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"I'm Stretched" is a children's book about being stressed and short on time. This book includes a lot of tips on time management and stress relief that would be useful for both kids and adults.
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Stretched, strrrretchchcheddddd – honestly, I feel exactly this way now – the way the girl in I’m Stretched feels – all stretched out to the limits and did the number of plates I am juggling increase? (or maybe I just need to organize, or maybe learn to do things differently or maybe, simply maybe there really is a lot going on) But whatever the reason, right now, I just need to feel a little less stretched! And reading this book now was timely that way.

Award-winning children’s book author and parenting expert, Julia Cook, reminds readers – adults and children – that stress is a part of life for everyone (young and old alike). While we cannot eliminate it completely, we can control how it impacts us and our quality of life. Cook uses this story to provide tools that can help make life less stressful.

My Thoughts
Henri, the main character, feels stretched, forgetful, and feels that she needs many more Henris to get all the things done. She worries, she wonders, and she worries some more, and talks to her mom about how she is feeling. Her mom then explains that she is stressed, explains stress, and what to do about it.

As a parent of two, I can relate to the problems the main character in this book is facing. Kids today are doing so many things, and it seems to keep adding up each year. Then there is family conflicts as well as peer pressure, which adds to the growing list of stressors. And as kids are still trying to handle all that, it all starts building up too quickly which turns into stress and kids (adults too) don’t know how to handle all that.

I love the lessons the book imparts – the tips, tools and activities to use to help deal with stress. Some of them are
- it is ok to be stressed (oh so much better than saying not to stress which I do often – note to myself – stop saying that, instead teach how to destress)
- you need to treat your mind and body with care to avoid/reduce stress
- some stress can be good stress and can help you
- there is stress you can control (related to you personally) and that you cannot (outside/others)
you can turn to family for help (love this one)
- be grateful, be calm, be kind, be mindful are all reminders among others that everyone can use

And of course, I totally love the illustrations. They remind you of people you know, they are relate-able, and they are beautifully done, and oh so bright and colorful too!

Favorite Lines
These lines below that tell us the pros of stress, and it is so true.

Everyone has stress
some stress can be good
it can warn you when you are in danger
and make you do what you should.

And these lines are definitely ones that warmed my heart as the mother tells the daughter

Let me be your human dust pan
Tell me about all of your stress
You vent, I’ll listen Get it all out
Give it your very best

Overall, this is a wonderful resource with ideas that I need to remember to use for myself and with my kids too. An excellent resource for tweens (and teens), parents, teachers, and other caregivers: one that will inform and warm with the words, and inspire & “aawwwee” with the adorable & relate-able artwork.

So get it now for your home or classroom library!

Disclaimer: Thank you to NetGalley for the digital review copy of the featured book. These thoughts are my honest opinions of the book.
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I love this book so much! I could relate to the little girl in the story and I understand what feeling stretched feels like. As I read it, I reminded myself that I'm not a little girl anymore... I am a momma! Well, the story goes on to include the mommy in the book helping her daughter find healthy ways to manage her stress! I learned from it and I cannot wait to show this book to my young teenager. This is the best book I have read in a long time!  I will be buying a copy AND I will tell my friends about it!
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Such a necessary book for children and preteens to understand that it is OKAY to feel stressed. It shows a beautiful relationship between a mother teaching her daughter some ways to cope with stress, and to always remember to take care of herself. Beautiful illustrations!
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I love the concept of this book teaching children that there are times in our life that we can’t control the stress that we face. I remember growing up, I always felt like there were 100 things that needed my attention, and I didn’t realize that my mom faced the same problems. I love that the book gives an idea to children on how to manage stress and not let it control your life.
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I enjoyed this fun little read. It was nice. I liked the metaphors and tips on how to deal with stress.
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Loved this children's book and illustrations about stress and how to deal with it! The book gives children ways that will help you better able to deal with everyday stresses - eating well and plenty of sleep, writing to-do lists and checking items off when done, taking deep breaths and some "me" time, and learning how to say no (that's a real important thing to know how to do!) The illustrations were fantastic, colorful with lots to see and notice. I really enjoyed this book, and thought it gave important tips and information to children and adults alike.
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This is a topic that so many children deal with. They do EVERYTHING. From sports to music to homework to work at home, they tend to get overextended easily, which stresses out everyone. This book tackles those topics and deals with them in a few different ways.

