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When Jessica's life falls apart she fears her only option is to take her two young children and move in with her parents until Tristram offers her a dream job setting up a winter wonderland in his brother's castle, and she and her children can live in........ only trouble is will she be able to hide her real feelings for him and be professional?

A lovely finale for the Bluebell Castle trilogy,  I really enjoyed all the of the books with the great characters and the Arthurian legacy and am now disappointed that we won't be going back there again
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. First time experiencing this author and I will be back for more. I loved the essence of the book and I simply fell into the pages, I was swept up in the story and it was the exact tonic that I needed at that very moment.
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Absolutely loved this book. I generally enjoy Sarah's books but even though I read this out of sequence (I had read the first but not the second), I enjoyed this immensely. Lovable characters and setting. Must catch up with her other books I have missed.
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This book was a brilliant read and one that is perfect to escape for a few hours and loose yourself.
Characters that fall out of the pages of the book and make you fell apart of the story, the setting comes alive  and captured is well with words.
A great read. that I would highly recommend.
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Wonderful book. Definitely worth picking up. Continuation of the Bluebell Castle Series. Can be read as a stand alone. Lots of second chance stories but this one is really cozy and nice. I am a long fan of Sarah Bennett and enjoyable her books.
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This one wasn't quite as good as the previous two. I was really looking forward to Tristan's story but it left me a little underwhelmed. I liked him as a character a lot but felt he didn't get what he should have from this book. Having said that it wasn't a bad read by any means, I still enjoyed it just not as much as the others.

This book was sent to me by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A gorgeously set, slow burning romance that will completely capture your heart. Starlight Over Bluebell castle was a perfect read with two incredible lead characters whose chemistry burns off the pages. Tristan and Jess make a fiery pair and their slow burning romance will make you swoon. A really well written and engaging book!
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Another lovely read that took just two days to read. The characters were just right and I look forward to recommending this book to my friends.
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Starlight Over Bluebell Castle was a lovely story of a newly single mom and a handsome man from a land-owning family. The two have great chemistry and the relationship is a slow burn but still enjoyable to read. I did not realize it was part of a series but it did not diminish my enjoyment of this, and works as a standalone read as well.
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I can't believe that one of my favourite series just got concluded and this time we get to see Tristan Ludworth, my favourite among the triplets. Ever since reading the first book, I was waiting for his story to come out and Bennet doesn't disappoint this time too. Tristan's character and good nature shines throughout like a diamond and trust the author to give him the hardest challenge.
      A second chance at love? Well, I was not expecting such a gorgeous boy to be denied by anyone. Fate had other plans it seems. Anyone else might have run away from a divorcee with two little kids, but not Tristan. Every second he spent to win over Jessica adds golden points to his basket. And Jessica is well worth the effort. From the very first page, she conquers our hearts and that fiery independent streak only burns high as the story moves on. Sincere and steadfast, she is indeed one of a kind.
      I have one complaint though and that concerns the length; considering this is the last we see of this modern Arthurian family, shouldn't there be some more pages? The conflict at the end could have been a bit more complex too, but I am double-minded on that front. To be honest, I am happy that the author didn't follow the cliched plot lines. On the whole, a fitting conclusion to the Bluebell Castle series and just like the previous ones this wonderful story makes our lives a bit more colourful.
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I didn’t read the other books in this series. That usually bothers me and I feel like I have to read the other books. I still enjoyed this storyline.
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I received this book complimentary from NetGalley but the opinions are my own. 
I think this was well done and sweet. I liked Tristan and Jess and I hope to someday find my own Tristan to love me and my boy. Jess was complicated and messy but sweet and enjoyable. Tristan was masculine and appealing in his own complications. This was cute and sweet.
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Jessica is a wonderful character – she’s hard working, competent and caring. And when her marriage finally kicks up it’s toes, she and her soon to be ex-husband are trying to manage the best way they know how. She’s got to up and move to her parent’s house with her two young boys – nothing she relishes, and her leaving ‘do’ for work brings an unexpected offer.  Tristan Ludworth is back in town to meet with the bosses, giving them his final notice as he’s hoping to move into a more ‘event management’ role at the family house. The youngest of triplets, were it not for the laws about females inheriting, his sister Isobel would be in charge, but his elder (by minutes) brother and his new wife are doing all they can to make things work.  Tristan’s latest idea, a true “family feel” upscale Christmas celebration is a fine idea, but the bosses have clearly explained to him that he needs a partner who can ‘see details’ as it’s not his forte.  Enter Jessica and a rather (at first) offhanded offer to work in the new venture. 

While surprised, the stress from her mother (and former mother-in-law) regarding her impending divorce and her “next steps’ has her rather impulsively taking the option and will a carload of possessions, two young boys and a trunkful of apprehension, they head to Bluebell Castle.  Almost instantly the magic of the castle starts working on Jessica and the boys: the family is welcoming, the staff can’t get enough of the children, and the house is wonderful. Not to mention that working with Tristan, and having a ‘new view’ of the castle and what they can offer guests instantly has everyone on board.  With a cast of characters that we have come to know over the first two stories, and the ability to show us the countryside and the magic of the castle for the first time through Jessica’s eyes, the story is atmospheric and delightful, with plenty of laughs, a heaving hoarde of dogs, the ever-present quirks about names and the family Arthurian obsessions, and plenty of moments for Jessica to start her new life as her confidence grows and she finds her center – the story is easy to read and get lost in. 

