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Claudette’s Miraculous Motown Adventure

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This was such a fun book! I loved the images and the story. Claudette is this beautiful magical little girl. I loved her journey and the no fiction aspect about the Miracles (Mowtown group) The dancing was so fun. Representation is so important, and books where the kids get to just BE are my favourite.
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I received this book from NetGalley in return of an honest review and I was excited to read this book to my children. It is important to have representation and this book certainly did that. I loved that it was Motown inspired, magical and have beautiful artwork . The writing style and rhyming scheme flowed well and made it so poetic. Miracles happen when you believe is what came to my mind after reading this story. I recommend this book to all parents, children’s book lovers, teachers and libraries.

The next best thing about this book was the second part that taught the history of Motown, Claudette and The Miracles.
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Being old enough to know Motown and the group the Miracles this book was a bit hard to understand at first.  It wound a fairytale around the formation of the Miracles, and it’s only female singer.  But the story is so sweet.  The rhymes are a bit harsh and there is no cadence which it needs.  At first the artwork was a bit rough, but it grows with the story to become a great accomplishment.  Just change the cover please.
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I was expecting a little more reality from this one, given that it appears to be inspired by The Miracles (the Motown singing group). What could've been an interesting biographical picture book is instead a strange fantasy involving a witch and a box full of tiny singing men. It's odd, to say the least.

I probably learned more from the non-fiction information at the back of the book. And I enjoyed that part more, too. The story itself is told in rhyme... and not very good rhyme at that. I would've expected more from a book about music and singers! The illustrations are not my cup of tea, either. They have the look of collage, but I think the pictures are done digitally. Digital "rough edges" are not very attractive, and the book has a strange "beginner's Photoshop class" vibe to it.

It's too bad that the authors didn't choose to go in a more non-fiction direction with this. I've read lots of picture books that simply tell the real story of what happened. No witches are necessary. And some of those books are absolutely wonderful, sharing the magic of other people's lives by showcasing passion, hard work, and determination. So, unfortunately, I can't recommend this one. It's not strong enough as a fantasy picture book, and it doesn't include enough reality for it to be a decent biography.
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*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in return for a fair and honest review. 
     This book sounds better than it actually it. It's written by Claudette Robinson, who was given the title "The Queen of Motown" for her work with Smokey Robinson and the miracles. she tells the story of a young Claudette who lives in an unhappy town, controlled by an evil witch. When she discovers the Miracles in her attic, their singing frees the town from the control of the witch. 
     The story itself is not bad, but the rhyming feels very forced. It doesn't seem to flow effortlessly. I loved the idea of this book but was a bit disappointed. The illustrations, however, are fabulous.
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I am a Motown fan from start to finish. Following along with Claudette’s journey as she brings joy to King Berry was reminiscent of “The Wiz”.  Claudette’s joy and enthusiasm for music and the particular Motown sound reminds me of my own daughter. 

I highly recommend this book for those who love music and for anyone who is a fan of The Miracles and Motown.
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This adorable book was written by First Lady of Motown Claudette Robinson. The illustrations, in particular are fantastic. The end section includes photos of The Miracles and some information about their career and legacy.

I was glad that the book included that final section of information, because the story line of this book didn't include much actual information about The Miracles- it was more about the sunshine and color that their music brought to a sad and gray world. (Also, I don't understand the significance of the witch?) Finally, the story was told in rhyme, but I personally never felt like I found the cadence of the poem, when speaking it out loud. That might be tricky as a read-aloud.

As a music teacher I'm always on the lookout for books that I can use with my students. This one would be good for students to read on their own, but I probably won't use it in a group setting.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. My thanks to #NetGalley and the author and publisher for this opportunity. #ClaudettesMiraculousMotownAdventure
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Such a cute rhyming book. The book was about a little girl whose town was dark and gray. The witch had made everything sad and dreary. The little girl, Claudette, found some friends tucked in a box . What they needed was a miracle. Children will enjoy the rhyming and illustrations.
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It was okay written but not a very interesting story. The rhyming seemed a little off in places. Not a bad read but one I would read again.
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