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This book is hopeful and inspiring. 

I love how the author kept the tone light and the list of specific herbs (largely) familiar and short. It makes me think I could really use what I’m reading about (and safely).
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Solid entry into herbalism. Self-aware and user friendly. Like the best books I found myself going on on research tangents from information presented and learning random new factoids.
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Christine Buckley explored herbalism as if actually is in real life. I bookmarked several parts throughout the book.  I enjoyed her explanations and easy to read and carefully broken up sections in the book. I liked the Herbal Actions list and think that is a great quick reference tool to anyome who wants to try a more herbal approach to any ailments or issues. 

I also really enjoyed the section about making medicines at home, particularly tinctures.  I have several chronic illnesses including Rheumatoid Arthritis,  Endometriosis,  Migraines, and insomnia just to name a few and have recently become interested in some more natural ways to help manage my chronic pain.  

I liked reading about American Elderberry. I have heard of Elderberry syrup before so it was interesting getting some background on that.  I love all the different recipes and different ways that herbs can be utilized.  You can tell that Christine Buckley put thought into this and didn't just Google something and stick it in there. 

I have been wanting to try having a small herb garden that I'll actually use since past attempts at it have gone unused because I didn't know what to do or make with it, so thank you for providing detailed information on a handful of herbs and plants!
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A good reference book if you are interested in herbalism. While I did find it interesting, I found it a little confusing at times (viewed online) to find items for specifics and how to use them. Would probably be best in a physical copy. Would recommend if you are interested in the topic.
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A very comprehensive book on herbal remedies. Definitely one of the most up to date on the market. 4.5/5 stars, only because I wished it was longer.
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For a couple of years now, I've been exploring the world of DIY natural care.  I was drawn to this area because I especially enjoy the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of creating a product with intention and full understanding of what it is made to do.  Christine Buckley perfectly encapsulates this vibe her book Plant Magic and does so in an extremely accessible way.  I love the reference guide feel of it and it's designed to give you both places/recipes to start with and encourage you experiment on your own (and all while recognizing privilege!)
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I review and purchase nonfiction titles for my library, and my community boasts a number of naturalists, gardeners, and general outdoor enthusiasts. As such, I’m always looking for books in those general subjects that are unique and interesting for novices, as well as informative and useful for a more experienced readership. Plant Magic opens in a lighthearted and accessible way, then delves more fully into the topic of herbalism. This should be a solid introductory text to update some of the more dry volumes currently taking space on the shelves.
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As someone obsessed with all things plants this book was right up my alley. I love this book! I didnt want it to end, I could read about it all day!
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Plant Magic by Christine Buckley, published by Roost books talks about Herbalism in real life 

If you want to genuinely heal with plants, you need to be in sync with their pace. This is one of the most beautiful lessons chronicled in this book. There are no quick fixes here, and no allowance for skimming. The premise is that “Plants were there in the beginning, they’ll be there at the end and it’s in everyone’s best interest to figure out how to invite them into all the places in-between,”. The book is written in a very simple and lucid manner, which educates the novice about the power and potential of herbalism. You will read about small meaningful acts that set you on the path to discover a beautiful world where nature heals. 

I think it’s a great book for beginners who want to be introduced to a new way of looking at nature, and who want to establish a stronger bond with nature. It’s quite practical as well, and you’ll be able to apply several of the principles described.
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A fun, practical guide that shines with its author's sense of humor and lives up to its subtitle.

I really liked how the book was divided into sections where it explained how to make the various remedies (explaining the differences between them) and then made recommendations about possible plant combos. It really emphasized the personalized nature of Buckley's herbalism.

I was also super impressed with her commitment to pointing out how practitioners of non-indigenous and especially those of us who are colonizer descendants have a responsibility not to impinge on traditions not our own and to take up as little indigenous resources as possible. The topic was brought up and gently but firmly explained several times and I really appreciated it.

One of the most fun aspects of the book was Buckley's casual, conversational style of dropping in personal anecdotes. I learned a lot and would definitely add this book to my reference collection.
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Plant Magic is an interesting, informative book that discusses many plants, some common, some less so, that discusses the benefits of the plants and their uses. Some of the uses are pretty common but others (sexual healing) were much more interesting as a reader. Who knew?
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A deeply “back to nature” book. Great for the person into alternative healing and organic food. Thanks to #NetGalley, I had an advanced PDF to read and review. 

