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The Murder of Fatty Fuller

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Milton, Illinois. About fifteen years ago. The case was over almost as soon as it began. A local man was convicted of the murder of a teenage boy with Down syndrome named Freddie "Fatty" Fuller and sent to prison. Open and shut. Case closed. Justice served. 

"If you ask people what the biggest crime to ever occur in Milton was they will tell you it was the murder of Fatty Fuller."

But that's not true. At least not in the way that people think. Because it was all a lie. Besides the cover-up of Fatty Fuller's murder there were bigger crimes going on. Dark, unspeakable crimes. And now it's all beginning to come out.

This starts out with a pretty standard premise; after a tragedy in the family the black sheep son returns home after years of estrangement. He confronts his stern overbearing father, the former Chief of Police, who is now crippled by a stroke. 

The longer the son remains the more questions he has and the deeper he digs into the past. This is when the plot starts to come alive. The son slowly unravels a hidden conspiracy and learns things that he may not really want to know.

The Murder of Fatty Fuller has some strong language and dark themes. Nothing too graphic or explicit but it could offend more sensitive readers. 

I would recommend this to readers who enjoy crime stories that skew closer to noir. It's good. 

3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars.

***Thanks to NetGalley, Black Rose Writing, and author John Sturgeon for providing me with a free digital copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.
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Despite some lengthy and repetitive sections,  this is very well written,  and serious material about power in a small town and an evil cop who taints all around him,  including his family.  Not for  the faint v hearted but when TH, who hated his  father,  left home years ago he never came back  but does now cwhen sister commits suicide.  The  second stream in the  story is that a new order of honest cops are coming  on board and an old murder needs solving.. the wrong guy was convicted  and now c he's c dying.  It's not cheerful but there are good moments and  the ethical dilemmas will make you think.  Excellent
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This book is a really good read.
Despite its serious topic it made me feel nostalgic and warm.... it has a similar vibe as old classics such as To kill a mocking bird and The colour purple - it really is that good.
Comes highly recommended, an easy rating of 4.5 stars ⭐️
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I really enjoyed this book. I believe it is one of the better mysteries I have read lately. I was able to figure out the "who done it" but it was a lot of fun watching all the pieces come together. I will be reading some of the authors other books!
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