With Christmas and New Year’s being the highlight of one of the plot points, and the main reason Jessica is there – the return of Isobel, the involvement of the community, and the wonderful imagery created by the stars, winter wonderland walk and the Christmas Faire, the story is one that will make you want to seek out your own Bluebell castle, leaving you with plenty of spirit and hope for the new year. 

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

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If you enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies, Starlight Over Bluebell Castle is the book for you. Enjoy!

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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The most magical time of the year…

Jessica Ridley’s life has just been turned upside-down – and not in a good way! So when blast-from-the-past Tristan Ludworth invites her to stay at Bluebell Castle and transform it into a winter wonderland, it’s the perfect distraction for Jess and her two young children…

Jessica is used to planning even the most elaborate events in her sleep, but she certainly didn’t expect to be working so closely with Tristan at the castle – or that she could still find him quite so handsome after all this time!

And with a little holiday magic in the air, it’s becoming harder and harder to resist his charms. Can Tristan convince Jess to give love one more chance, just in time for Christmas? 


Where do I start? 

Firstly, I want to thank Harper Collins for generously gifting me a copy of this book. 

I absolutely adored everything about every single page of this. This is the first in the Bluebell Castle series I’ve read but I feel that it could easily be a stand alone. Jess is a wonderful character filled with love but the insecurities we can all relate to. Her two little boys are adorable and so well written I found myself nodding thinking yeah that’s what kids do! 

Tristan - uh yummy! But again a well rounded individual. 

I loved the story and the journey that Jess goes on. It’s serious yet light enough to get totally invested. This combined with the almost comical going’s on of the Arthurian legend named siblings was just the perfect blend. 

Finally, I want to say this. I didn’t just read this book - I saw this book. Every page created picture and before long I was mentally begging Netflix to make a Christmas movie from it. The Christmas setting just comes alive and evokes the feelings and sense memory you have attached to it. 

Utterly delightful. 

Now, where can I find a real Bluebell Castle? 


5 stars


Absolutely! Best enjoyed on a cosy night with a bucket of hot chocolate.
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Starlight Over Bluebell Castle is a well written and entertaining romance.  I enjoyed the plot and the characters.  Romance readers will enjoy this book.  My thanks to the publisher for my advance ebook.  This is my unbiased review.
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This is the third in the 'Bluebell Castle' series by Sarah Bennett and it does not disappoint. It is funny, sexy, heartwarming, festive, hopeful and engaging. The characters are warm, authentic and fun - they felt like old friends straight away! This is a fabulous third book in the series but it also works as a stand alone book. I would highly, highly recommend it!
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.  Did not realise this was book 3 and wished I had read the first 2 books in the series and could have related to the characters better.
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Jess is on the up and up with her job. She also has a huge crush on her colleague, Tristan. Then, when they are on the verge of taking things beyond flirting, Jess leaves and both their lives take different directions.

Years later and Tristan and Jess’s paths cross again. Tristan has left London and returned to Bluebell Castle to help run his family estate. When he finds out that Jess’s marriage has ended and she needs a job and sanctuary for herself and her two boys, he offers Jess a job.

Jess settles in well but can she and Tristan pick up where they left off?

Starlight over Bluebell Castle is the third novel in the Bluebell Castle series. It can be read as a standalone novel if, like me, you’ve not read any of the previous books. I do want to read them though.

Set at Christmas, I really felt like I was there at the castle as the festive season kicked in. I really wish I could visit this place. Festive feelings aplenty.

Jess and Tristan are wonderful main characters. The book is told from both point of views which gives a nice, rounded story development.

All the surrounding characters are brilliant and as I said, I will be reading Iggy and Arthur’s stories at some point for sure.

I will not say too much more about the plot but Starlight over Bluebell Castle is a beautiful, warm, uplifting story of love, family, second chances and the magic of Christmas.

It’s a perfect addition to your Christmas book shelf.
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Sarah Bennett has again created not only a wonderful story but yet another gorgeous series which sadly comes to an end with this book. Even though this is book three in the series please be assured it does work as a standalone. However I do recommend reading books one and two because they are both wonderful stories! Let’s just say as soon as I picked up Starlight Over Bluebell Castle it was like being wrapped in a warm and comforting hug. From the story to the characters and of course the setting, I was completely in love!

Jessica’s character was so down to earth and believable, I couldn’t help but warm to her straight away. Then add the charming but kind hearted Tristan to the mix and this was a couple that immediately had me rooting for them! I loved how Sarah Bennett threw a slight curve ball but I also think that it made for a much deeper story because of it. Seeing both characters dance around each other made things all the more interesting. Also helping to build the romance and sparks the more time they spent together, loved it!

It was so lovely to be back at Bluebell Castle, all be it for the last time. I loved catching up wth the characters and seeing them all together especially seeing the castle go from strength to strength. I loved the second chance romance, the family dynamics and the characters. All of these aspects combined to make something very special and uplifting. If you are looking for a book to brighten up these dark and gloomy winter days then you really don’t have to look any further!

Starlight Over Bluebell Castle is heartwarming, romantic and has a little sprinkling of Christmas cheer!
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