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Terminal Black is the 6th book in the Harry Tate series..Tate is a former British spy,  and in this installment Tate is on the hunt for one of his fellow colleagues who has appeared to have gone rogue. This is another interesting spy-on-spy novel, with somewhat less action than previous Tate novels, but enough to keep your interest, especially if you’re a fan of the series. Some of Tate’s old friends are back too, but this reads as a stand-alone novel, and you won’t be confused if you haven’t read any previous books in the series. Plot’s a little weak, too much “down time “ ,  but it’s still a decent read. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through @NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Adrian Magson is one of my favorite authors and this new installment from his Harry Tate Thriller series does not disappoint. TERMINAL BLACK is a fast-paced, exciting thriller with a very current and relative plot about Russian – American political dealings and cyber-attacks. Mr. Magson gives us a plethora of players in this dynamic spy novel, and oh what a tangled web they do weave. He gradually introduces each character and works them methodically into his story line. There is much tension as we learn each person’s motives and the games they are playing to save their own skin. TERMINAL BLACK is filled with unique twists and turns, with an engaging and well- crafted plot. Grab a copy … you won’t be disappointed!
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Harry Tate knows his friend Rik doesn't intend to commit treason-he's sure of it- but Rik's gone missing and he's got a lot of information in his head.  Tate, retired from MI5 and doing PI agrees to try to find him.  He knows time is of the essence because if he doesn't bring Rik in, there's the distinct possibility that that a team of people will be sent to kill him.  This blend counterterrorism, Russians, conspiracies, and lots of other things in a taut well constructed novel that doesn't go over the top.  The parts set in Minsk are nicely done.  Thanks to netgalley for the ARC.  I read this as a standalone with no problem and now I'm going to look for others in the series.
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Harry Tate is a slightly off the books British security operative who's assigned to follow up the disappearance of a young colleague in Belarus and is drawn into a somewhat murky plot when another former operative now living there offers her help in tracking the missing man It's s a pretty standard spy thriller, good on pacing but thin on the characterization, although the narrative arrives at the denouement in a predictable fashion.
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In Red Station, Adrian Magson introduced Harry Tate, an agent for MI5 whose error had him assigned there as a punishment.   In Terminal Black, he is no longer with the Intelligence Service but they have called on him to find Rick Ferris, another former agent who. had been sent to Red Station.  Ferris had been employed on a project ten years ago where he had read several classified files out of curiosity that he was not cleared to see.  He now works with computers in the private sector and he recently disappeared.  Contacted by a hacker who is desperate for a meeting, he travels to Minsk to meet her and is taken by Russian agents.  He is interrogated in a remote location about the content of those files from long ago and when the name Cicada is mentioned, something stirs in his memory.  Unless he can remember and reveal the information, there is a threat of a major terrorist attack against England.

The search for Ferris is being closely monitored by Sir Iain Colmyer who is set to take over the Joint Intelligence Organization.  With an agenda of his own, he has hired a tracker to find Ferris and terminate him, along with Tate.  Harry knows that the only way to keep Ferris safe is to find him first.  From the opening pages, Magson keeps the tension high.  With no idea where Ferris has gone, Tate rushes through London looking for clues. They finally point to Belarus, where he enlists the help of another former agent.  Together they must locate Ferris and stop the attack while also eluding the  tracker.

This is a well-crafted spy story with a number of twists and enough action to keep the reader riveted to the pages.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Severn House Publishers for providing this book for my review.
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Harry Tate has been tasked to find an old friend and colleague, Rik Ferris. His friend saw files years ago that Intelligence doesn’t want getting out.  They are afraid Rik has gone over to the other side.  Harry knows he’s not getting the whole story, things don’t add up, but he knows Rik is not a traitor.  Besides Russians chasing Rik, British intelligence has hired a second team to find Rik and eliminate him.  Harry has to get there first.  This is a spy thriller with plenty of action and twists that kept me turning the pages. You aren’t sure who can be trusted.  Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.
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Always a joy to read a Harry Tate thriller, this series that began with Red Station back in 2010. This is the sixth and I have read them all and in the order of publication.
Terminal Black is a an up to date, modern spy novel with a sense of the immediacy of today’s clandestine operations, government spooks and outrageous activities by hostile governments in the U.K. 
The latest instalment has a sense of tying up loose ends from its title to its plot direction. It really-unites elements of the disgraced agents introduced in their exile in Red Station.
Rik, the computer, IT expert has gone missing. It is suggested that he has potentially dangerous information which he retains from his time hacking top secret files. Harry is employed to hunt him down to bring him in and ensure secrets are not breached.
Double dealing, a high level mole in British Secret Services and wicked Russian influences are hinted.
The action centres on Minsk with terrific locations and a sinister backdrop of abandoned buildings and rogue elements on the streets. Like all good spy novels you do not fully appreciate everyone’s motives, intentions or readiness for betrayal.
I really enjoy Magson’s ability to be character driven while maintaining brilliant set pieces and believable interactions. The dialogue is clear and carries the plot with a steady reveal of story development. In Harry Tate he has grafted onto a damaged background, a clever and resourceful individual. I identify mostly with his integrity, a sense of loyalty and clear humanity.
He is not an all knowing, all conquering action hero but a gentle man who likes nothing better than to meet with his partner over coffee and cake.
This book has a great deal to offer to this genre. It is a modern spy thriller that always stays within the bounds of credibility when recent news headlines have shown fact is often stranger than fiction. The author embraces these extreme acts against Russian dissidents and exiles in the U.K. and weaves into his fictional creation a fascinating read.
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Harry Tate has left MI5 behind and settled into the private investigations business. Maybe not as exciting as his time with 5, but it keeps him busy and with a paycheck of some sort. Naturally he's a little surprised when he is contacted by an agent he doesn't know who wants information on Rik Ferris. Harry and Rik barely survived their posting to Red Station and have mostly gone their separate ways since then so he doesn't know where Rik is. Naturally MI5 doesn't believe him and they want Harry to find Rik for them. Nothing concerning Mi5 or 6 can ever be that simple. Somebody is pulling strings behind the scenes and they don't have Harry's best interest at heart. 

