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Painting Watercolors on Location

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Beautiful book with gorgeous watercolor paintings. In the first section the author motivates the choice of doing watercolor on location, indicating the tools and giving useful advices. Next, there are the various tutorials, each on different location. 
I have seen that in some review the content has been qualified as outdated, I don't think so. Surely the artwork is not recent, I have discovered a lesson known from the collection of Rachel Rubin Wolf (the Asian market scene), it was published in 2000, so that part has at least 20 years, but who cares? You don't have to copy the artist' style, while the advices are very useful and evergreen.
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This book is filled with the authors experiences painting certain locations. There are some step by step and tips along the way. The book content feels a little dated, however there are some great fundamentals you can see as the author works at the different locations.
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Thank you NetGalley and Dover Publishing for the opportunity to read and give an honest review of this book.

Since I have come to watercolor painting within the past year, I am still trying to learn everything I can about this particular art form. This was the first book I have read that goes into great detail about painting ‘plein-air’ or outdoors. The illustrations were excellent and they demonstrated the process step by step from sketches to the final painting.

Several things this book included that were extremely helpful:  the use of painted figures to help a scene come alive, the use of vanishing points and perspective, and the use of masking tape to protect an area to be painted at a later time.

The most valuable information this book offered was how to edit for painting. Often times the subject matter is interesting but cluttered, making it difficult to paint. By leaving some unimportant details out, moving things around, and basically simplifying, the picture becomes easier to paint and much more

This book is useful for beginners as well as experienced watercolor artists.
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I am an aspiring watercolour artist and was delighted to be able to read through this book to help me advance my techniques.  This ebook was only available as a protected PDF which meant that most of the pictures / photographs or illustrations did not show up on the pages.  However, I read the text and studied the lovely watercolours themselves to get an idea of the author's techniques.  I would definitely like to see a printed copy of this guide.  The author featured very different locations to ensure a wide range of lighting and painting techniques.
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