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My students have enjoyed reading other books in this series, and they enjoyed Puerto Rico as well.  However, I didn’t think this title captured their attention quite as much as China.
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This is a great book that provides information about Puerto Rico in a way that children can easily understand. It includes a lot of information about the culture, history, foods, geography, and much more. The illustrations are captivating and are perfect for children. One thing that would enhance the story even more would be to see more characters that reflect the diversity of the Puerto Rican people which includes European as well as Indigenous and African. 

***I received a copy of this book from NetGalley.  All opinions and comments are strictly my own.
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Teaching children about other cultures is so important, and these books make it easy and fun to do! My children are part Puerto Rican, so learning about their own culture is imperative.
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This book was so cute! I enjoyed the bright colors and the fun facts that were included in this book. The seek and find addition was a good feature as well. The information is geared toward both children and adults. I found out things about Puerto Rico that I hadn't ever thought of. This fact makes the book that much more fun for parents to read to their children. There is an aspect of current information as well as historical information in this book that can be a draw for older readers as well. Even though the book is meant for young children, being a boardbook, it can easily be given to an older children to read and explore the culture of Puerto Rico. I cannot wait to read more of this series.
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The Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest series are search and find books for children that whisk them off on an adventure to China, Puerto Rico or Mexico. These picture books are full of fun facts and beautiful illustrations that children and parents will want to revisit over and over again.

The Treasure Quest series includes Tiny Travelers China, Tiny Travelers Puerto Rico and Tiny Travelers Mexico. Having traveled to all three destinations, I was excited to explore these books and see what adventures and fun facts were highlighted in these picture books. (I have included some photos from my own travels to each of these destinations at the end of this post – scroll down to check them out!)

These children’s books are filled with full page spreads of detailed illustrations that highlight a particular part of each country’s culture. Each page has a cultural item for young readers to find, as well as a fun fact. Some of the fun “Did You Know” facts were even new to me! Like, in Tiny Travelers Mexico, one “Did You Know” fact was, “There are three different colors of corn tortillas: yellow, red and blue.”

I really enjoyed the way Tiny Travelers used foreign languages throughout these books. In Tiny Travelers Puerto Rico, Spanish is included in the rhyming story, and in Tiny Travelers Mexico and Puerto Rico, the location names are used with the pronunciation written in next to the bolded Spanish word. Similarly, in Tiny Travelers China, Cantonese words, written in both their English alphabet and in their traditional Chinese letters are included next to their English word.

The final page in all three books is a map of the world and the country from the book is highlighted, which is a great way to put in perspective how big and connected our world is to children, as well as teach them where these countries are in the world.

The Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest series is definitely a fun series for small children who will enjoy the search and find aspect of the books, as well as learning about other countries and their cultures.
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This is a great children's book, which I really enjoyed reading with my daughter.  The illustrations are so beautiful, breathtaking and colourful, and the book is full of comprehensive information and facts, which children will love.  It shows information about Puerto Rico, the people who live there, different traditions and even things like food, the population of Puerto Rico, a map of Puerto Rico and the language spoken there.  I also enjoyed that some of the words show the pronunciation beside them, which was really helpful to me.  The book would be great to have in a school and I highly recommend it!

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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What a lovely way to introduce children to the culture and island of Puerto Rico! This book has bright and beautiful illustrations highlighting several cities, popular attractions, cultural attire, and the island’s gourmet. The illustrator did a great job highlighting the diversity of the people of the island.

I enjoyed the author’s use of rhyming and search-and-find activities throughout the story. This will appeal to and attract younger children.

Reading this made me miss traveling. I want to visit Flamenco Beach and El Yunque, both of which were highlighted in this book.

I would have loved to see a few more pages added to this book and have it translated into Spanish!
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This is my final Tiny Travelers books, and I'm sad now that I don't get to read more!

Even as an adult I got to learn something, now imagine what the kiddos could learn. 

You learn about their music, their geography, history, celebrations, food, creatures, famous places...all of it! 

