The Cosmic Revolutionary's Handbook

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 11 Feb 2020

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like this book  in general. It's helpful to readers who would like to dig a bit into the universe and so on. The style of writing is also very easy and simple to comprehend. However, it is always a challenge for writers of this topic -- university, cosmo -- to make it interesting and fun, since the topic itself is already so deep, mysterious, yet very much scientific and exact. The author did a good balance in this case.
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This is an interesting take on revolutionary thought and proposed that we challenge any scientific theories in order to improve the rigor of scientific thought. A noble idea, but in these times its political theories that need to be challenged more.
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What a wonderful book. Buy it and enjoy reading every word!
That said, I would avoid the kindle option because of the graphs. I would also recommend this book to only those readers who have a solid grounding in cosmology (astronomy & physics). It is not for the lay reader. Also, the clenched fist on the cover and the word revolutionary in the titled have almost nothing to do with the book itself. I suspect they were added to dupe Millenials into buying this excellent book..
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