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Are you looking for a book to read before bedtime?  You have found it in THE SERENITY PASSPORT by Megan Hayes.  This is a peaceful, calming book that explores the many ways one can calm the mind, body, and spirit.  I found this perfect for me, as recently I have a hard time meditating and focusing. I found a world of options available to me in this book that I'll be exploring in the future.  

Thank you to Netgalley and White Lion Publishing for a chance to read an advanced readers copy of this book.  I ended up purchasing a copy to keep on my bookshelves and remind me of all the peace that is available to me, if I choose to explore it.
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My access to this book ran out before I was able to read it from cover to cover.
I got a few chapters in, and they were all pretty detailed and were interesting.
Each chapter picks up a word relating to peace of mind from different cultures and what that might entail.
Then, that is followed with an experiment we could try ourselves to test out the word. It looked like the kind of book people could own and browse in leisure as I was unable to read it all in one go
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I love the variety given; it knows nothing is a one size fits all and lets you choose what you feel is best. With all the information you might need but not too much to overwhelm or turn off on the idea.
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An interesting way to learn about meditative and other health practices through cultures and countries. Even the way the book is laid out is calming, with simple illustrations and brief but informative descriptions -- it's easy to browse or just take one step at a time.
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Thank you Quatro - White Lion Publishing and Netgalley for an ARC of this book in return of my honest review.

I really enjoyed reading this book and finding new serene words from around the globe,

The book is beautifully presented with pretty illustrations and each word is described over a few pages.  The author gives her interpretation of the words meaning and includes cultural background and examples on how the wreaked can embrace this word in their daily lives.
I loved the concept of this book and how Ms Hayes has expanded from merely a dictionary of words to something that can be personalised by each reader, 

This book makes.a lovely gift.
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This is a pretty book to pick through, exploring how people around the world find their zen and surrender to a calmer way of life through a collection of untranslatable words like 'abbiocco' (Italian for post meal coma) and 'fjaka' (do-nothing chilling), both of which I'm experiencing right now. Interspersed with relaxing activities and interesting factoids, this book is nice if you want to learn to slow down.

This eARC was courtesy of NetGalley.
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A beautiful book about living a better life through mindfulness, fika (coffee breaks) and more. It talks about words that have a certain meaning where they come from and how we can take that and apply to it to our own lives. There are also a lot of tips and practical exercises to try and incorporate these new concepts. Also, the illustrations are gorgeous!
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I put together the newspaper's Books section annual gift guide again this season and was delighted to include this book as a selection in The Globe and Mail's massive Best Holiday Gift Books package (online last week; in print December 7, 2019).
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First off, the cover is beautiful! Secondly, I really enjoyed learning more about different self-care throughout history and the world and will definitely be trying to implement some over the Christmas period.
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This short book is something one needs to read again and again , slowly understanding each word and practicing the learnings. The learnings are not new, but the words, the calming imagery, and the exercises together make this an essential read. It was fun learning the new terms and the vast meanings behind it.
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The author takes concepts from global practices and explains them, often providing ideas of ways to apply them to ones life. The art is bright and cheerful and adds a lot to the words. I was particularly enamored with the Navajo (Diné) word "Hózhó" which focuses on wellness through balanced living, in fact I might make it my theme for 2020. I also love the Swedish cozy word part of "mys" which can be added to any other term to make basically any day cozy (the book specifies "Fredagsmys" and "Yulmys") and "Voorpret," the Dutch term for pre-fun, or anticipation of fun.
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I would recommend this book for anyone who loves travel, language, or self-care. It's a journey through different cultures that shows just how much we have in common. It is also very helpful to have the book split into five sections/themes (focus & awareness, body & wellness, habits & rituals, rest & relaxation, patience & poise), as well as exercises related to the words that we can try. There was also a very nice list of further readings at the end; we can pick and choose which topics we want to learn more about.  The illustrations make it a beautiful coffee table book, which can also lead to conversations with guests about the words in the book!

