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Interview with the Antichrist

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This is my first read by this author. I don't care for books that tell you what's happening as you can't get personally involved, but I knew going in this book would be like that as he is doing an interview. 
The book is a fiction read but the author followed scripture. I knew a lot of what was happening  will come to pass. I still thoroughly enjoyed the book. I think the thing that rang true for me was how easily people are deceived.
I like the way the author ended the book. I also enjoyed the questions and answers in the last section of the book. People wonder about a lot of these questions and he backs up answers with scripture. I do indeed recommend this book.
I received a complimentary copy from the Publisher via NetGalley for my honest opinion.
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I should note that I share the author's eschatological views (premillenial and pretribulational).  In fact, I think that the final (non-fiction) portion of this book is the most valuable part.

Overall I didn't enjoy the novel.  The dialog didn't seem realistic and none of the characters was particularly nuanced.  My major complaint is that (like the book of Revelation itself) the major events of the book were covered with a few paragraphs (or sometimes a few sentences).  While I'm not a fan of the "Left Behind" series of novels, there is clearly a reason why LaHaye and Jenkins took 10+ full-length novels to describe the events and characters of the 7-year tribulation period.

One (non-supernatural) event was particularly unbelievable.  In the wake of a treaty with Israel, granting them full control over the Temple Mount, the Israeli government proceeds to bulldoze the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa mosque.  A far more believable option is explored by Harry Turtledove in his novel, "Alpha and Omega," in which the Israelis carefully deconstruct the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque to be reassembled elsewhere in order to rebuild the Jewish temple.  That's a far more realistic scenario.
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Suppose that you were a young reporter and you were chosen to interview the Antichrist? Julien de Clerq, a 28 year old Belgian, was chosen by the Antichrist, a man who was elected as the president of the European Alliance of Nations to ask the final question at a news conference - “Why do you believe you are the most suited person for this position? Why are you the right man for this unprecedented moment in history?” The President gave six reasons why he could bring calm to the world and give peace and prosperity to the nations.
After this event, Julien was chosen to be the President’s official biographer - which meant he would be privy to the Presidents history, private thoughts, and actions which would affect the world!
Six months before this meeting - a catastrophic event shook the world, millions of people mysteriously disappeared from homes, cars, airplanes, governments, and the streets without any warning - except from Muslim countries, Israel, and non- Christian areas of the world. So many people panicked, they committed suicide and some countries had so much violence, looting, manufacturing, and agriculture was affected,  and people were hungry and turned against each other and the country needed help recovering, especially the U.S. and other first world countries.
After this happened, the President know he had to help the world get put back together, under-one leader.
You will have to read the book for yourself to see how the President fixes the world, deals with rebels, and keeps people under his control.
Would you want to live in his world?
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