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Oh how I love historical fiction! Throw in a little romance and a little mystery and it will be a book that I don't want to put down. That's exactly what I had with Out of the Embers by Amanda Cabot. It is the first book in the Mesquite Springs series and I am already counting down the days until I can get the second book in my hands. Until then this one is going on my list of favorites and it is definitely one I will be reading again.

Although it is set in the fictional town of Mesquite Springs in Texas I found a bit of a connection there. My son and daughter in law live in Texas in the town of Mesquite so I thought that was pretty cool.

I loved the characters in this book. From the main characters on down, I felt like I was living in a small town getting to know all the townsfolk. I have a hunch I know who the second book will be about, but I'm also looking forward to seeing how some of the other characters are doing.

So let me tell you a little more about it! Evelyn Radcliffe has been an orphan ever since she witnessed the murder of her parents as a little girl. She's always had an eerie feeling that someone is watching her and when the orphanage that she lives in is burnt to the ground and the only survivors are herself and Polly, a little orphan girl, she knows she must flee for her life.

Evelyn finds herself in Mesquite Springs and finds refuge in the home of the Clark's. Wyatt Clark is a horse rancher who's plans do not include having a family of his own. As the days go by Wyatt and Evelyn continue to draw close to each other, but when danger finds Evelyn her life once again is in danger. Will Wyatt be able to protect her from the man who seeks her life?

Since most of us are social distancing and finding ourselves with more time on our hands, this is the perfect time to take a deep breath, fix a cup of coffee and get lost in a book. This is a great one to start with!

***Thanks to Revel Reads for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This is book one in the Mesquite Springs series, so what a great place to start. I loved the people in Mesquite Springs and look forward to reading more in this series. This book is full of mystery, suspense, friendship, romance and more.

Evelyn Radcliffe is beautiful inside and out. When she finds herself in need of protecting herself and Polly she is up for the task. Not sure exactly where to flee she finds herself in need of a rescue.  

Wyatt Clark is ready for a change, but he is not expecting it to come in the form of Evelyn and Polly. When he helps them out, his life is in for more change than he expected.
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This book has a heart-touching storyline with just a touch of suspense. Evelyn’s parents were murdered in their home, and she grows up in an orphanage.  As Evelyn reaches adulthood, she finds herself homeless once more when the orphanage burns to the ground.  She assumes the care of Polly, a six year old girl who survived the fire.  Evelyn and Polly travel to Mesquite Springs and soon find themselves part of the community. Because Evelyn is concerned that someone could be following them, she tells everyone that Polly is her little sister.  Both Evelyn and Polly have mysteries in their pasts that unknowingly place  both of them at risk.  As the people of Mesquite Springs become their family, Evelyn begins to hope that they have finally found a place of peace.  But their past unexpectedly finds them, and it seems that they can no longer hide in Mesquite Springs.  Evelyn must face her past to secure their future, and depend on those she has come to love to help protect them.

I loved the characters of Evelyn and Polly, and all through the book I was hoping for them to find the happiness and family that they both desperately wanted.  Wyatt is the hero that Evelyn needs, and their story was a sweet one to follow.  The author did a great job of taking three   storylines and merging them together for an exciting and satisfying conclusion to the story.  I Ike this author and this series, and will be watching for the next book.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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Out of the Embers
by Amanda Cabot
Pub Date 03 Mar 2020

I am reviewing a copy of Out of the Embers through Revell and Netgalley:

Evelyn Radcliffe once again finds herself homeless ten years after her parents were killed.  The Orphanage that had become her home and then her place of employment burned to the ground.  She and a young Orphan girl were the only ones who had been able to escape.  She is convinced the fire must be related to her parents murders and escapes with the other young girl who survived.  Evelyn leaves with the girl to Mesquite Springs in the Texas Hill Country and finds refuge in the home of Wyatt Clark, a talented horse rancher, who has no plans for a family of his own.

Wyatt Clark finds Evelyn a distraction at first but when it becomes clear that the trouble she was trying to escape followed her to Mesquite Springs she becomes a disruption.   Will Wyatt be able to keep Evelyn safe from the man who is out to murder her?  Will his own plans become collateral damage?

Out of the Embers is a sweet, Suspenseful, romantic tale set in the Texas Hills during the 1850's. 

I give Out of the Embers five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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Out of the Embers was an enjoyable clean Historical romance with a side of suspense 
and Christian based.

Immediately, I felt for the main character, Evelyn. She's a likable young woman who'd been through a lot in her life. Her thoughts and fears felt real/believable. I liked the way she cared for and protected Polly, even when the child made it difficult. 
Then we've got the love interest, Wyatt, filled with dreams of his own.
Neither of the characters were perfect, which I really liked!
I enjoyed watching the friendship form, and knew where things were going even before they realized it {lol}

I felt the story progressed at a good rate and all the loose ends wrapped up nicely. 