In terms of content, most of the concepts can be found in other books on the five themes; if you have been reading up on any of them, there aren't too many new concepts. And this is very much an overview, so if you want to learn more, you will have to find other books on those topics. But overall, it was a very easy read that was inspiring at some points.
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The Serenity Passport was a fun. quick little read. With Mindfulness and wellness becoming increasingly popular, this book takes phrases from around the world to communicate different ways to implement wellness into our lives. For such beautifully simple book, the content came up a bit short for me.

I wanted more out of it, but what I feel I got was a cute coffee table read or maybe a cute bookshelf display. I really liked the "Try This" areas on how to implement these ideas into your day-to-day life. Overall, great little read that I would recommend for anyone looking to add a bit of wellness ideas into their routine.
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This is a cute little book. I really liked the layout and the break down of it all! I would of liked more tips in each section and then at the end. But overall I loved the break down of each word and then the illustrations were also a wonderful touch! This would make a great little gift book or just a book to have on the shelf to remind you of different ways to relax.
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Sometimes the world feels chaotic; the reasons why are different for each of us but all of us could benefit from the calming wisdom in this book.  The illustrations are lovely and peaceful and go nicely with the text.  The author has sections on a number of topics including Focus & Awareness, Body & Wellness, Habits & Rituals, Rest & Relaxation and Patience & Poise.  Each section features a number of terms which are expanded upon.  What I particularly liked was that they were linked to sections called Try This which offer ways to put the concepts into practice.  This book is a great companion to any mindfulness app that readers use or may be read on its own.  I rate it highly.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.  I think that I will buy this one for my home library.
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Colorful and peaceful illustrations work well to go along with the text. The book gives us words from multiple languages/cultures that relate in some way to serenity, including information about the word and its usage. Additionally, interspersed are helpful activities to reinforce the serenity theme.
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Thank you to Quarto Publishing Group White Lion Publishing for a temporary digital edition via NetGalley of ‘The Serenity Passport’ written by Megan C Hayes, Ph.D with illustrations by Amelia Flower in exchange for an honest review.

It is subtitled ‘A world tour of peaceful living in 30 words’ with chapters covering Focus & Awareness, 
Body & Wellness, Habits & Rituals, Rest & Relaxation, and Patience & Pose with each section assigned six words.

This was such a pleasure to read with bright, colourful illustrations throughout. It contains many suggestions for increasing serenity and mindfulness drawn from world cultures. It is a very practical book with plenty of exercises scattered throughout. So it’s a book to engage with over time rather than a one-off read through. 

Personally I found myself drawn to the Japanese Shirin-yoku 'forest-bathing' and Finnish Villasukkapaiva, a 'woollen socks' day. 

This is a book that I plan to both purchase for myself and as a gift for friends who are into mindfulness. Finding new ways to promote serenity, peace, and calm seems a positive thing in our increasingly stressful world.
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When I started the book, I thought it would be another coffee table book with little to gain from.
But I was pleasantly surprised to have read it. 
It is beautiful book which evokes positive vibes in reader, just effortlessly and cosy illustrations do a wonderful job of proving soothing experience.

It is full of knowledge; it is full of us.
How humans who have segregated themselves based on geography, culture and language ;have few common words and rituals; when they enjoy, connect and search serenity.
How different countries seek serenity and how these words and rituals came into being.
Almost all continents are covered and history of various rituals is fascinating. 
Not at any do you feel bored; while diving in this book.
Artwork is wonderful and writing is enjoyable and rewarding.
A perfect read in times so disruptive; as we are navigating currently.

Thanks publisher for review copy.
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First let me say I loved the premise of this self-help book and the illustrations were fantastic. Unfortunately, while the Passport layout was easy to follow and the explanations of the words/themes blended in a cohesive way, I found the content came up short as it read more like Sampler to capture my attention for a future series. I would love to see the author expand on each section in greater detail, perhaps each as it own novel?
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Upeksha - the sense of equanimity is my favourite word from this brilliant book. I loved how beautiful the illustrations were. This book is as much about reading as it is about watching the illustrations. The pictures are indeed worth a thousand words each. They are absolutely lovely and worth the price of the book alone. I want to buy one in glossy hardcover.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley.
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