow up to Slayer, Chosen sees Nina still processing events from Her previous adventures. I like the character development and storyline in this book. It’s well written and made me remember my teen youth watching Buffy. I think this is a perfect sequel for fans of YA and spooky books.
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I really enjoyed the first book, Slayer, and I was really looking forward to Chosen, however, I did not enjoy it as much as Slayer. I found Chosen a bit slower to start and therefore more difficult to get into. There was action but not as much as in Slayer and slower paced. Still a decent read but not as good as Slayer, unfortunately.
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This book was only read, honestly, because I got the ARC for it. I had no strong feelings for this series in general, if were being honest.

This book wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I think this way mostly because it’s a story I’ve heard before, it’s a story that maybe I’m too old for (yes, I’ll finally admit there are books that maybe are too YA for me after all).

The story was better in this book than in Slayer, the characters were more interesting and got to be themselves more. This being said, the teenage-vibe the characters have was too juvenile for me. I see my own genre of books changing and think this might be one of those reasons.

If there is a third book, I can’t imagine reading it unless of course I get an ARC and because I’m that person. I feel the need to finish series, even if they don’t appeal to me anymore. Let’s just call it morbid curiosity!
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I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and found Slayer, and now Chosen, to honour that world so well.  Chosen is is the conclusion to an exciting duology where twins Nina and Artemis are struggling to find where they fit into a world without magic, their roles within a seemingly broken culture of Watchers and Slayers, and what it really means to save the world.  I loved the cameo's from characters from the show (Oz!) and reading this definitely made me want to revisit Buffy and the Scooby gang.  A very fun read!
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This book was exactly what I needed after my last read. It was funny, full of action and surprises, a little bit of romance, and Buffy, and slayers, and demons! I completely devoured and loved it!

Warning, though: you need to have read book 1 to understand this one, because Nina refers often to events happening in the previous book. But if you haven't watched all the Buffy episodes, you'll be fine!

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for the complimentary e-copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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3.5 ⭐️

Trigger warnings: violence, death

I had to reread my review of Slayer before reviewing Chosen, because that's just how unmemorable that series is. It's not bad, but it's not something that stays in your mind for a while after you've read it. Which, frankly, is a tad disappointing for something coming from the Buffyverse.

I didn't love this book, but I didn't hate it either. It has that potential of bringing a new generation to care about the Slayers world, while at the same time not being memorable enough to make you feel like binge watching the whole TV series.

Again, the characters are very childish in this second novel. Nina has grown a bit - comes with the powers - but Artemis is worse than ever in the sister department. I feel like Kristen White wanted to pull a Buffy/Faith with those two and it would have worked, if we didn't already have Buffy and Faith.

The original characters cameo (Buffy, Faith, Oz) reminded me of the season 8 comics: appearances for the sake of appearances. Although they do teach Nina some things, they're not that impactful to the story.

Also, how do none of them know Wesley died in the Los Angeles apocalypse? That makes NO SENSE to me. It was one of the smaller things that caught my attention and decreased my overall enjoyment of the book.

Now, unfortunately, once something has the Buffyverse stamp, I have to see it through. And that means I'll be reading the next books and hoping for more from Kristen White, because I really want to enjoy this, even if it sounds like a fanfiction half the time.
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This book was good. I liked how the characters grew in this one, their dialogue was more mature in this one which was hard to read in the first. 
There's some exciting twists and turns in this one, it made it interesting to watch events unfold and question who will win? There's a lot of sister drama, obviously, and I enjoyed it. 
The new characters introduced in this book were fun and I was happy to see the old characters again too. 
The ending was good, I'm not sure if there's a third book, there could be or there could not be. It was nicely tied up. I'd be happy for a third installment.
I think Honora got some much needed shine in this book. She wasn't all bad, you got to see parts of her that made you like her and understand her better. I ended up really liking her relationship with Artemis. They really complement each other. 
The book was a fast read, it didn't drag on forever and was well done. I'm glad I kept with it. It was worth it.

Thank you Netgalley for this copy!
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Great sequel! It was so much fun to come back to these characters and learn more about the Buffy-verse, as I did not watch the show when I was younger. Kiersten's writing style is still as amazing and lets you connect to the characters, especially Nina.
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When I was diving into Slayer, I’ll admit to being filled with mixed emotions of excitement and concern over my expectations. This is the Buffyverse. It’s special, it’s sacred. Thankfully Slayer ended up being a big giant ball of awesome.

Chosen is no different in that aspect. While it is a more serious story, and there isn’t nearly as much teen angst as the first, it was the perfect conclusion to the story.

This duology is definitely required reading for every fan of Buffy. White does an outstanding job at keeping to the tone of the world we have all known and loved for decades. These books that she’s written really do feel like a proper extension of the series.

As a side note: if you’ve read Slayer but don’t remember the details, I would recommend a reread as there isn’t a whole lot of a “recap”. Plus it just means you get to reread an awesome story.
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I think I preferred this one to the first one. I think I liked that we knew the characters, and got to focus more on the story now. I also liked the storyline in this one a lot. I do find the main character to be annoying a little at times, but given her age and the age group this is geared towards, I understand it. I also really enjoyed all references to the Buffyverse. I feel like any fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer would really enjoy these books. I will always continue with this series if the author writes more for it.
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(This review will go up on my blog on January 3, 2020 at

I loved Slayer when I read it in 2019, so I was very excited to read this sequel. While I enjoyed Chosen, I didn’t love it as much as I did Slayer.

I appreciate what the author was trying to do by separating Nina and Artemis, but that didn’t really work for me. SPOILER: And I really struggled with Artemis’s actions and motivations. I wanted to believe that she believed what she was doing was right, but that was so difficult for me to buy into that it made reading this story a struggle at times. END OF SPOILER

But I loved the links to the Buffyverse and the appearance of certain characters, however briefly, into this story. I also thought the action scenes were well written and the setting – the Watcher’s castle – was fun. And the way different characters dealt with the events of Slayer were interesting to see.

Overall, while I don’t think this was as strong as Slayer, I enjoyed it and definitely want to see where Nina’s story goes next.
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3.5 stars out of 5

I'm really struggling to summarize my thoughts and feelings on this book.  Every time I think about it, nothing comes to mind.  Things happened in the book! I know they did!  But nothing was very memorable and the stakes (no pun intended) weren't high at all.

I love Buffy and this world.  The first book in this series was like a warm hug.  The characters were great, there were a ton of easter eggs, and the plot made sense.  When you compare this one to it, it doesn't even begin to fill those shoes.  I still loved the characters.  There were more easter eggs, which I still enjoyed, even if they seemed a little too forced.  I think the main issue was the plot.  

What was the point of this story?  Did it even need to exist?  There was hardly any build up to the big bad, when things actually happened they were rushed, and the characters felt off and unlike themselves.  When it ended, my reaction was "oh, that's it?"  This could have been so much more than it was.  

However, despite all of that, I still had a blast reading this.  If you're a fan of Buffy and you liked the first book, I would definitely recommend picking this one up.  It's still super enjoyable.  Just be warned that it's not super necessary and the first book could probably be left as a standalone.
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