Cover Image: The Byzantine Pineapple (Part 1) with Corporation X

The Byzantine Pineapple (Part 1) with Corporation X

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I couldn't get fully into this book and so kept starting and stopping reading this. I haven't finishedit. That said it was written well.
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While the Byzantine Pineapple is a fascinating concept, the implementation of it seems impossible.

The concept is to simplify the government with 4 primary concepts.  Each of these simple proposals seems to make sense and I would love to see it implemented.  The flat tax scenario is spot on and with the reduction of the government waste, it seems as though there is plenty of money available.  

It will break down into an impossibility with implementation, however.  I believe that almost 40% of the GDP is in government jobs.  When you cut these jobs you also cut the GDP and now there isn't enough money to handle the social side of the proposal.  

The last half of the book was a sales pitch to crowdfund the authors project and was really difficult to read.

As an analytical mind, the author has put in too many analytics to make it even readable.  There isn't a black hat ... someone telling him why none of this will work.  It is as though he has convinced himself that it will work by sitting in a room and pouring over statistics.  It's just not a book I can recommend past the Byzantine Pineapple.
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