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This was a nice read. I love getting to know Joanna and her sister's, she's very strong willed and always wants to be in charge of the situation. It was an issue for me at first but she grew on me and her journey through growth and maturity especially spiritually was definitely one to be admired. I loved Luke as his love for Mateo. Their big brother little brother relationship was definitely one to be admired and the way he handled the loss he faced and every situation after with grace was definitely one to be admired. It's not easy taking in someone who has no familial relationship with you whatsoever.
This was a wonderful book and I enjoyed every minute of it
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I love Deborah Raney's books and Chasing Dreams does not disappoint. This second installment from her Chandler Sisters series is a great read. I give it five stars.
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Another beautiful story from Deborah Raney and a great addition to this series about the three Chandler sisters.  This book focuses on Joanna, the middle sister.  Joanna had her heart broken by Ben, and has been reluctant to get involved with anyone since they broke up.  But then she meets Luke, who is kind and compassionate, and seems to be her perfect match. But Luke is the guardian of a twelve year boy, Mateo, and Joanna is not sure she wants to give up her personal “perfect scenario” of marriage.  That scenario does not include Mateo and being a mom to a twelve year old who is grieving the loss of his mother.

I liked Joanna. She was funny, friendly, and genuinely loved her family.  She was a hard worker and helped her sisters keep their Airbnb business going.  I was somewhat puzzled by her immaturity concerning her relationship with Mateo.  She seemed to be so in tune with helping everyone else that I had a hard time understanding her reluctance to accept him.  But this story has an unexpected ending that changes things for Joanna and her family, and helps Joanna see life from a different perspective.

I enjoyed reading this one, and I’m looking forward to reading more about the Chandler sisters.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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Joanna's dreams of being an attorney are put on hold when she finds out her mother is dying.  Unsure where to go from there, she begins working with her sister in wedding planning.  Here she meets wedding DJ, Luke.  They become close, but Luke has issues of his own.  He is raising his ward, Mateo, whose's anger and issues are all consuming and don't allow Luke time for romance.  I recommend the purchase of this book to find out how it all turns out.
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What a great book. I think this might be the second in the series, I didn’t read the first one and I found that I didn’t feel like I  missed anything, other than Phylicia and Quinn’s story, which does sound interesting.
But I loved Joanna’s story, although her lack of concert for Mateo at first bothered me. Luke did acknowledge it in his thoughts so there were some red flags. You’ll have to read the book to see if that changes.
I was curious how it would all work out. I also enjoyed the setting for this book, a beautiful place I would love to visit.
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Joanna Chandler always dreamed of becoming an attorney. But when she left law school to help care for her dying mother, stepping away from her single-minded pursuit gave her space to reconsider. The only question is, if not law, what should she do with her life?

To keep her mind off an uncertain future, Joanna helps her older sister, Phylicia, throw an amazing outdoor wedding on the charming Missouri property the three Chandler sisters own together. That's when she realizes wedding planning could be a thriving business of its own. And Lukas Blaine, the handsome wedding DJ, opens her mind to the possibility of love on the horizon.

But there's more to Luke than meets the eye. The young boy he's been mentoring has lost his mother and become Luke's ward. Mateo is sullen and angry and needs constant attention. How can Luke possibly find the time to start a new relationship or saddle someone else with a wounded child? He may have to let go of the woman of his dreams--and crush her dreams at the same time.
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This was a very good book - especially if you like love stories with a hint of Christianity thrown in.  This is about Jo and Luke.  Jo is a sister to Phee and Britt, who are setting up and running a BNB.  Luke works at a radio station and is a Big Brother to Mateo, who’s mother recently passed away.  Mateo’s mother asked Luke to be legal guardian to Mateo, which went through just before she passed away.  Jo also worked at the lawyer’s office that handled the matter.  So that explains how the two slightly met.  

Meanwhile, Phee is marrying Quinn and Jo is the wedding planner.  There is a beautiful clearing at the BNB property, so the wedding happens there.  Luke also happens to be a DJ and Jo hires him.  This is where the plot thickens.  Luke and Jo get to really liking each other, but Luke has baggage - Mateo.  Does Jo want to get into a relationship where there is a 12 year old included?  This is where you come in.  You will need to read this book and find out all the details - including an old boyfriend of Jo’s showing up.