This is my first experience reading this series and it will definitely not be my last. It was so nice to read a spy adventure that was held back, controlled enough, so that the actions might have actually been true. The action is realistic which is a refreshing departure from assassins who kill their foes in the dozens on their way to a resolution. Plus these characters think and react like regular people; as if they could actually be someone sitting at the next table to me in a restaurant. I have been told by a friend that I have been missing a treat by not reading other Adrian Magson series so I plan to correct that error pretty quickly. If any of the other series impresses me as much as the Harry Tate story, I'll be all set for a spell of reading good books.

Thank you to NetGalley and Severn House Publishers for an e-galley of this novel.
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Undoubtedly well written, this is a novel from my favourite genre. 
I struggled to get going if I'm honest, probably due to the introduction of so many characters that I'd never read about before but the feedback so far has been great so I persevered.
I'm rather glad I did. 
I think in all honesty, it's probably best to read a few of the others first but it does work on it's own too. 
Many thanks for the opportunity.
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Adrian Magson is one of my favourite current writers of action spy novels.

His Red Station (2010), which introduced former MI5 agent Harry Tate, was a clever, more sinister version of Mick Herron’s Slough House series, and the four books which followed it were good old-styled spy novels with exciting shoot-outs and betrayals.

Now after a six-year break, he has returned with a new Harry Tate novel, Terminal Black.
Harry is now out of the Secret Service game doing odd jobs at the lower end of the private security market. He is reasonably content in his life when he is approached by British Intelligence to help find his old friend Rik Ferris. Tate and Ferris were fellow survivors of the Red Station fiasco and the subsequent clean-up which occurred, but they had recently drifted apart. Ferris has now gone missing, with some highly sensitive secrets from MI6’s archives in his possession. British Intelligence wants them and Ferris back, but there are others also after Ferris with more sinister intent. Tate reluctantly agrees to help in the search for Ferris and soon finds himself re-acquainted with rogue assassin Clare Jardine and dodging bullets in Belarus.

This is a briskly paced and exciting spy thriller with various layers of duplicity and a modern,
up-to-date plot about Soviet-American political dealings and cyber-attacks. The shifting viewpoint between the various players, adds to the tension as we gradually become aware of the range of motives and the devious games being played. Although there is a lot going on, Magson keeps the story clear and the plot unfurls at a rapid rate. The action scenes are well-choreographed and there is a nicely staged, final explosion of violence in a deserted warehouse. The final pages also have a nice cynical tone to them.

Terminal Black is a very entertaining read. See my full review at

Thanks to Severn House and NetGalley for a copy of the book to review.
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Good stuff. This is engaging and has a good amount of action. The author is experienced and know how to craft an interesting story and characters. This has some good twists and a satisfying ending. 

I really appreciate the NetGalley advanced copy for review!!
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"Terminal Black(Harry Tate Thriller)” written by Adrian Magson and published in Hardback by Severn House Publishers Ltd; Main edition on 31 Oct. 2019.  256 pages ISBN-13: 978-0727889478

This author never writes a dull book and the high quality of his writing shines through every title even though he is currently researching and preparing five main series of books. There is this series with Harry Tate and also the Mark Portman one, the last of which was  “ Dark Asset” which was published in paperback in January 2017. There are also his Gavin and Palmer books and his Gonzales & Vaslik ones so he provides his faithful readers with plenty of variety.
Former MI5 agent Harry Tate is drawn back into the field when an old friend goes missing - and discovers the stakes could not be higher. Harry Tate has one rule: you don't abandon your friends. When he learns that former colleague Rik Ferris has had a breakdown and disappeared, allegedly in possession of highly sensitive secrets from MI6's archives, he agrees to look for him and, if possible, bring him back in. But where to begin? Rik could be anywhere in the world. All Harry knows is, if he doesn't find Rik, others will be sent out instead. And they won't play by the same rules. What Harry doesn't know is that Rik is being held prisoner and tortured for information relating to a high-level mole in the British establishment. If he doesn't tell his captors what he knows, it will result in a devastating cyber attack designed to bring the UK to its knees.
This book was non-stop action and suspense. 

It is a book that once started it is almost impossible to put down and I was up until quite late at night before I finally reached the very gripping conclusion.

The main attraction I have in reading this author's work is that the stories are completely unpredictable, in the middle of this one I remember thinking - what is going to happen next? And having no idea at all except that whatever it is will be highly imaginative and take the story in a fresh direction entirely.

This very exciting and sensationally well plotted creation rushes on to its final dramatic conclusion. I have had the privilege of reviewing many of this author's books and I hope to read yet more of his  stories, whether it is in this new series or any of the previous ones or completely in a new direction soon. If you want to start reading an exciting book that is exceedingly difficult to put down once started then buy this one. Very strongly recommended
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Wow! Terminal Black is yet another great novel by Adrian Magson. Harry Tate is back, and thriller readers rejoice. Well, speaking for myself, I was happy. The novel did require patience as Magson laid the groundwork. He demonstrated superb knowledge of his subject matter and roped me right in. The story builds to a smashing climax, with several surprises tossed in for added flavor. I want to be first in line when Magson returns with a new novel.
Thanks, NetGalley, and the publisher, for the ARC.
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