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A Favor for a Favor is a sweet and sexy romance. The hero and heroine are great characters and I really enjoyed this story.
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Stevie and Bishop.  The banter between these two was off the charts hysterical!!

What a riot together! When Stevie comes home to find her boyfriend in a compromising position with someone who is not her, she turns to her brother Rook who let's her stay in his penthouse.  Yes, Rook from book 1 and the famous pro hockey player. 

Steve's first encounter with her new neighbor does not go well at all! But it's frigging hysterical!!! She is a mess after catching her boyfriend cheating, and Bishop is an irritable bastard who she woke up stumbling around in the hallway and trying to get into the penthouse.  He was downright mean to her and made some assumptions about Rook which were obviously untrue.  He eventually finds out Stevie is Rook's sister.  And he is on Rook's team....ut oh!!

I loved this book!!!  After getting hurt on the ice, Bishop is surprised when Stevie offers to help with his rehab.  Seriously, I could have read about these two and their shenanigans all day long!

Special shout out to Bishop's underwear!  Haha!  Yep, you heard me.....he had this ridiculous collection of underwear with different sayings that were so typical of his personality - funny!

There's a lot more to the book and I highly recommend it.  Great book,continuing the series!
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Oh this was such a good read!!! Loved Bishop and Stevie together, their banter was funny and their chemistry was off the charts. A must read!
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I lost my full review for this book but I absolutely adored it! 
I am such a huge HH fan and love all of her hockey romances! 
Character development was amazing as always and the steam level was AMAZING
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I thought I wrote a review for this one, awhile back when I read it. Eh, guess not. Maybe because I didn't enjoy it. I don't know what it is about series lately but man, they can't keep my attention for very long. Disappointed that A Favor for a Favor became another in a very long line of DNF for me, lately. Maybe it is me, I just know the cookie cutter romances aren't jiving. The lack of miscommunication and understanding just about killed me.
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What is there to say besides Helena Hunting knows how to write hockey romances and she’s absolutely brilliant at it. I first fell in love with her Pucked series and could hardly stand waiting for this new series when it was announced. If you want hockey heavy and hot hot hot hockey players with strong and hilarious female heroines then you have to pick up Helena Hinting!
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A Favor for a Favor by Helena Hunting is a light, fast-paced and hilarious slow-burn romance. I felt as if the author got the plot idea, sat in front of her computer and wrote the story at one go. I simply adore Bishop and Stevie's story. Both, they were unique, had original traits and I instantly fall in love with them.

„I want to be the olive to your pineapple.”

I devoured Stevie and Bishop's story. Stevie, freshly single and fed up with living in her brother’s shadow wants to achieve everything on her own. Have real friends, success at her job and gain recommendation. Which is why she agrees to help Bishop with his injury. Bishop, behind his grumpy and snarky shield, hides a very sensitive and caring personality. He hates to be judged and not taking seriously. Being injured really messes with his career plans and additional physical therapy with Stevie is exactly what he needs.

Both, they did not realize that innocent favors would lead to something more, involving their hearts, families, and careers. Are Bishop and Stevie ready to take a risk and jump on the wild side?

A Favor for a Favor is a next winner for me. I love mature and independent heroes who are not afraid to admit their mistakes and feelings. Bishop and Stevie's story is a great example of why we shouldn’t judge the people after one action, photo or behavior. Which is why I wanted to slap RJ once or twice.

I really recommend Bishop and Stevie's story. We have a new book boyfriend and I am really curious about the next books in All In series!
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This one was better than the first one but I still wasn’t a fan of the wya the characters were written.
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Helena Hunting has outdone herself again. Like I do not know how to explain but all I can say that you need to pick up a copy now. You won’t regret it.Get ready, homies! It’s going to be a wild ride with Stevie and Bishop. A misunderstanding is a big thing with them since Bishop thinks that Stevie is the side piece of RJ, who is married but it is the brother to Stevie. Gosh, I feel for them because this miscommunication causes some issues for them. But it does set up a slow-burning romance between them.Stevie has strong determination to make it out on her own. And she is willing to help Bishop since he is suffering injury. That’s how their romance builds. Hate may be strong in the beginning but you know what they say about hate, it’s the same as love. I definitely enjoy their romance. It was a good pace, not rushed and not slow. It shows their progress throughout the book. Their hatred for each other then their budding friendship to their steamy romance
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This book is why I read romance. This book is why Helena Hunting is one of my favorite author. This is why. You are asking why? Go read the book and know why for yourself!
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How do you even top this? This book was EVERYTHING. The blurb was amazing but it didn’t even begin to do this justice. I loved the first in the series, but this story just owned me. It was enemies to lovers with a slow burn to beat all slow burns. It was full of banter and humor and all of the sizzle. GAH! I seriously can’t right now with all of my feels!!

