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I got an ARC from Net Galley and boy and I thankful!!

Great story written humbly about the military police in COMBAT, as all of them were in Vietnam and every conflict since.  Deadly denials about learning quick or dying right there.  I recommend.
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A gritty memoir of a very humble Vietnam war veteran.  Bogison holds nothing back about the sheer awfulness and awful conditions that the troops had to endure. There have been many books written about this bloody war, but in my opinion this autobiography is one of the best.
I was previously unaware that Military Police (MPs) actively participated in frontline combat duties. The MP's inherently lacked basic infantry training. Fortunately, the author was a quick and keen learner!
Some of the fire-fights must have been truly terrifying, especially as the Viet Cong were particularly adapted to live in such a hostile environment.  One chapter that I will always remember, is where the author’s boat squad has to retrieve decomposing American GI bodies from the river. I cannot imagine the incredible stomach-churning horror of undertaking this task, with body parts literally falling off as the remains were being lifted into the boat.
The author comes across as a genuinely decent person who cared about his men, and who was willing to disobey orders when their lives were unnecessarily put at risk by incompetent officers..
I can thoroughly recommend this book.
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