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Alone in the Wild

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Wow, I just loved reading these books! This series has been so fantastic, and I think I read somewhere that the series was extended to 6 or 7 books, which is really great, because it can't just end here! We need more of these wonderful characters!

I had to reread Watcher in the Woods, because we get to meet April, and her dynamics with Casey. So yeah, I really enjoyed the mystery, and knowing where it was going, seeing the little clues and hints that lead to that ending! So wonderful!

Alone in the Wild was really great, we got to explore more, like we met people from the Second Settlement. And there were so many developments that were outside of the main mystery! That was so fantastic! From hostiles to relationships, it was just so great!

And yeah, the main mystery, with a dead woman and the baby, well, it brought up issues for Casey, from her attack. I really enjoyed watching her and Dalton as a couple deal with this situation along with all the other situations that they have to juggle. It's just such great reading!

I loved reading these books, and I really hope that I'm right that we're getting more, because I need more!
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Another fast paced hit in the Rockton series. I enjoyed the fact that this book focused mainly on Casey and Eric, as much as I enjoy the other characters. I had no idea where this story would end up and couldn't read fast enough. There is a lot happening here and lots of new information and discoveries. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for this arc.

Another shiver inducing and fast paced read from the Rockton Series.  While many of the regular Rockton residents are in this book, it mostly takes place outside of Rockton.   Casey and Eric have left town for a camping trip somewhere in the Yukon wild when Casey finds a murdered Wild Woman and a barely live baby.   Camping trip cut short, they hustle back to town to figure this mess out.

And the search begins and takes them all through the wild territory, meeting all sorts of wild folks.  Throughout, Casey is questioning herself and her motivations for keeping the baby safe in Rockton.  The rest of the cast of characters felt as real and fully fleshed out.  The resolution of the story, while satisfying, left me with more questions that I hope to find answers for in future books.

4.5 stars rounded up.
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Rockton Detective Casey Duncan is taking some much needed R and R on a camping trip with boyfriend and sheriff Eric Dalton. In the middle of nowhere they hear the sound of a baby crying and find the infant in the arms of a dead woman, half buried under the snow. Rockton is a town where people go when they want to leave their past and their real identities behind, children are definitely not allowed, but they have no choice in this matter. Someone clearly wanted this baby and her mother dead, so Rockton will do what it does best, close ranks to protect its newest and youngest citizen while Casey and Eric track a ruthless killer
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