I'll start with the illustrations. I think this book is beautifully illustrated, and I love that way the illustrator chooses to use texture and expression. This color pallete is nothing unique, but it fits the style of the art and the tone of the story. I like the skin color choices as well.

The rhyme and rhythm of this story is a bit uneven, but it is not terrible. I think where there are interjections in the rhyme scheme really drew me out in a bad way. I think there was a way to incorporate those quotes with internal thoughts to make the rhyme scheme continue, and I wish the author would have been mindful of how jarring that interruption can be.

The content of this book was decent. I like that it noticed that sometimes it is just stress getting in the way of productivity, which can make it seem like you are overextending yourself, but I think it focused a bit too much on that. Sometimes you are just doing too many things, and children need to learn that you cannot do it all. Parents also need to learn this as it seems this family might be oblivious to this fact.

Overall, this is a quality book that does not portray everything exactly, but it is a great story and guide to help children as they begin to commit to extracurricular activities.

Thanks to NetGalley and IBPA for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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She doesn’t have time to eat or think, she can’t find her shoe has a ton of stuff to do.  This sounds like my household most mornings!

This books depicts a reality for most kids that we as adults tend to ignore. They have so many things going on: school, sports they worry about home, their appearance and whether or not their peers will like them.

What I like about this book is that it shows how we as adults can take our kids seriously when they say they are “stretched” (stressed). I love how her mother lets her know it happens to everyone, why it happens and how to handle it. Her mom positively addresses her daughters concerns and teachers her appropriate techniques that any child can easily grasp, such as breathing deeply, eating better, and getting plenty of sleep.

This book can also serve as an excellent reminder for adults who need to learn how to handle stress appropriately as well. I’m excited to add this book to my kids collection! 

I provided a copy of this book from Net Galley for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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This is an amazing book. Stunning illustrations with a diverse cast amd fun rhyming words that perfectly convey the feeling of stress and being over stretched. Really solid, practical types on managing stress, all in a picture book. I want a copy for myself and my uni students. 
I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I figured from the cover and the title that this would be about a kid with too much to do. In part that was correct.  But the book ended up being more about handling stress than about deciding you can't do everything and choosing what works best for you.  I also do not like how the book started to rhyme, then broke the cadence.  It always happened in odd spots and it was annoying.
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I’m Stretched is an excellent guide for children to use when feeling “stretched” (stressed with too many activities!). The narrator is dealing with common problems of childhood - so much homework, sports, music, a pet, and her family arguing, and she doesn’t know what to do. Mom gives her some great tips that we all can use when we start to see ourselves becoming too stretched, kids and adults alike. I also like that mom talks about how a little stress is ok. The illustrations are beautiful as well. My only drawback is that I am not the biggest fan of singsongy picture books and this is one, but the content and style more than makes up for it. I will definitely be purchasing and recommending this book to my students in the near future. 