This was the first book I'd read by Ms. Cabot, and I am looking forward to the next installment in this series, which features Wyatt's sister, Dorothy. 

Oh, and honestly, I hope we see more of Caleb in the future books... it would be lovely to 
see him get a happy ending.

I received this electronic book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Thank you to the author,  publisher and NetGalley for this opportunity!
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I received this as a arc on Net Galley.  I have not read a book but Ms. Cabot for quite some time.  I am very glad that I read this one. It kept my interest and I really liked the characters. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
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This book captured my attention from the cover art.  Classic Amanda Cabot.  I love her storytelling ability.  The characters are so real.  Her stories are always heartwarming.  Give yourself the gift to savor this novel.  You will not be disappointed.  Five stars.
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Interesting premise. Great growth shown by these characters and a beautiful story. Love having good, clean romance to read.
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The first book in a new series from Amanda Cabot, Out of the Embers is a lovely introduction to Mesquite Springs,  a town in the Texas hill country.   The story enfolds with newcomers Eveyln Radner and her ‘sister’ Polly.  They are the only survivors when they are spared from the devastating fire which claims the orphanage where they lived.  On their travel west from the orphanage Evelyn and Polly are caught out in a bad thunderstorm and seek refuge under their wagon.  This storm sets in motion their meeting with Wyatt Clark who has a horse ranch in the area.  Wyatt takes them home to shelter with him and his mother and sister.  The Wyatts help Evelyn get started with opening a restaurant and making sure Evelyn and Polly are welcomed into Mesquite Springs.  As Evelyn builds a new life for her and Polly she encounters many challenges including two possible suitors in the form of Sam the local attorney and Caleb the blacksmith’s son who also helps Wyatt on his ranch.  But Evelyn can’t help developing affects for Wyatt; first as a friend then hopefully something more.   When danger comes to Mesquite Springs Evelyn must rely even more heavily on Wyatt’s help.  The colorful characters created in this first book make me look forward to when I can return to Mesquite Springs to see what new adventure awaits.
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(4.5 stars) - A mystery tangled in a mystery 

Set in the Texas Hill Country in the 1850s, Evelyn has long sensed that someone is watching her. Since her parents were murdered, she has every reason to believe it's someone with sinister intentions.  

Providentially, she's also quick thinking & resourceful. It saved her life before and saves it again when the orphanage she was living in gets burned down in a despicable act of arson, while she & Polly, the little girl who was with her, were on an errand in a neighboring town. The two quietly leave town in fear for their lives 

Wyatt comes upon them when they're in need & offers help. His mother & sister welcome the two with open arms. Things are looking up for them - except the person who tried to kill them is still out there 

The story is immediately engaging and suspenseful (though happily, not excessively so). The plot takes several surprising twists. 

Wyatt & Evelyn are reluctantly attracted to each other, and their relationship builds the more time they spend together. It's amusing seeing the change in what they want from life from the beginning of the book to the end. 

The conclusion is exciting, heartwarming & satisfying.  I'm looking forward to Dorothy's story now!

*Clean romance level: sweet kisses, nothing graphic
*Religion: overtly Christian, but organic to the story & handled with a light touch
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I enjoyed seeing how Evelyn was able to take charge of her life and the life of another.  She is resourceful and finds her way to Wyatt's ranch to take refuge.  She has had some had times in her life and trouble is still following her.  I liked how Wyatt was able to see past his first views and step up to help Evelyn in her time of need.
     I received a copy of the book to read, the review is mine.
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Out of the Embers by Amanda Cabot is a book filled with a bit of suspense and unknown.  This tale opens with Evelyn Radcliffe walking the streets of Gilmorton, Texas with Polly, a young girl from the orphanage where Evelyn works.  She suddenly gets a sense that someone is watching her.  She has given this man the name of The Watcher.  She has often felt followed by this man and it frightens her.  As Evelyn and Polly finally reach their home, they look up ahead to see the entire building on fire!

Evelyn instantly feels the need to run.  She must find a safe place for herself and Polly.  After several days of traveling, they finally end up in Mesquite Springs, Texas.  When Wyatt Clark, a local horse rancher, rescues them in the midst of a storm, Evelyn gets a sense that this a place they can call home.  Evelyn and Polly slowly begin to rebuild their lives.  When Evelyn opens up a restaurant in town,  she finally begins to feel a measure of peace!

