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For being partway through a series, this plot stands fairly well on it's own. It's clever and well plotted, though I'd have enjoyed it more if I'd read the firt one.
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I want to thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for giving me the opportunity to review this book.  I admit in my joy at joining NetGalley I may have been overzealous in my requesting numbers.  As this book has already been published, I am choosing to work on the current upcoming publish date books in my que.  As I complete those I will work on my backlogged request and will provide a review at that time.  I again send my sincere thanks and apologies.
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This one definitely has some creep factor (age appropriate of course)! Maybe it’s the whole circus feel? Either way, loved it!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book, which I voluntarily chose to review.
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Once again Lily, Robert and Malkin find themselves diving head first into a new adventure, this time they have to work with oppressed strangers to get themselves out of trouble.

Skycircus is just as magical and full of adventure as Cogheart and Moonlocket. The introduction of new characters keeps things fresh and the while the themes throughout are quite heavy, Bunzl handles them with respect and the fun doesn't get lost amongst the darkness. 

It's fast paced and keeps your attention.
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I love when I can pick up a book miseries and it all makes sense. I don't feel the need to read books 1 & 2 for this one to make sense. However, after reading this, #3 in the series, I absolutely want to go back and add the first two to my classroom. The circus setting seems popular for kids, with Circus Mirandus also being popular among my students. The amount of detail put into this book, especially when explaining the circus really brought it to life. 

I received an advance copy. All thoughts are my own.
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Book Three of the Cogheart Adventure. Once again Lily is the focus of this story but in this one she discovers more about her mother that she ever knew before. Like how her mother studied flyology and learning how to fly. It's Lily's 14th birthday and while is bound to be better than last years birthday debacle it seems that her father has forgotten it's her birthday in all the excitement of getting some award. Lily was soon distracted by the anonymous gift that was left for her, her mother's old diary with a flyer for Skycircus and VIP tickets. On the flyer was a drawing of a young girl with wings and from what she read in her mother's journal she thought this winged girl might have information on her mother. So grabbing Robert, Malkin and the visiting Tolly they ditch her father's stuffy dinner party and run off to see the circus. It wasn't what they expected. The ringmasters exploited the hybrids and treated them like freaks and in the end kidnapped Lily, Robert and Malkin leaving Tolly to run to safety and tell her father what happened. Someone from Lily's past is back and is out to make a quick buck exposing Lily for what she is a hybrid. It's up to Lily, Robert, and Malkin to escape and free the circus folk from the prison that has become of their circus.

Overall, another outstanding book for the series and it can be read as a stand alone but I would recommend at least reading Cogheart first, which is where Lily's story starts. These are wonderfully written books with grand adventures and characters that have you rooting for them the whole time.
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did you know the skycirucs is the trapeze people? it was fun to read this one and i wanted to read more of it after i was finished.
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Not as exciting as Cogheart and Moonlocket, but still entertaining, never boring, and, most of all, a good conclusion to the series (and yes, I know there's a fourth book in the making).
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I have thoroughly enjoyed both Cogheart and Moonlocket, so I had high hopes for Skycircus and it did not disappoint. Bunzl takes us on another thrilling adventure that didn't have so much to do with a mystery as it did with people that had certain motives.

As always I so enjoyed the recurring characters and their personalities. Each book tends to see growth in both Robert and Lily as they face every challenge that comes their way. Their reactions and responses to certain situations are valid, but they also still have a lot of that impulsiveness that goes along with youth. Also, I always adore Malkin's attitude juxtaposed against theirs.