Love it, a straight ten out of ten!
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I am ashamed to admit that I was not aware that Puerto Rico had been a part of the US for more than 100 years. Like the China book, this is a colorful, informative book about Puerto Rico. I love the photos, I love the information, and I love the Spanish that is scattered throughout. The pictures are engaging, and the hunt for the different items is fun. I imagine that having the stamps to put in would bring the children a lot of joy as they find whatever they are searching for. I highly recommend this book for early elementary students to provide a fun introduction to Puerto Rico.
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This series of books really speak to me! Every page is full of details so that the more times you read it the more you notice and absorb. The quest is a fun way to keep kids engaged and learning as is the facts that are peppered in on each page and the bright illustrations. I highly recommend this entire series to school teachers and librarians as well as parents of early readers through elementary grades.
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My kids like the illustrations and the fun facts.  They enjoyed the search and find element to the book and learning about Puerto Rican culture and animals.  This is such a great series!
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Tiny Travelers books are so neat! I love that it has a little information splashed with a little fun on every page. Kids will enjoy learning about different countries and hopefully want to know even more!
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These books are fantastic!! We have been using them during our homeschool hours to have fun while learning more about the world we live in! There are lots of facts to learn about each country, but it is shared in a way that does not overwhelm young learners. My daughter is 6 and loves these books!!
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My kids were delighted with this adorable and informative book about Puerto Rico. We have family in Puerto Rico and travel there frequently. I was pleasantly surprise by the wide range of topics this little book packed in. It includes both the expected highlights for travelers (El Morro, El Yunque), but it also explores other important aspects of the island culture such as food. This book is a perfect introduction for children to the island.
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My two-year-old daughter loved this book! 

She really enjoyed the bright pictures and the "treasure hunt" she got to participate in. The key in the back was especially helpful and would be even better in a print format. I also learned a bit- I don't know as much as bout Puerto Rico as I should! 

I also loved the representation within the book- girls and boys of all different skin colors, as well as some basic Spanish/Puerto Rican vocabulary. Hands down, our favorite page was from Vieques, where there are apparently bioluminescent jellyfish!
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This is a wonderful book and really brings to life the feel of Puerto Rico! The pictures are also really colorful and fun, which also reminds me of this Island. 

I am especially drawn to this book as I had the pleasure of traveling with my family to Puerto Rico 3 Times. The first time my daughter was just 4 years old and the last time she was 10 years. We really have seen the whole Island. The first time we were in San Juan, the second in Ponce, and the third time on the South West side of the Island. We had the opportunity to go to the El Yunque Park, Scuba Dive, Snorkel, Kyack w/Luminescent Fish, Swin, Eat at Ethnic Restaurants, and meet so many people who lived there, I wish everyone had that experience. This book brings out the greatness this Island offers and imagine would want to make children visit the Island. 

It would also be great for children who live in Puerto Rico or have a heritage from the Island. It is beautiful and lively. I was so devastated when the Island was hit by a devastating tornado. I hear it is back being rebuilt. This is wonderful news. 

I would recommend this to children, but as an adult I loved it, too. I definitely think many books like this one should be available in all schools. It makes children learn of different areas and cultures. 

Thank you NetGalley, Susie Jaramillo, and the Publisher for granting me a copy of this book. I really appreciate it.
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This book has really cute illustrations, words written in Spanish with the pronunciation,  and many items from the culture and tourist attractions. Each page has a did you know section as well as something to search for like a scavenger hunt. Multiple ages could like this book, older kids for the facts and did you know section and younger kids could look for the hidden pictures.
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Puerto Rico Treasure Quest is a volume in the children's geography series Tiny Travelers.  Through rhyming text and colorful illustrations featuring happy children, the book introduces preschool through early elementary kids to the cultural variety that makes up this U.S. island territory. Children learn about local foods and dance, about the beach, the rainforest, and the bioluminescent bay where sea creatures give off late through chemical reaction.  They see a family enjoying popular sports and dance and visit the Arecebo Observatory and a Puerto Rican historic site, Castillo San Felipe del Morrow, where families often enjoy weekend picnics and other activities.  

Along with the rhyming text, each page also introduces a trivia item under the "Did You Know?" heading and engages the kids in searching for some special object related to the page's topic, such as a monster folk mask on the bombas dance page or a leatherback turtle on the bioluminescent bay page.  Like other books in the series, this one also features an animal that appears hidden somewhere on each page--in this case a coquì , a frog.

This would be a useful and enjoyable book for parents or teachers wanting to introduce young children to geography and provide a lesson in multiculturalism. 

Thanks to NetGalley, Encantos Media Studios, and Susie Jaramillo for making this book accessible.
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Another great addition to the Tiny Travelers series. I was happy to introduce the wonders of Puerto Rico with this book. The whole
Book was engaging, we found the culture and cuisine really interesting and the illustrations, as with every Tiny Travelers book, was super colorful and fun to look at. Would easily make a great addition to a children’s library! 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy
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Using this book for our trip around the world studies in homeschool. This book is really adorable with such cute illustrations and very engaging with the kiddos all while providing some really awesome information about the area.
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