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Leonardo is a genius! It says so right on the sign! And this book is a genius of taking Leonardo da Vinci's ideas and putting a spin on them that makes them comedic gold or at least silver. This volume has a nice mix of one page and multiple page stories so you can proceed at your own pace, look at the artwork, enjoy the turreted vehicles, and shake your head over the poor disciple to science who almost never gets the best of Leonardo. Do read and enjoy! No I have to go off and see if more volumes have been translated into English!
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Leonardo the Genius is a cartoon drawn in a simple classic style similar to Hagar the Horrible or Beetle Bailey. More humorous and silly than outright funny, most of the stories are one or two pages and feature inventor Leonardo (sometimes with his assistant - 'Disciple') experimenting with futuristic inventions and ideas. There is often an orange tabby cat engaged in some minor mischief in the background.

It's fun in a nostalgic, old fashion sort of way.

***Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a free digital copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.
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This must be a contender for the least funny comic strip ever.  This must be a contender for the least funny comic strip ever.
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Being that humor is subjective, I am willing to concede that Leonardo will not be for everyone.  It is, however, for me.  I loved(!) Leonardo the Genius.  It's cute, a little zany and odd, with a not-so-great Leonardo and his long suffering assistant.  It's everything that I look for in a comic / graphic novel.  I can't wait to continue on in the series.
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'Leonardo the Genius' by De Groot with art by Phillip Turk is a collection of comics about one of the world's greatest inventors.

In this collection, Leonardo gets an assistant, and then proceeds to blow up and abuse the poor fellow.  He also invents a series of inventions that he never made in real life, like the automobile and television.  A longer gag has him inventing wings and running in to humorous situations.

The gags are mildly funny and pretty silly.  The art works well.  I think it would be a fun read for younger readers.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Europe Comics and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.
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This book seemed a little abrupt for all ages. Each page showed an invention of Leanardo which end with the page. 
They were interesting but I could not finish the whole thing because of the suddenness of each chapter.
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I just reviewed Leonardo by Script by De Groot / Art by Turk. #Leonardo #NetGalley 

Read the french version years ago, and now the anglophone can enjoy this silly professor tales. But bear in mind, this book was written long time ago, where no cell phones, computers and the likeness, exist. It is fun to read, since one story is usually one or a few pages.
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This is a really cute comic, with zany and punchy characters and a whole mess of mishaps!  I found it to be fun and well drawn. I did find it a little dry in moments - I think it lost some of the humor in translation.  However, I still largely enjoyed the madcap adventures of Leonardo, the genius with little common sense, and his unfortunate disciple. It is a very quick read, but worth it. I would read more.
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Humor is subjective, and French/Belgiun humor, probably even more so.  

I didn't find this book funny, rather, I found it boring.

The basic set up is an idiot of the village asks Leonardo for help. Leonardo either mocks them or gives them back-handed help.  He is not very nice. This is all slap-stick, and gets boring after a time. Because it is a gag a day sort of comic, the whole point is how smart Leonardo is.

I almost didn't finish the book.

If you like the sort of humor of Asterix and Obelix, then you will probably love this.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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Like another well-known European cartoon, Asterix and Obelix, this comic strip series uses a historical period as the setting for slapstick and parodies of the past. In this case, we have stories about a Renaissance artist whose inventions don't have go quite in the same direction as the more famous Leonardo's work did. With his long-suffering apprentice to help him and a group of villagers who alternatively love and hate he's doing, Leonardo has his work cut out for him.
Hilarious, and well worth reading.
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Loved the short stories they were amusing and brilliant. The quality of the drawing were good and clear all in all a good little read for and evening.
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Leonardo is a genius and he knows it. The problem is, he is so blinded by it that he doesn't the consequences of his genius, and how it affects other people (especially his disciple).
I have read many of these comics when I was young, and it was a pleasure to read it again. Even if Leonardo is absurd most of the time, his little experiences are relatable and hilarious at times. An example that comes to mind is the one story where Leonardo has a back itch, and instead of asking someone to help him, he furiously builds a machine that can take care of his itch.
It's fun, it's simple, it's quick. I would recommend to any teens and adults alike.
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This series bring good old childhood memories I've read a bunch of those back then and it was good to go at it again. Entertaining, fun humor, original humor style and just a good read, maybe my nostalgia made me more enthusiastic then I should but anyway I enjoy reading it!
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A nice little graphic novel putting technological inventions into the humorous hands of the character Leonardo. 

There isn't much of an overarching plot (except his treatment of his assistant/disciple) and the artistic style isn't really to my taste (think Asterix) but I can definitely see the merits of this book for young curious minds.
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A zany and irreverent look at science through the comic book inventor - Leonardo the Genius. At times these short episodes in the life of a scientist at work are laugh out loud funny and while some jokes you see coming they are humorous for all that enhanced by wonderful artwork and scene stealing characters.
A collection of wonderful moments in the life of an inventor who on this form if he discovered the periodic table it would have woodworm.
The illustrated frames and dialogue propel the stories with wit and a comic timing that makes reading them a pleasure and a total escape from the present.
Look out for the dangers of inventions before their time. How to solve problems before electricity is available is hilarious and the dangers of imitating Icarus is too outrageous to laugh but impossible not to smile even now remembering it.
Young people will love this but us oldies will get the subtle humour and be reminded of less careworn days. 
Will make a great gift and make any recipient laugh endless as they enjoy Leonardo - pure genius.
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