The circus was written masterfully and was rife with danger and creepiness. It was a great setting that was perfect for the adventure. I can't wait to get my hands on book 4!
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I received a free copy of the ebook from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed this third book in the Cogheart Adventures series. I am eager to continue reading book 4. It continues the steam punk vibe. Lily, Robert, and Malkin continue to find plenty of mischief and adventure. This one felt pretty steadily paced, to me. I thought they quickly found their trouble, and it seemed to present them with different challenges at good intervals. I did not feel as much emotional growth here as the last one, but I did find the overall theme of hope of acceptance to shine through more. The characters continue to be endearing. I will definitely recommend this book to future middle grade seekers, and continue to look forward to more mischief with Lily, Robert, and Malkin.
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I wasn’t aware this was the 3rd book in a series when requested. Therefore. I will not be posting a review of Sky Circus. Although, I’m planning on reading the first book as this sounds like a great series!
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To speak the truth we carry deep inside us, within our hearts, no matter how difficult, is the only way we can be free.” Skycircus is about standing up for what’s right, no matter how hard or uncomfortable it might be.

Lily Hartman isn’t normal like other girls. She has a cogheart, a clockwork heart that was used to save her life. This makes her a freak by some people’s beliefs, but she knows that hybrids and humans are all the same, even if others are afraid to accept that. In this installment of the Cogheart series, Lily finally gets the chance to prove that. Nearly a year after her last adventure, she receives a mysterious package on her birthday with her mother’s journal and a ticket for her to attend the Skycircus. She and her friends Robert, Tolly, and Malkin sneak away from Brackenbridge Manor and quickly get tangled up in a frightening plot for revenge. The Skycircus isn’t a normal circus—its a frightening one—filled with acts from both humans and hybrids. Suddenly, Lily is the latest hybrid freak attraction. Held prisoner, she and Robert quickly learn that the people in the circus are horribly mistreated, pitted against each other to fear and distrust one another. “But maybe, just maybe, the circus ring would provide an opportunity for her to speak out, to prove to everyone that humans and hybrids were really no different from each other…” In the Skycircus, the ring masters hold all the cards, and if Lily cannot get everyone to understand that they are all fundamentally the same, if she cannot bring everyone together when it matters the most, they will remain prisoners forever.

This story made my heart so full and left me warm all over. It was my favorite book in the series thus far because it addressed deeper, more mature ideas. The underlying theme throughout was that of equality, an idea each of the previous stories hinted at, but never really dived into. Even though there were differences between each of the characters, like Angelique with her mechanical wings, Dede with her mechanical legs, Luca with his mechanical pincer hands, and Lily with her cogheart, they weren’t the freaks that others believed them to be. By the end, they proved it.

Throughout the story, a dark cloud of mistreatment hangs over the circus performers. Lily and Robert and Malkin worked hard to change that:

“You think you don’t have it so bad because you’re not the ones in here behind bars, like us. But ask yourself this: are you really outside the cage? Or are you trapped too?”

Lily and Robert (with the help of the adorable Malkin) were able to teach the performers in the Skycircus a valuable lesson: taking risks to do what is right matters more than anything else. Moreover, through their forgiveness, they were able to illustrate the power of using failure to learn from one’s mistakes.

“Once you’ve fallen, you pick yourself up and try again. Then you can finally be free.”

Bunzl’s writing is picturesque and succinct. The way he described the Skycircus, along with Lily and Robert’s adventure, sucked me into the pages as if I was truly there in the ring with them, cheering them on through each moment. I’ve really grown to love these characters, especially watching their growth from book to book. It’s an excellent story for people of all ages, but especially for the middle grade audience aimed at. I highly recommend reading the whole series! 

A huge thank you to @netgally and @jollyfishpress for allowing me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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The third installment in the Cogheart series is even more adventurous that the first two. In Skycircus, Lily is mysteriously presented with a ticket for her and her friends to get into the exciting travelling Skycircus and maybe even meet Miss Angelique, the girl with wings. Now, any adult would have been suspicious. But on her birthday, Lily was feeling neglected, so off she went with Robert and Malkin. They were sure they could make it home before Papa even missed them.

Of course, the Skycircus is a trap set especially for Lily. And this is where things get a little dark. The main circus attractions are hybrid children. Children who have been used as experimentation subjects and then sold to the circus. Most notably is the headliner, Angelique, the flying girl. But they want Lily to become the new main attraction.