These two were easily my favorite characters that Helena Hunting has created to date.

Stevie is RJ’s younger sister from A Lie for a Lie. She’s feisty, sharp-witted, and currently trying to move on from walking in on her boyfriend having sex with another woman in their bed. The bed in the apartment they just moved into together. The apartment that they got because of a job they both got and will be working together at. Good times. As she runs away to lick her wounds, looking a hot mess, her brother offers up his condo to her. So of course as fate would have it, what happens when everything that can go wrong does and you’re looking a hot mess trying to get the key to work to your temporary new gigs? You run into your ridiculously good looking but terribly tempered neighbor.

To say that these two get off on the wrong foot would be a serious understatement. While Stevie is dealing with her new normal, she now has to deal with her grumpy new neighbor that happens to assume that she’s his married teammate’s sidepiece. So suffice it to say, he’s not that happy to see her. No matter that the relationship between RJ and Bishop is antagonistic at best.

These two begin an intricate dance of antagonism laced with enough sexual tension to set their condo building on fire. It’s enemies to lovers at it’s very best. With amazing banter, sizzling chemistry, and all of the funny barbs and one-liners. When Bishop gets dangerously hurt during a game, he’s desperate to get back on his feet. And then Stevie offers him her help. She’s a physiotherapist specializing in sports therapy. It’s a great arrangement. A favor for a favor. She’d help get him back on the ice, and he’d give her the chance to work with her first professional athlete and make a name for herself without her brother’s help. Thus begins an even more intricate dance of denying their chemistry as they’re forced in tight quarters and to be around each other a lot more often.

Bishop was such an amazing hero. This man is brooding, and while looks are deceiving, he’s not the typical man-whoring athlete. He takes care of his younger brother and focuses on his career. He has no time for a woman, until one quite literally stumbles into his life.

This was such a delicious story. I don’t even have all of the words to describe how good. The chemistry was incendiary, the humor was on point, and the story was addictive. Pure perfection on pages. I can’t recommend it enough. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t read a Helena Hunting book yet, then this is the perfect one to hook you with!
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4.5/5 Stars

Disclaimer: I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the publisher/author. All opinions in my review are my own. 

Helena Hunting knows how to rom-com. She always draws me in and hooks me right from the start and this book was no different. I couldn't get enough. I was hooked and laughing from the first page. I loved this story even more than the first book of this series.

I really adored these characters. Hunting always writes characters that worm their way into my heart. She writes them so effortlessly. These characters are so realistic and easy to connect with. I love that they have insecurities and flaws because it makes them pop off the page. Another thing that I love about her books is that the side characters really bring something special to the story. All of her characters in her books that overlap are for real squad goals and I love it. I love seeing characters that I have already gotten to know in other books. 

The romance in this was an enemies-to-lovers style romance that was so much fun. The witty banter between Bishop and Stevie had me cracking up and so invested in their story. I love that their romance was a slow-burn. They have definite chemistry that just thickens to something so tangible as the story goes on. 

I loved the way that the plot unfolded. Hunting has crafted such a clever story that will keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation for what comes next. Bishop and Stevie have such a strong chemistry that it drives the story along effortlessly. The story itself isn't altogether unpredictable but it is satisfying nonetheless. 

