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The Misogynous President

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Interesting book very like the real thing, corruption, criminal intentions. A good read if you are into politics and all the ploys they use.
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An interesting tale of Ronald Crumps rise from being a spoiled child to a rotten president. It seems that Crump can have just about everything he wants except for his fathers attention, as his father devotes his time to his business workings. The writing style wasn't awful, and I could see it being very enjoyable, it just wasn't my preferred style. It definitely had some more humorous parts, given the similarity of Crump to the United States' current president.
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That was not good.

I was expecting a cheeky, fast read. But what I got was a was dark, disturbing, sneakily long boring book.

Further to the story being bad, I didn't care for the writing style either.
Not a fan. Would not recommend.
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I found this book to be very silly, definitely tongue in cheek writing.  It follows Ronald Crump's life and his rise to become President of the USA.  His privilege life coming from is father Teddy Crump's real estate dealings, it paints the picture of a boy that is given everything but his father's attention.  He is bullied by classmates whose parents try to protest their children are innocent Teddie always works out an agreement that wipes out the memory of what had happened, unless they were poor then they were wrong. Naturally, it parallels Trump's life very closely maybe blowing it up somewhat.  Good easy fun read.
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