Shall I state the obvious? The circus owners are evil! Lily, Robert and Malkin are not going to make it home before Papa misses them.

As I said, Skycircus is a bit dark, more so that the first two books in the series. We are talking about human experimentation, kidnapping and imprisonment of innocent children. But our adventurers never give up, so you know things are going to be okay in the end. The bad guys will be brought to justice. I can’t say this was my favorite in the series, but I still enjoyed it very much. This adventure, written for middle grade ages, also entertains adults.

Through Netgalley, the publisher provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Ever since reading COGHEART, I have been a steadfast fan of the world Peter Bunzl created. I'm thrilled to say that SKYCIRCUS continues (and ends) this legacy with another rollicking adventure. We are once again introduced into the steampunk world of Lily, Robert, and Malkin, this time to more deeply explore what it means to be a hybrid in a world of mechs and humans. 

As usual, Bunzl brings fun wordplay, clever plots, and a breathless pace to the table. Even though I have read the previous two installments, I do think SKYCIRCUS could potentially stand alone for readers who are unfamiliar with the series; though of course, I would highly recommend starting at the beginning! The voice is tight, the adventure is thrilling, and who wouldn't be intrigued by the concept of a circus in the sky? I was delighted to unravel the last few mysteries of Lily and Robert's past, and although it perhaps lacked the pure *freshness* of its predecessors, it absolutely does not disappoint. 

This series is a great gateway book for young readers who aren't *quite* ready for YA yet, and I'm really hoping we see more clever, adventurous MG in this vein. Recommending with a 4/5.
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   Thank you NetGalley.

My daughter and I have read Skycircus together.   She's a little under the age recommendation honestly, but she did enjoy the storyline.        There were definitely some words and sentences that felt much above the "middle grade' level. .. but overall, it was a solid read with an interesting storyline.
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A nice enough book, fast to read and and interesting concept. It might be better when you've read the previous books in the Cogheart series, because of 'old friends' coming back. Lily's friends are endearing! As it is, the book sometimes was just too black and white, the characters a bit too one sided, although I do understand this is a fine line with books for a younger audience.
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First of I wanted to thank netgalley for making my dream come true I wanted to read this book after reading 1st book in this series . And oh my am absoulety in love with this.
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First off, the cover for all these books in this series are so vibrant and eye catching. They are impossibly to pass up. This is a charming and somewhat whimsical read for me – I found myself absorbed, especially in the latter half of the book – there were moments that had me smiling in pleasure, and my heart aching a little. Set for adventure, discovery, treachery and friendship, you find yourself dissolving this book in one sitting, unsure of how the twists will play out.

This is set in a world where mechanized people and animals serve the humans around them, very few have come to the conclusion that these machines can feel.  The incredible inventions requiring cogs and steam valves, the fashion, the goggles, the explosions! Airships galore! Steampunk is so much fun to read and I was very excited to come across a steampunk inspired story for middle grade readers. Overall, Skycircus was a fun children’s adventure story that picks up to a fast pace and includes unusual villains, a spunky heroine, and a magnificent mechanical fox. It will appeal to fans of Escape from Mr. Lenoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein, The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart, The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau, and Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.
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This one was a bit different from the two previous ones but I loved it. It was more an adventure than a mystery, but it was fun. We got to see old characters from the previous book. Too bad Tolly wasn’t there much though :) 
I really enjoyed this series and I’m glad Netgalley gave me the chance to discover this series (had to read the two other books first hihi) 
As a French Canadian, I love the French parts. I was like.. ah ah I understand lol but I still hate Madame. Mr Bunzl is good to create villains we will hate. Really his characters are all well developed. Malkin is still one of my fav though :) 
Can’t wait for more adventures!
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I'm loving this series and I loved this installment.
It's well written, action packed and it kept me hooked till the end.
I liked the world building, the well thought characters and the plot.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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