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Preventing Lyme & Other Tick-Borne Diseases

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This book has some important details about ticks and the diseases that they carry.  It would benefit from it's maps to be in color.  On one of the maps, it was very hard to distinguish between the prevalence of Lyme in the 48 states.  It suggests how to cure the disease through naturopathic ways and also how to prevent ticks by naturopathic means.  As someone who has watched a person dealing with misdiagnosed Lyme and its' aftereffects, I found it interesting, but again wishing for more descriptions in color or in detail.  Two other members of my family have dealt with tick diseases this year and I feel as the climate changes more people will be bitten by ticks and affected by the diseases that they carry.  I suggest that all people should read this or other tick disease books.
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A well-researched and surprisingly thorough guide to Lyme and other diseases. The chapter on different types of ticks is not for the squeamish--lots of illustrations and descriptions--especially for those with a fear of arachnids. In addition to several scientific chapters on tick populations, complete with maps, this volume contains practical suggestions on preventing ticks through landscaping, pet care, and more. The herbal preventive medicines will appeal to readers looking for alternatives to conventional medications. I'm sure this will be a popular book at my rural library.
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This is a very helpful and insightful book written by a naturopathic physician. I have Lyme's disease myself so I am always interested in reading more about the mechanics of the disease. Even though it is written by a naturopath, don't be fooled as it is quite well-researched and the homeopathic tinctures used are not just random mixes of herbs. Every plant/material used is described in detail and how and why it's effective for prevention. Making these tinctures would be a bit too difficult for me, as you need to know what you're doing so that it's not dangerous. The author also lists some manufactures/places you can buy them pre-made.

The book also talks about the various sorts of ticks, how to recognise them and the possible pathogens they carry. There's information about Lyme's disease, but also other lesser-known tick-borne diseases. The book has clear, helpful diagrams on how to remove ticks for when you've been bitten. On the back of the book are colourful pictures to help you quickly identify the bug you're dealing with.

On the treatment there's also a very detailed explanation about what to administer when you're infected. This is especially helpful for doctors, so it might be advisable to bring this with you to your MD to discuss what would be best for your situation. I would advise against starting one of these protocols yourself, if you can get the materials. They are quite specific and it's ofcourse very dependent on the medicines you already take and your overall health.

So, in short: great helpful source of information. If you live in an area that is a tick-rich zone, it would be advisable to get a copy of this for when you ever need it. Be advised: some information and protocols are specific and should not be tried without proper supervision or understanding. Get this book for the information, and if you do get a bite, take this to your MD to discuss further action.
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This book is exceptionally informative and actually exceeded my expectations. It covers a wide variety of ticks and the common forms of tick born illness. It was much more interesting than I expected and the research is quite thorough. I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
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This book is written by a naturopathic physician about how to prevent and treat Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. He started by identifying disease-carrying ticks, including pictures and how to identify them, and explaining their lifecycle. He also described various tick-borne diseases in North America: what the symptoms look like, what ticks carry them, and the states where they have been diagnosed. He provided tick prevention and reduction strategies, like modifying your landscaping, putting out tick tubes, and dressing safely. He also explained where to look to find ticks on your body, how to safely remove ticks, how to get the ticks or yourself tested for disease, and herbal tinctures that can be used to prevent or treat tick-borne diseases. While some of this information will probably not be new to the reader, there was a lot of information about the latest products and methods available. This book was mainly about preventing tick-borne diseases or treating acute cases, not about treating chronic cases. Overall, I'd recommend this book to people who work in places that are at high risk of picking up ticks.
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