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I had a hard time getting into this story. It just didn't capture my interest and I was glad when it was over.
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I enjoyed this one a lot more than I expected. At first Charlie seemed too young, and Jake was portrayed as a jerk. But soon enough you started to learn more about both of them, and understood why they acted the way they did. Jake especially turned into a character that I was really rooting for. I liked the settings and brief glimpses into the movie making industry, but most of all I liked Charlie and Jake and the way they made each other better. Highly recommended.
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I great steamy.location romance book.  A hot, sexy book that I couldn't put down.  Great characters.
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This is a fabulous book. Whilst not entirely revolutionary in its plot, it kept me hooked to the point where I was up until 3:30am desperately devouring it so that I could know what happened next. It kept me thoroughly enraptured until I'd finished with it, and then truthfully stuck with me beyond that point too.

It is the first book of the year to actually very, very nearly make me cry. I felt the emotion of the characters in such a raw, intense way that it took over my entire being and almost left me a blubbering mess! That, for me, is the sign of an amazing story. When I feel the emotions of the characters so boldly that I simply cannot avoid them, I know it's been a good book. 

It was extremely well written with brilliant characters, excellent steam and some really intense storylines. It is a great mixture of fluff, smut and drama and it's blended together to make a thoroughly satisfying story that allowed me to escape from reality for the duration of reading. I really did enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone who is intrigued by the premise! I was extremely pleasantly surprised by this book, and will definitely be checking out something else by this author!

Rated 4 stars simply because I felt the resolution was completed too quickly. It didn't feel like it was totally finished and that more could've happened between the characters. I truthfully didn't entirely believe that everything was fixed - and a few more pages could've fixed that.
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Hot Nights in Morocco is a tale filled with strong-willed and multi-dimensional characters as well as fluid story line. The connection and chemistry between Charlie and Jake is sizzling and explosive on many levels. I love how Charlie doesn't take Jake's crap while maintaining her dignity as the same time. Their pasts make all of the characters more real and personable. This is the first book from Ms. Witcher that I have read, and I am now going to read her other books. Thank you NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for introducing me to a new author by gifting me a copy of Hot Nights in Morocco. This was my honest opinion.
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I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I loved this because it was all over the place between Charlie and Jake. They could go for being angry to sweet and cute to hot and heavy. That was the part that I liked. There is a good flow for the story and I got lost in their world. I did not always like Jake for he was a little hardheaded and full of himself. I need to read more by this more by this author.
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Hot Nights in Morocco was a sexy and drama-filled story with two great main characters.  The writing was great and the storyline flowed really well. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author
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The first day I got this I read through it real fast I had to stop myself. I have to say this book does not disappoint. It had everything lust, fire and a man who knew what he wanted but always kept his lovers at bay. Jake Dalton (Movie Producer) was an incredible character. He was strong, built and virtually unstoppable. His brother Max (The Director/Actor) was the latter. Fun, easy going and playful at times. But Charlotte our main character from first sight knew that Jake Dalton was pure trouble. At times she even loathed him not wanting to get close. This story was a roller coaster ride it kept you on edge and I have to say I really loved it cause it kept you wanting to read more. That for me is a sign of a good book.
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It really frustrates me when the heroine makes a stupid, self-destructive decision that is obviously going to blow up in her face, but at least this time there was a reason for it. Jake and Charlie's relationship was antagonistic from first sight which somehow morphed into love even though he was incredibly rude and kissed his ex right in front of her. This wasn't a bad story, it was just missing something.
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I'm twenty-two, Lucy." I chuck my age at her like it's a live hand grenade. "So far I've nothing to show for it except unhealthy fixations with parental avoidance and Kindle Unlimited. Stop worrying so much, I'm only his assistant."

When Charlotte lands a dream job as an assistant for a film producer, she can't wait. Despite her friends warning about her womanizing boss Matt, and her boss's boss/brother Jake, Charlie is so excited to finally get out and do something on her own. This is about her and she has no time for a man in her life anyways. That is until she meets Jake.

"A belligerent bibliophile. How charming." "A procrastinating producer. Aren't I the lucky one?"

Jake is the producer for the movie and is known on set for his big mood swings and angry tendencies. And Charlie is completely drawn to him. I felt he was a pretty big jerk though(sorry charlie I don't see it). Even though it's a big no-no the two are both drawn to each other and start a secret romance. They both have big secrets from their past that they refuse to share with each other which makes for a bit of a painful reading experience because you know what's going on with them and why they're acting that way but they don't.

"I read somewhere that the right man is the one who seizes the moment," murmurs Jake, filling the aching silence for me. There's a pause to let his words breathe before I'm flicking my gaze up to meet his. "I guess I'm still waiting to be someone's moment, then," I say quietly.

I enjoyed this overall. It was a quick, mindless romance to read. I felt the ending wrapped up a bit too quickly. We finally get Charlies full backstory and it's very quick and brief despite being led up to for almost the whole book. I enjoyed Jake and Charlies growth although I feel like they should've had more but whatever. Recommended for fans of SPICY romance, dark-brooding and a bit of an a-hole types, and fun,easy reads.