Overall, this is a story that kind of had it all. Humor, a riveting romance, a marvelous plot, and characters that get under your skin in all the best ways. If you haven't tried Helena Hunting's books then you are missing out on something special. She is a rom-com queen and I am so very happy to be one of her subjects. I can't recommend this book enough and I am so excited for Kingston's story is book three!
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A Favor for a Favor is the second book in the All In series by the talented and hilarious Helena Hunting. No one writes hockey and humor like Helena. This is a spin-off series with Alex as the couch of the new Seattle team. There's a new batch of players and the women who fall for them. We've already met RJ and now it's his teammate, Bishop and his sister's (Stevie's) turn! I love a good sister romance! Especially since Bishop and Rook pretty much hate each other and when Bishop meets Stevie he thinks she's Rook's mistress. Bishop is broody and jerky and has the greatest underwear! Stevie doesn't know why he's so surly, but she gets him back by also parading around in her underwear. They eventually find a middle ground and he finds out he's Rook's sister, it's better and worse! When he's hurt on the ice and she offers to help rehab him since that's her job, it's totally on! The physical therapy is just a lot of foreplay with out the endgame since he pulled his groin. Cue all the hysterical laughter! It's inappropriate and hilarious! And sexy and fun! They can't date while she's helping him, but after he's back on the ice, Bishop takes matters into his own hands. By finding her and kissing the ever loving heck out of her. On video. Stevie has issues with wanting to be her own person. Not Rook's sister and not a puck bunny. But now that everything's out in the open what happens now? Will Bishop admit his true feelings before he loses Stevie? Can she put her fears aside and finally be happy? Oh man! This story is so freaking funny! I was laughing out loud and I didn't want it to end. The slow burn and all the innuendo was perfection! Bishop is the perfect man. He has just the right amount of sweets, dirty, sexy and humor. And his underwear might be my favorite part! Stevie is so great with her colored hair, fierce determination and she doesn't take his crap! They are the perfect couple because they complement each other just because of who they are. They get the other's struggles and the way to their heart. I'm loving the heck out of this series and Bishop is one of my new favorite Hunting Men!
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Gaahhhh!! Freakin’ adored this book!

"She's sarcastic and [b...], she's sweet and helpful, but I think she's also got some broken pieces she tries to hide behind all the other parts."

Stevie Bowman meets Bishop Winslow on a really bad night in her life. To add to her misery, he's a complete a-hole to her! As the days follow, he continues being a jerk towards her - albeit a super buff and gorgeous jerk. When all the dots connect and she realises he's one of her brother's teammates and he, in turn, realises who she is, they start seeing each other in a different light. When Bishop is injured, she makes a proposition to rehab him in exchange for a recommendation from him. When you work in such close, intimate proximity, things are bound to evolve into something more....

"Under that surly exterior and his poorly thought-out comments that often come across as seriously rude insults is what I'm beginning to think is a genuinely nice guy."

I seriously adored this story! It was really funny and butterfly-inducing. They had some sizzling chemistry between them. Bishop is anti-social, surly and broody, but I adored him when he was with her and I loved how he cared for his brother. He was helpless to hide his reaction to her because of the nature of his injury and, of course, the fact he loves to walk around in his amusing slogan boxer shorts! I adored how he insinuated his way into her life, in the face of opposition from her brother. Stevie is independent, feisty and funny. She completely shunned fame and the limelight but, at the same time, got carried away and never really weighed up the consequences of becoming intimately involved with Bishop. They gelled so well together and I just loved their banter. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this book!
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4.25 stars. Aww! This was a really good book. A Favor for a Favor is Stevie and Bishop's book. Stevie is Rook's sister (from A Lie for a Lie) and is a physical sports therapist. After catching her boyfriend cheating, she moves into Rook's empty former apartment across the hall from Bishop's. Rook is the captain of the pro hockey team that he and Bishop are on. Bishop wanted the captain's appointment, but was passed over, so he already doesn't like Rook. When he sees Stevie move in, he thinks she is Rook's mistress and is rude to her. Stevie sees lots of women leaving Bishop's apartment and thinks he is a playboy (the ladies are really his brother's conquests). So they get off on the wrong foot, but they soon become good friends. Stevie helps him with physical therapy after an injury and they eventually fall for each other.

I really enjoyed this book! This is a well paced, easy read. The story was really fun, without too much angst or pushing away. I liked the grumpy Bishop and the sweet but snarky Stevie. They had great chemistry and good banter. Their relationship is opposites attract, slowish burn, friends first and then lovers. I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop and that they both found happiness together.