Special thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing this eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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A nice picture book that showcases how life can be overwhelming for an over scheduled girl. What can she do to relax and enjoy her daily life? A timely book for today's over-scheduled families. With warm illustrations and friendly characters, this book shows in simple ways how a child can refocus on what's important and how to make each day special.
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This. book.was.fantastic. As an educator, I read this book at home with my nine and six year old, as well as with a group at school. Both of my own kids needed more information about stress and this book does a great job of acknowledging what that looks like/feels like, as well as providing strategies. Both my kids are busy with school and activities, but especially my nine year old in balancing school, activities, practicing for activities and school, as well as down time. The concept of being stretched (instead of stressed), is relatable and visual throughout the book. It identifies that stress doesn't have to be just about one thing, but could be too much of any activity, as well as worry about people/animals.
When I brought this book to school, I used it with a student with autism and high anxiety. It was amazing to see him immediately put into context that he's stretched when its noisy in class and he's worried about his school work. 
I would like to buy a copy of this book for friends and all teachers I work with.
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I love a rhyming picture book so much! It flows so well, and it's my favourite kind of read-aloud book.

I think this book perfectly captured the busy lives of today's youth - with school, family and so many other commitments. Just like with adults, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. The stretched rubber band metaphor was perfect and the illustrations captured Henri's anxiety perfectly.

The discussion and tricks with her mother were FANTASTIC! They gave clear, real example of things adults and children can do to assist them with managing stress.

I recommend this book to all and can't wait to see it finally hit book stores in January!
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I'm Stretched by Julia Cook is about a young girl who is stressed.  She learns different techniques to help clear  her mind.  My favorite part explains to kids that it is ok to say no and to take time for themselves.  The back of the book has the tips for parents and educators that are in the book all in one place. This book would be very helpful in the classroom/school library.
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I've never encountered a children's book about being stressed and short on time. This book also has tips on time management and stress relief that would be useful for both kids and adults. I read this via NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher.
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I'm Stretched by Julia Cook is a valuable addition for all teachers, counselors, doctors, and parents. The artwork by Stephanie Dehennin is gorgeous! I adored looking for the pet hedgehog named Happy throughout the pages. The message is vital for preteens and adults in today's ever bustling world. The story follows a young girl who is stretched too thin and having a hard time coping with her stressors. There is a beautiful female story in here between mamma and daughter. Mom teaches her daughter coping mechanisms to alleviate her stress and manage her day to day schedule in a healthy manner. At the close of the storybook there is a "Tips for Educators and Parents" section that covers some important takeaways and ideas for helping kids manage their own stress. I need to take these tips to heart when managing my own overcrowded plate as a wife, mommy, and a middle school teacher. I will be buying a hard copy of I'm Stretched for my classroom in January 2020!
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Rhyming book about all the ways our MC Henri is stretched tooooo thin! 

You feel it. A little bit of Alexander and the terrible no good very bad day vibes but less ridiculous and more pointed towards building mindfulness skills. Adorable and fun all the same because of Henri’s zest for life, her soccer dreams, navigating her friends, and her HAIR!!, oh, AND of course, her pet hedgehog (hm, IS HENRI ME?!) . 

The content of feeling stressed (and how to manage this part of life) is relevant and a great resource for classrooms or the home.. I like that it promotes reminders and learning for the parent / adult and the kids. I also always love a good glossary with tips/ strategies. It makes for a great extension opportunity. 

But what I really need to tell you about this book (honestly for me the writing was just okay.. I find I’m harsh on rhyming books if the tempos get off it really bothers me?)... anyways. What I need to tell you about is the ART.
THE ART MAKES THIS BOOK. The art is this book. The illustrators name should be in huge font and on this label because the art is everything and so is the representation (for me personally, at least).. Frizzyhaired racially ambiguous loving fabulousness. Beautiful. The scenes are also composed so well and take the words way beyond what is actually written. So many people should be hiring this illustrator!! 10 stars for her. 5 stars literally because of the art. Oh and  also the promotion of mindfulness and self care.
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I am a major supporter a=of children's books that have a good message or teach valuable lessons. This is one of them. It explores the average day of children and shows how easily they can become stressed and get stretched too thin to do all the tasks they have to during the week. Personal and emotional issues included, it can be quite overwhelming for anyone. What I love about this is that it not only gives tips for kids to deal with their stress, but also adults. Anyone can apply these simple tips to their daily routine in order to help them cope.
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