*E-Arc provided in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to the publisher for the copy and Rockstar Book tours for including me on the tour!

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Gut-wrenching at times with all-consuming heat and passion to keep you warm at night, Wiltcher has written another fantastic and dynamite book.  

Characters Charlie and Jake will take you on an emotional ride while struggling with their own personal demons; all the while fighting their deep and abiding attraction for one another. 

While this book was a bit of a deviation from Wiltcher’s other darker writing, which I always devour, I could not get enough!  

I strongly urge anyone looking for a new author to check her out – you won’t be sorry!

As Always, Happy Reading!

“5/5 Beaming Brains!” – Lit-Up My Mind
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Charlie has had a very traumatic past that invades her life as well as her dreams. But she is determined to make a name for herself without the help of her stepfather. She gets a job as Personal Assistant to Max Dalton. But his brother Jake is really her boss as he is in charge of Max. Jake is arrogant and bossy and does what he wants. But Charlie lights into him her first day. She refuses to take his BS. 
I couldn’t get into this book Charlie just rubbed me wrong who treats her boss the way she did her first day on the job and after that? He at least deserves respect as he was her boss especially the first day she works for him. Charlie needs to grow up a little. She really should have been fired that first day. This book just wasn’t very realistic at all for me. So I didn’t finish this book as I just couldn’t get into it. I am sure others will enjoy it.
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I really wanted to like this book.... But I really couldn't get behind Jake even when I really enjoyed the chemistry between him and Charlie. So while I think the writing was clean and well versed. I really couldn't bond with Charlie and lust over Jake. He was just so hot and cold and SO back and forth. It really made it hard to like him.
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Welcome to Hollywood where just about anything can happen and Charlie takes on the ride of her life with the famous Jake Dalton himself who is one hateful arrogant bossy Alpha who does what he wants and is not afraid of saying it and oh boy he's met his match Charlie meets him word for word.
 The heat these to put out is on fire as they fight their demons and banter constantly the attraction is off the charts.
 I love the writing and descriptions it just comes alive and jumps off the pages you get all the feels as we follow their journey into pain, trust, forgiveness and it's not easy for them and I loved it.
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This is the first book from this author that I have read and I really liked it. It was a good read with plenty of steam that will keep you wanting more. I will be reading more from this author. 

I received an ARC from NetGalley and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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Secrets, Hollywood insanity, having the hots for your boss (or sort of...he's her boss's brother who's in charge of her boss), and chemistry that scorches the pages... What a fun read. Gotta love a powerful billionaire hero, Jake Dalton, who's, of course, gorgeous and unobtainable (can't say the cover really explempifies this character but it's a good cover). And the heroine was great: mouthy and just stubborn enough not to take the hero's sh##. Their obstinate personalities mean they butt heads from start to finish in some truly enjoyable scenes.
Enjoyed the author's writing style tremendously and the story's buildup.

My only hangup is that this is in first person and only from the heroine's POV. What this meant is that when the uber hot hero suddenly goes from broody arguing hating-the-heroine to kissing her it's like...wha-wha-what? Kind of a shocker for not just for the heroine. The reader does miss out on his perspective on the relationship development.
This is a perfect weekend read. You should one-click it. You won't regret it.
(Received as an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)
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Well written. 
A good read for adults... sexy, steamy, captivating... 
With a beautiful cover.

ARC received through NetGalley.  This is my honest review.  All opinions are my own.
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I recently discovered this author and immediately fell under her spell. She has a beautiful way of articulating her thoughts and penning her words. The way that she phrases certain things oftentimes steals my breath for a moment. This book is different than I was expecting and that is not a bad thing. Where the other books had a darkness to them this was not.

There was so much to this book that I loved. The mention of books, the bantering, the chemistry, and sweet lord Jake in all of his "aholery'' of ways. I struggled with Charlotte, even with the bantering until the end of the book when I finally got her backstory. The ending came on too quickly for me. It felt rushed trying to cram in the resolution with the characters and the reasons for her nightmares. Had this been done sooner and then maybe used that as a catalyst into finding a different ending that didn't feel so rushed would have been better in my opinion. Especially, since she seemed to always want to find a reason to not trust him or to start a fight. However, I am not a writer nor could I do what this author does. I am just a reader and giving my opinion of what would have maybe helped me develop an affinity with Charlie. 

As I mentioned, I loved the bantering between the characters. She was very quickwitted. Also, the steam was hotter than hell. I want a Jake. Seriously. I look forward to more from this author in the future.
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A good story about two very broken people who find themselves falling in love. Charlie is fighting the demons left from the torture meted out by her father. Charlie is fighting for his professional future. The story is filled with intense conversations between the characters. There is steamy sex as they both try to forget their troubles and build a bond. You will love these two who have to overcome great barriers to find their HEA.
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A quixk, easy read that shows the sexual relationship bwtween employer and new, naive employee. Definitely for the mature reader, I wouldn't be giving this one to my high schoolers. Difficult to believe storyline (awfully fat-fetched) this book delivered on the smut, however.
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