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I can see why Timothy Zahn is loved and will be definitely recommending this series for purchase for science fiction lovers.
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Queen is the end of the Sibyl's War at least the war to take back the ship. Small spoiler (Nicole Hammond takes on another war at the end of the book). A fitting end to the series. We get to know more about the ship and why only humans can do repair work. How it came to be so deadly for Sibly's and how to win a war little by little and being very underestimated. Nicole, Jeff and the crew face tension, danger, betrayal, and death as they fight to make the ship whole again.
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Queen: A Chronicle of the Sibyl's War by Timothy Zahn is a highly recommended conclusion to the Sibyl's War science fiction three book series.

Nicole Hammond is a Sibyl, a special human that has the ability to communicate with a strange alien ship called the Fyrantha. In previous books the ship teleported Nicole Hammond on board to help repair its machinery. Nicole was a former member of a Philadelphia street gang and now she must use her street smarts to help the ship. The ship has now appointed her the Protector of the ship and its inhabitants. When Queen starts we are right in the middle of a war that started in Pawn and Knight, the two earlier books in the series. Nicole works with a variety of alien races to fight for control of the ship from the Shipmasters who have taken it over and their strong arm enforcers, the Koffren, as they battle for the freedom of everyone living on it.

My first recommendation is that you read Pawn and Knight before starting Queen. Trust me on this as it will make reading it much more enjoyable right from the start. Those who have will not have to work as hard as I did in order to piece together the backstory and keep sorted out the various aliens who help her or who live on the ship. It would also, I imagine, help you to envision the layout of the ship as the battle rages between areas and decks.   I truly wish I had read the first two books first before jumping right into the battle for control in Queen.

Once I got the backstory and current situation basically sorted out in my head, I enjoyed the complicated plans, strategy, and tactics Nicole and cohorts used in the conflict. And make no mistake, there is a whole lot going on in this space opera. Complications and set backs are overcome as Nicole works with her wide variety of allies. As the Protector of the ship, she has an inside to help evade trouble and plan her strategic actions. Nicole is a very well developed character. We are privy to her thoughts as she coordinates everything and evades the Shipmasters, so readers can see her growth as a character.

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"Queen is the climactic conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Timothy Zahn's thrilling space adventure series, The Sybil's War.

“Tim Zahn is a master of tactics and puts his own edge on complex hard-SF thrillers.”  - Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author.

Nicole Hammond is a Sibyl, a special human that has the ability to communicate with a strange alien ship called the Fyrantha.

However, Nicole and all other sentient creatures are caught up in a war for control between two competing factions. Now, the street-kid turned rebel leader has a plan that would restore freedom to all who have been shanghaied by the strange ship.

She just has to unite the many alien races being forced to combat for their freedom, dodge slaving war profiteers determined to capture her, and convince an AI at war with itself to trust her above all else."

It's a week for final volumes in sci-fi trilogies from Tor this week! Also, everyone should be reading Timothy Zahn, he made me the reader I am today!
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I have read a number of books by the author and I have enjoyed them all. This appears to be the concluding book in a series titled the Sibyl's War. I have not read the previous installments of the series. While this is not intended to be a stand alone book, I could figure out the basic premises after a few chapters. I would recommend that anyone else read the previous books as it will make this one even more enjoyable.

I received a free Kindle copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher with the understanding that I would post a review on Net Galley, Goodreads, Amazon and my nonfiction book review blog. I also posted it to my Facebook  page.
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