Chasing Dreams became available for sale October 22, 2019. 

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Deborah Raney has written a wonderful story with three sisters each with her own set of dreams. 
This my first book by her and I will have to pick up the first one and read it too.
I had no idea what I was getting into when I chose this book but I sure wasn't disappointed!
I thought that this would be a good relaxing read but it turns out it's much more than that!!
I felt sorry for Maria at the beginning. Some lawyers just don't have compassion!! I didn't like Trevor or his wife. 
 Even though they didn't do what Maria wanted I felt they should have taken her case on anyway. It made me mad! 
It doesn't hurt to show a little compassion for others!
Joanna is a remarkable character. I loved reading about her and her life lessons along the way.. 
Truly with her little digs and barbs at her younger sister Britt reminds me of me my mother in law. You couldn't visit her without her getting her little digs in therefore the visits were always unpleasant. I didn't care if she was just kidding. Digs like that hurt and they can't be taken back.
You can forgive a person but you don't forget! Life is hard enough without that.
Luke amazed me with his kind, compassionate and caring ways. I really liked him and thought he's a good match for Joanna. There's just one problem. But I won't say what it is because you'll jist have to read the book for yourself.
I felt sorry for Mateo. I'm so glad that he had someone to look up to. 
Thank goodness for programs like Big brothers and Big sisters! 
I guarantee you'll love this beautiful story!
I didn't want to put it down!
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I enjoyed this second book in the Chandler Sisters series. Having read book one, A Reason to Breathe, I really enjoyed catching up with Phee and Quinn, the main characters from that novel. If you haven’t read book one, you can probably follow along fine in this story, however, book one sets the stage nicely for understanding what these three sisters have gone through with the death of their mother and the renovating of cabins that they are using for rental income.

In Chasing Dreams, Luke was a wonderful character, full of compassion, love, and was clearly a good match for Joanna. Joanna, however, took a while to grow in her compassion for Luke’s charge, Mateo. She was reluctant to embrace a future unlike what she envisioned. I believe this was probably a result of many broken dreams over the past few years and the feeling that things just never seemed to work out the way Joanna wanted them to. But Joanna was definitely on a journey of emotional and spiritual growth in this story, one definitely worth reading about.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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Chasing Dreams by Deborah Raney is a relaxing, inspiring romantic read! I immediately felt at home and the three sisters were like old friends of mine.  I laughed and cried with them as the story just swept me away.  By the end, I felt as if I’d made some new friends and was sad to let them go.

Good news though … Chasing Dreams is book 2 in the Chandler Sister’s series so I can catch up on Book 1 – A Reason to Breathe  now and then read book 3 when it comes out. I can’t wait!

4 Stars! 

I received this book for free. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are my own. Thank you to Kregel Publishing, Netgalley and Ms Raney for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Chasing Dreams is a clean-wholesome, Christian romance novel by author Deborah Raney.

12-year-old Mateo’s mother died from cancer, she was his only living relative. Lukas Blaine (Luke) is the only “Big Brother” he knows. So Luke becomes his sole provider. Joanne Chandler has always dreamed of having her own family. She doesn’t want a ready-made family. Her ex-boyfriend, Ben, comes back into the picture. The challenge is to decide if she wants a ready-made family with Luke, or her own family with Ben. There are lots of wonderful twists and turns that will keep the reader engaged.

I enjoyed the novel and recommend it to fans of Christian fiction. The only drawback is that it is long. This author is new to me and even though the novel is long I look forward to reading more by this author. The novel would make a great book club read.