*All opinions are my own and I was not required to post a positive review. *
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"Plant Magic" by Christine Buckley is a valuable resource for any herbal enthusiasts. I found the content of this book to be both reliable and educational. The way the author brings the reader into the world of plants is inspiring. I find myself looking at the plants around me in a different way, when I go on my daily walks.
 There is a field guide with colored pictures in the back of the book which you will find very helpful when foraging for herbs. The author walks you through the many ways to use herbs in food, tinctures, teas, ointments, oils, syrups and decoctions. 
The book includes some wonderful recipes and insights on how to use them and what herbs best suites you as an individual. If you are looking for a way to include herbs in your life, you have to have "Plant Magic", by Christine Buckley.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion.
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This is a great introduction to herbal healing, with lots of great information on how to make simple herbal remedies. Buckley provides information on how to determine your constitution (hot/cold, moist/dry, relaxed/tense) and use the constitution of plants to balance problems. She goes into how to forage safely and responsibly and her favorite wild herbs (about half of the plants she profiles can be easily found in the wild, and don't forget that there are wild places in cities too). She provides step by step instructions on how to make salves, tinctures, herbal honeys, oxymels and much more, and guides you through how to know which is best for the plant material and issue. She then goes into details about 20 plants she loves, with about 4 pages for each about why she loves them, what they're best for, how it grows and how to use it. Most of these are staples in our kitchen and on our canning shelves.

I recently put away the china in my china cabinet in order to convert it to additional storage for our dried herbs, tinctures and syrups. It makes me ridiculously happy seeing all of those jars. A lot of her favorite herbs are mine too and are in that cabinet -- jars of dried elderberries, plantain leaves, catmint, lemon balm and peppermint, for instance. There is only one plant of the 20 she profiles that isn't a common one in our kitchen and that's only because it doesn't grow in this area (linden) but I'm hoping to find a workaround for that too. The book is nice because it doesn't overwhelm the reader with a hundred plants and also features ones that are quite simple to find in your own neighborhood, garden or community. Plantain grows as a weed in just about every American lawn and park, for instance, and it's such a wonderful remedy for skin ailments and insect stings. Note that she does not provide information on how to find or ID the plants. You'll need a good ID book for that, and foraging is not the main focus on this book (I just review from the perspective of a forager and gardener). All in all, this is a wonderful resource to get started with herbs, great for beginners but also for those who already use and love healing herbs. Highly recommended.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for the purpose of review.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.  This is a subject I have been wanting to learn more about and this was definitely the book to learn from.  I really like how the book was broken into the informational section at the beginning and then the practical uses afterwards.
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This was a wonderful introduction to herbalism for a newbie like me. It starts with the very basics of the history of herbalism and what it looks like in modern day. Then it advances the reader through identifying plants, growing them, and using them to make tinctures, salves, etc for home use. The author's tone is friendly, the writing is straightforward. This would be a great book to have a physical copy of,  for future reference. I enjoyed the book a lot - as a lover of plants already, it inspired me to find more ways to enjoy them in my daily life.
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I'm the type of person who needs the most simplest of things explained to over and over. I'm sorry if that isn't your jam but it very much is mine and it's not going to change.

This book is wondrous because it does exactly that and more. What else can I ask for? I love herbs, I love learning, and I want to be the very best I can be. Where can I go wrong?
Herbalism is not just about learning about plants but it's learning about the healing practices involving them and how they can center your mental and physical well being. It's about respecting the planet and everyone else that lives here.

I absolutely love this book. I have been slowly getting into 
 for years and have been relying on the internet and Pinterest for tips so it is nice to finally have a guide that breaks it down for me. It also even provides several ways that you can prepare the herbs for yourself. This includes tinctures, honey, tea, oil.

I'm not going to spill all this book's secrets but my absolute favorite part is the paragraph that says:
that unless we are indigenous to this country we are on stolen land and we need to give thanks and take care of this stolen land that we are on.

My impression of this book is that it is wonderful as a guide and I learned so much reading while reading it. I highly recommend it.
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This is an excellent Herbalism intro with superb photography and excellent info! Starts with the basics and provides solid guidance on what herbs to use for certain issues and how to prepare them. Using the excellent and clear info will be more work than a of readers will want to tackle even though most are quick simple recipes. Highly recommended for those interested.

I really appreciate the preview copy for review!!
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