Overall, this book was really good! A Favor for a Favor is the perfect blend of humor, sexiness, and sweetness. I am loving this series, it's fun characters and sweet sexy romance. I can't wait for more from Ms. Hunting!
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I loved this book! I didn’t love the first in this series, A Lie for a Lie, but this one is Hunting back at her witty, sexy best. Bishop is the cranky, grumpy alpha hole I never knew I needed in my life, and Stevie is relatable and fierce as hell. The slow burn was so so good and I loved watching their relationship grow and develop. Loved it!
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If you’ve been around these parts for any length of time, you may have seen me declare my love for Helena Hunting before.  I will try to restrain myself, but just know that I adore her as a writer and a person.  And this book?  I loved it.  The writing and characters are perfection, and I didn’t want to see it end.

Stevie is RJ’s feisty and somewhat filterless sister from A Lie for a Lie, and Bishop is his arch-nemesis teammate on the expansion team.  They have a very awkward introduction to one another, and the animosity only builds from there.  That may sound ominous, but trust me, it’s hilarious. 

Stevie is a physical therapist and determined to make her own way without relying on her brother’s influence.  She may be coming off of a bad breakup, but that doesn’t stop her from torturing the hot but obnoxiously rude guy across the hall from her apartment.  Oh, and she has to work with the horrible ex who cheated on her.  Life isn’t doing her any favors.

Bishop gets the wrong impression about Stevie right off the bat, and he’s not afraid to let her know how he feels about her.  Unfortunately, he’s very misinformed about who Stevie actually is, and his judgment is misplaced.  Bishop is grumpy on a good day, but when he’s severely injured, he’s desperate, so he strikes up a quid pro quo with Stevie, a favor for a favor: Stevie gets to treat a pro athlete for her resume, and Bishop gets back on the ice quicker.

Bishop and Stevie have some of the hottest chemistry I’ve read recently.  Their banter is razor-sharp, the cat and mouse games are delicious, and their denial of feelings for one another makes you want to smoosh them together through sheer force of will. 

I always seem to forget how much I love sports romance until I read one by Helena Hunting.  A Favor for a Favor is an excellent example of how enemies-to-lovers should be done, and truly showcases all of Hunting’s strengths as a writer — not to mention, it has one of the most acrimonious slow burns ever.  I can’t wait for the third book of the series!
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A long time fan of the author's stories, I really wanted to like this book. Unfortunately, A Favor for a Favor just did not work for me. The slow burn was just too slow. While enemies to lovers is generally one of my favorite romance tropes, this one just had too much anger for me, and was too short on the romance.
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: I loved the first book in this series and Helena Hunting is always going to be one of my auto-buy and forever-love authors. I was so excited to learn that RJ's sister, Stevie was going to get a story, and of course the male lead is RJ's teammate, Bishop, who he doesn't have the best relationship with. It starts off hilariously in true Helena Hunting fashion, where Stevie finds herself staying at RJ's apartment after a bad breakup, and Bishop, who is his neighbor, mistaken her for a mistress. It's funny for him to learn that she is actually his sister, and definitely off-limits because RJ is his team captain. They have this undeniable attraction, and I love how they start off by seeing each other in the morning by getting the paper. One of my favorite things about this book was Bishop's variety of boxers and the stuff they say. It always cracked me up reading those passages. Things get a bit complicated when Bishop injures himself, and Stevie offers to help him with his rehab. He is able to get back on the ice faster, and she gets to add a professional athlete to her resume. It seems like a win-win, but they both begin developing feelings for one another. I loved this book a lot. I loved both Bishop and Stevie so much and I loved seeing them fall for one another. The build up was absolutely perfect. The only thing I didn't love was seeing RJ as an intense over-protective brother. It was part of the story, but it made him a teensy bit less attractive in those moments. This was a deliciously (I say this because I now have a craving for pizza since it's mentioned a lot in the book) fun book. It was funny, heartwarming, incredibly sexy at times, and super sweet. I def think this is my favorite of the series (until the next one...). It was also so good to see RJ and Lainey again, and some familiar faces from the PUCKED series. Def recommend checking this series out!
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I truly enjoyed reading A Favor for a Favor by Helena Hunting. It was charming, sweet and put a smile on my face while reading. Stevie and Bishop have so much chemistry and I love their banter. Stevie was fun and easy-going and drove Bishop crazy. Bishop is determined, but is in need of help, help Stevie can give. But can they keep it professional? I loved getting lost in this story so much. Such an adorable read! 

Happy reading!
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