Little Universes

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 07 Apr 2020

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Little Universes by Heather Demetrios is such an amazing novel! I loved the relationships between the sisters
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Little Universes tells the story of two sisters on the brink of adulthood who unexpectedly lose both parents. The story is told in first-person dual perspectives that alternate between Mae, an astrophysics-obsessed brainiac, and her free-spirited sister, Hannah. 

I found the book to be highly engrossing, as it deals with tough issues like Hannah’s opioid addiction and Mae’s insecurities about being adopted. Both sisters’ stories drew me in and pushed me to think more about life. Heather Demetrios clearly did her homework in terms of researching the tarot, mindfulness, and the meaning of the universe. I appreciated the little nuggets about astrophysics so much that I might just check out Neil Degrasse Tyson’s latest book, which is saying a lot because in 9th grade I won a Hated Physics The Most award. 

I did worry that this book would venture into torture porn territory, since it deals with so many heavy topics. I think that many of the issues were dealt with respectfully. I loved how Mae connected the death of her parents to science and the meaning of life. I also liked how Demetrios depicted Mae grappling with her sister’s addiction—the concerns and dilemmas she had, as well as how she did research about it. As Hannah falls deeper into her addiction, Demetrios continued to use little acorn poems to capture her messed-up state of mind.

Still, I really don’t agree with Demetrios adding romance to the addiction storyline, especially between an addict and her dealer. This was totally unnecessary and problematic. 

That being said, there’s no doubt in my mind that this story will highly appeal to my teenage students. It’s raw, angsty, and poignant.

[One last important thought for the author, from a concerned Bostonian: The 66 bus is a much faster transportation option from Brookline to Cambridge. There is absolutely no need to take the T to Harvard!]

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