The Black Cage

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 Jan 2020

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This is a new author to me but the start of a new series so quite a good time to give him a spin! On the back of what I just read I will definitely be checking out some if his other books.
In this opener, we meet journalist Milo Rigg. Having previously exposed the inadequacies of the police in the, still unsolved, investigation into the murder of three boys, he finds his reputation in tatters. He spend his days covering social issues for a lesser publication.
But his reporting days are not over when the frozen bodies of two young sisters are exposed after a thaw. There are similarities between this and the deaths of the boys and Milo has never let that go. Determined to get to the truth once and for all he risks everything to go all in. Asking uncomfortable questions and working out intricate details he is soon catapulted into the limelight once again. Until that is, he appears to be getting to close to the truth...
As with all good characters that go all out to achieve whatever is necessary, Milo is wounded. His dreams of a lost love, a black cage, haunt his every waking moment too. He's still suffering his loss, evident in the way he lives. But these hauntings compete with those of the murdered boys. Will solving this case kill or cure him of all the rest of his suffering? That said, I took to him from the off and, well, pretty much suffered alongside him for the duration of the book. Against the odds, against the world too occasionally. But tenacious to the last and using all the contacts he has, following his intuition to join the dots up to get to the truth. He's definitely a very clever chap.
Plotting was tight and pacing was good. Other characters were also well drawn and each played their parts well. Descriptive elements of the narrative complemented what was going on rather than distracting from it and the right amount of information was imparted at the right times to both keep me interested and need to know what happened next. And the ending when it came was wholly satisfying. I long ago gave up trying to work it all out for myself. I just sat back and let Milo get on with it!
All in all a cracking opener to a series that I am looking forward to more from. My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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Just finished reading this and well done Mr Fredrickson.  Well done for this very satisfying read.  Good characters, a sterling plot and well written.  Says it all really but that is just not enough.

This is the first in a new series featuring crime Milo Rigg and we are introduced to him as he has been demoted from his role as crime reporter on one of the top three papers in Chicago so that he now covers store openings, or boy scouts meetings – that obviously requires top notch reporter skills with the requisite salary.  We learn a bit about Milo and his background and how he has landed in this position.  When two girls (sisters) bodies are found, naked and frozen it brings to mind the murders of three young boys a few months earlier.  Milo is mindful of the sloppy investigation of those murders and is determined that it will not happen again.

What follows is a brilliant puzzle - which in all honesty I struggled to keep up with – Milo was always miles before me.  As to the end – ah that would be telling.  My powers of deduction did glance over an important observation, but it faded away until the very end – when I thought, I nearly go it!

Good book.  Great character; I liked the laid back Milo, always thinking, always just thinking it all through.

Thank you to the author, publishers and NetGalley for providing an ARC via my Kindle in return for an honest review.
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Intense with a good fell this is not a cozy. Although involved and complex the author's compelling writing makes all the twists easy to follow. Intelligent and very different in the way characters interact.  The reporter and certain police work toward the truth among so many others who want to keep the low
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc
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The black cage by Jack fredrickson.

Crime reporter Milo Rigg must uncover a brutal serial killer to restore his battered reputation in this first in a gripping new mystery series.

Exposing the botched murder investigation of three young boys has left Milo Rigg's reputation and career as a crime-reporting journalist in tatters. But when the naked, frozen bodies of two young sisters, Priscilla and Beatrice Graves, are found down a ravine in Chicago months later, there are disturbing similarities. Are the two cases linked, and could this be Milo's chance to right the wrongs of the past?

Restored to his former reporter role, Milo is back – and he’s asking uncomfortable questions again. Confronted with deception and corruption at every turn, can Milo uncover the identity of a ruthless serial killer and finally rid himself of the black cage that threatens to consume him?

A good read with likeable characters.  Found a little slow but I read it. 3*.
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