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I haven't read a ton of political thrillers, so not sure how this compares to others. It was a reasonably enjoyable read, although I found that it occasionally slipped into weapon fan-boying. I don't know that I've ever read such thorough descriptions of knives.

It had some good twists and turns throughout and while I didn't love the main character, I found her to be very interesting.
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As a big fan of political thrillers like Three Days of The Condor and Scandal, I was so excited to get a copy of Deep State by Chris Hauty from my friends @simonschusterca (thank you!) ⁣
I was even happier when I started reading and found out the book has a kick a$$ female lead, Hayley Chill. Hayley is ex-Army and a new White House intern under the controversial President Richard Monroe. When Hayley finds the White House Chief of Staff dead at his home, she finds a clue that leads her to believe he has been murdered, setting off a fast-paced story that draws Hayley deeper and deeper into the wild world of political intrigue.

I love Hayley as a character. She has personality and strength and doesn't let anyone get in her way when she believes in a cause. Hauty's background is in screenwriting and you can see that in the vignettes he creates,  the succinctness of the plot and the seriously surprising twist at the end that is just BEGGING for a sequel.

Recommended for political thriller lovers and readers who like a strong female character.

Thank you to my friends @simonschusterca and Netgalley for my gifted copy. All thoughts are my own. ⁣
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I was drawn to this book for a couple reasons. First, the premise of the story sounded great and second it and to do with Washington. Washington is one of my favourite sites and I’ve visited three times before. It’s a place I would love to live in. 
I want to thank @netgalley and @simonandschuster for giving my access to this ebook. 
Hailey Chill is a woman from West Virginia, is a world class boxer and Army Veteran. She leaves the Army to go work at the White House. When an attempt on her life is bad by her Secret Service Agent lover she realizes danger may be afoot. She discovers an assassination attempt on the Presidents life is imminent and must do whatever it takes to save his wife. 
This was a great story and I had trouble putting it down and ultimately finished it in 24 hours. The story of a bad ass female army solider trying to save the world was amazing. The other secondary characters who are the bad guys were also very well explained throughout the story. The book had a surprising ending which was completely unexpected to me. If you enjoy reading suspense and government conspiracy type books then this one is a must read.
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Captivating, suspenseful, entertaining novel! This beautiful story kept me on the edge of my seat while I was reading it! Would highly recommend to those who enjoy this genre.
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It took me while to get into this book. It read more like a screenplay script and I can definitely see this as a movie or a tv show. I would say the last 50 pages were fast paced and kept me reading. The last 50 pages are full of surprises.
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Thank you to Simon & Schuster and NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book of 2020 that I have read and let me tell you, it has set the standard for the rest of my reads for the year. 
This book has it all!
 Great characters navigating through an intense storyline full of conspiracies with a major twist at the end that will have your jaw hitting the floor, one that totally ambushed me!! The ending will leave you wanting more and hopefully there will be more from Chris Hauty because man am I hooked on Hayley Chill. I want to know so much more about her! 
You will not want to put this awesome debut down until that final page is turned! 

Hayley Chill is a veteran starting a new job as an intern in The White House. One morning as she is delivering some documents to her boss, she finds him dead in his home. She is the only one that thinks this is something other than a death by natural causes and begins her own investigation. Her investigation uncovers a far bigger conspiracy which puts her life on the line. Now her problem is who can she trust and just how badly do they want to shut her up.
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Trigger warning: violence/murder, mentions of sexual assault
Content warning: sexism, homophobia, aromantic erasure

The idea of this book is great. The execution, not so much. It reads halfway between a rough draft and a patriotic textbook about the military and US politics. By reading other reviews, I've learned that the author is a screenwriter and, frankly, I would expect more from someone who writes screenplays of a living. Most of it read like Hauty swallowed a dictionary before adding loads of unnecessary details to an action-packed plot.

There's a lot to put you to sleep over reading this book. I started skimming over the long, tenuous descriptions about halfway through. Hauty tends to describe the whole life of every character (past, present and future) when he introduces them, skipping from past perfect to present to future verb tense. It makes for a difficult read that doesn't really add anything to the story. I don't need to know that "Becky with the good hair" (fictional name not to spoil anything) will end up in jail for fraud after starting a sect, 5 years from now. In his need to make his characters more lifelike, Hauty basically made them caricatures. You've got the Hollywood beach-blonde millionaire, the rich kid working at the White House because his dad is heavy into politics, the token gay friend, etc. Even the MC is a stereotype. She's this hot blonde from the army everyone lusts after - literally everyone, even the president, apparently - who puts country above everything else. She's the disgusting definition of nazi perfectness, wrapped into a patriotic wet dream.

Hauty could have (should have, imo) made Hayley an aromantic character. From the very beginning, he steered her into that direction, but he never made the jump to actual rep. Instead, he makes her have sex with a guy and explains her disgust of the guy's developing feelings for her by going into childhood and army trauma. Kinda like romantic effects of PTSD... It's not the worst in this book, but not the best, either.

I think the author tried to make his book inclusive, by putting in a gay character and a possible bisexual one (though that one is not clear), and by calling out sexism once in a while, but it doesn't really shine through. Let's be real, these kinds of political thrillers aren't known for their feminist views. And it's fine, but if you want to make an inclusive version, you have to really work for it, and not just make a social comment every once in a while.

Nevertheless, I read the entire thing and didn't completely hate it, so that's something. Wedged between the technical descriptions of cars, clothes and weapons was an interesting story that could have been a page-turner, had it been shorter and more to the point. I'm not sure I liked the plot-twist that everyone is raving about, mostly because it was too out of the blue and calls for a sequel on a book that should stay a standalone.

With more work, I think this novel could have been a real hit to start off the new decade with. It has potential, just not in its current state.
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Thank you @simonschusterca and @netgalley for a copy of Deep State by Chris Hauty for an honest review. I have a feeling searching for the book cover for the picture may have put me on some watchlists, but it was worth it.

Deep State is a political thriller l. Hayley Chill is a new intern with a twist, she is ex-military. She is assigned to the controversial President’s Chief of Staff until she finds him dead one morning in suspicions circumstances. The plot from there reveals a conspiracy that goes deep into the government.
Deep State started very slow for me. I found the first 40% to be a lot of set up for the last half, which had more of the action and plot I was looking for in a thriller. There were twists and turns in the last half that I am not sure needed to be there but they sure added to the action!
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This is a debut novel by an American screenwriter.  The story revolves around Hayley Chill, ex-military now White House intern.  When she discovers a plot to kill the president she works to prevent it.  The character of the president is very loosely based on Trump.  Filled with great plot twists and a fabulous ending, this thriller is a a wonderful choice for fans of books such as those by David Baldacci, Vince Flynn or Gregg Hurwitz.
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A fantastic debut novel that takes a plot ripped out of the headlines and adds an interesting twist. Deep State involves a plot against an unpopular president from those within Washington as a part of the "Deep State". Tasked with stopping them is ex army White House intern Hayley Chill who ends up being much more than she appears. A great read with a twist at the end that will have you flicking back to see how you missed it. Highly recommend for all thriller lovers.
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