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This is the second book in the Chandler Sister series.  I have book 1 but it is in my TBR  pile right now. It will move to the top.  I really enjoyed this series so far.  I cannot wait to read book 1 and then book 3 on its release.  The three sisters have the type of relationship that some of us long for in our lives with our own siblings.  They care for one another and find strength in their relationship after losing their mother.  Ms. Raney makes her characters believable.  Her story is one that many can relate. While her stories are Christian Fiction, her subtle way of having her characters embrace God in the stories is inspiring.  I find myself wanting to pray with the characters.  I highly recommend this series as well as any of Deborah Raney's books.  I received a copy through Netgalley.  A review was not required.
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Thanks NetGalley for this free ARC in exchange for a honest review.  I was looking forward to reading this book since I had not read any other books by the author.  I honestly did not finish the book.  I did not like the characters.  I look forward to giving this author another try down the road... but this time... this book was not for me.
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I could hardly put this book down. The plot including a young child dealing with major issues in life made this book so timely in a world that doesn't seem to be very interested in the real spiritual needs of our youth! I greatly appreciate the author having a man being a true gentleman, and a woman being a genuine lady. I will definitely recommend my library purchasing this title!!
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This is the second book in a series. I haven't read the first
one but look forward to reading it. Deb Raney writes real-life
drama and you can relate to the characters and their struggles.
I almost didn't finish this book because the character Jo Chandler 
was thoughtless and seemed childish, but I'm so glad that I finished.
Not the ending that I thought.  
Jo Chandler and her sisters have bought cottages in Cape Girardeau 
after their inheritance after their mother's death. They have been
 working very hard on them and have put them on Airbnb to help with 
the cost. 
Jo meets Like, who has become the guardian of Mateo after his mother
recently passed away with cancer. Jo is certain this is not what she wants
for her life. 

This is an excellent read for anyone that loves a refreshing Christian romance

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for this ARC
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This is the second book in the Chandler Sisters series, Joanna's story. I did not read the first sister's book but his one is about Joanna.  She thinks she wants to be an attorney and has always dream of this and sure she will become one. seems that God is leading in a different direction. Besides this new direction, she is torn between an old flame who more or less jilted her when her mother was dying with cancer and a new handsome guy who seems to return her interest. Joanna must travel a road she's uncomfortable traveling to make this decision. As she struggles with the greatest decision of her life, she learns to trust God and let Him teach her......I was gifted this book from the publisher and NetGalley, My review is strictly my own.
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I love Deb Raney's books because she delves into the heart of life. Her books are not cheesy romance, instead her characters dig deep and deal with real struggles as they find the desire of their heart. In Chasing Dreams, Jo, the main character, lays out her feelings and fears. She's honest with herself, which brings her great angst. Luke is a sweetheart who has dedicated himself to Mateo. He's a gentleman who wants to draw Jo into his life, yet hesitates because he cares so much. As always, Deb takes the reader through the struggle with the characters and shows how they confront themselves before God. If you enjoy great fiction with an inspirational thread, read Deb's books. Chasing Dreams is book two in the Chandler Sisters' series. Read Phylicia and Quinn's story in book one, Reason to Breathe. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel Publications. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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The next chapter in the busy lives of the Chandler sisters, continuing on from book one,  Reason to Breathe,  includes some drama and a new romance.  I enjoyed catching up with these three sisters, whose relationship is supportive and fun loving. 
    Joanna or 'Jo' seems to bear the load of responsibility for their fledgling Air bnb venture, while working out the details for her sister's wedding. It wasn't too hard to identify with her need to find  her own happy ending, one that doesn't involve a surly preteen. Being flexible and open to change in future plans doesn't come easily to most of us. She learned to lean on God for help in decisions and relationship issues through her trials. It was a good reminder to pray first and wait on Him before jumping into things. 
    Their property sounds lovely as described, and made me wish I could visit for a weekend getaway for real! I look forward to reading Britt's story.
Readers who enjoy clean contemporary romances with some faith would like this well written series. (It is best read in order, to avoid some major spoilers.)
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You sometimes have a tendency to expect the worst of people, and when you do that, they're sure to give you the worst.'

I am a Deborah Raney fan. I still have my original copy of her very first book. Deborah Raney writes about real life issues. From her heart. The reader feels this. Her books are not fluffy 'happily ever after' books, although we do get a happy ever after ending. But we get heartache and struggle and finding your way back in between. 

This is the second in her Chandler Sisters series, Joanna's story. Joanna, who has dreamed all her life about how she wanted her life to be when she grew up. And now she's discovering that maybe God has a different dream for her life. I'm so glad He's planned the best for us! Joanna must travel a road she's uncomfortable traveling to get to that life, though. 

I enjoyed this book very much and look forward to the third sister's story! I highly recommend this book and this author.

*My thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book. The opinion here is entirely my own.
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This is a wonderful book!  It is full of emotions and you can feel every one of them. You will definitely be rooting for Mateo. If you are looking for a good clean inspirational book that will keep you turning the pages, grab this book! Thank you INscribe Digital  Kregel Publications via NetGalley for the copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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