One day as Evelyn is walking Polly to school, she yet again gets the the sense that someone is watching her.  Panic sets in.  What will she do?  Has her friendship with Wyatt grown to the point that he will be able to help?  Watch and see as the details begin to come out.  There is much more to the story than Evelyn ever imagined!
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I did not want to put this book down.  I loved this historical fiction.  I loved the romance and the bits of intrigue.  I loved Evelyn, Polly Dorothy and Wyatt.  This made me laugh and cry.  I had to know if Someone was out to get Polly or Evelyn.  I really enjoyed how strong Evelyn was even though she had lost her family a  fairly young age.  I received a copy of this book from Revell for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
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An amazing story! I feel in love with the characters instantly, they kept me swept up in the story. I was on the edge of my seat through this book, so much that could happen to Polly and Evelyn. My mind was racing trying to figure out the mystery behind the fire and the death of Evelyn’s parents. The author does an amazing job of bonding the reader with the characters. I felt as if I knew them personally and was overjoyed with their accomplishments, sad and even scared with them. This story points out how our dreams can change with life’s situations even dreams we may not know we had inside of us. This book offers hope, love, dreams and forgiveness. I felt every emotion coursing through me as I read this incredible story. Love comes in many forms and ways we least expect it, a endearing sweet clean romance that shows anything is possible. Readers will find this book will stay with them days after the story is over. Amanda Cabot is a master storyteller that leaves you definitely wanting more!
Was given a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.
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Out Of The Embers by Amanda Cabot is an inspirational historical romance. It is an intriguing mystery, skillfully woven into a sweet romance.
A decade after the brutal murder of her parents, Evelyn Radcliffe’s only refuge, the orphanage has burned to the ground. Only she and a young girl escape to safety. Fearing this to be related to her parents’ murders, Evelyn flees to Mesquite Springs in the Texas Hill Country, with her young friend, taking refuge at the home of Wyatt Clark, a single, rugged horse rancher. Will he hold the key to her future—and her past?
With trouble blowing hard on her heels, Evelyn is at first a distraction, and later a full-blown disruption. Can Wyatt keep her safe from the man who wants to kill her? And will his own plans get in the way?
Suspenseful and romantic, Out of the Embers invites you to the Texas Hill Country in the 1850s, in the wild West, filled with noble men and strong women.
Evelyn deals with the “Watcher” with fear, cautiousness and courage. The plot twist with the “Watcher” was so incredibly done. This is an excellent read. I recommend it highly.
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There’s just something magnetic about a light romantic tale from the Old West. Add some mystery and suspense and you have the ingredients for a very enjoyable read by Amanda Cabot, Out of the Embers. 
Evelyn Radcliffe and young Polly escape the orphanage fire that is deliberately set. How far must they run to find a new, secure life? 
Evelyn is a very mature, loyal young woman who will do anything to protect those she loves. Her “adoption” of Polly proves how unselfish she is. I liked how her unselfish helping at the Circle C eventually leads to her dream future. But the path to get there is rocky. 
Wyatt Clark is quickly interested in the young woman who comes to stay at the Circle C. However, the facts aren’t building a truthful foundation for a friendship, let alone anything more. Wyatt is a very responsible and caring individual who puts others above himself, as well. Which is why he is still present on the Circle C, a place he longs to leave. I love that Wyatt is not afraid to accept help and that he also listens to the voice of reason. These qualities go far in any relationship, be it friendship or love. Eventually, we see the far-reaching effects of lives lived for others. 
I am not as impressed with Polly, the child in this novel. However, she does seem to act true to her identity. 
Unless he shows up again in future books and bigger roles, I was unimpressed with the story thread of “the Watcher.” You’ll have to read the book to see if you agree. You may form a totally different opinion, which makes writing and reading these reviews fun. You get to read the actual text, write a review, then see what other readers think. 
One thing I know. I got a sneak peek at a few pages of the next book, and I am anxious to read the next volume, Dorothy and Brandon’s story. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell through NetGalley. This did not influence my opinions, which are solely my own.
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Out of the Embers was not what I was expecting at first. Honestly, I was straight up confused at the very beginning of the book. This book switches points of view between the characters. And it just so happened that I wouldn't always be paying attention and I wouldn't realize what was happening in the story. The very start of the book seems to imply that you should understand different things in the story, but you don't actually know what these are. I think that is what led to me being the most confused. 

But once I got passed the first few chapters and about 15 percent into the book, I was finally drawn it. Evelyn is a very loveable character and you want the best for her as she flees a dangerous situation. And you'll laugh at all the remarks that Polly, the orphan girl that Evelyn takes in. You'll also admire Wyatt and the honorable man that he is, like the entirety of Mesquite Springs.

Be prepared for a drawn-out romance because these characters are very stubborn about their beliefs. Both of which seem to be very skewed by the hardships that they have had to deal with in their life. If you want a historical clean romance, with a dash of church thrown in, this book is for you!
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This historical romance is a come-of-age story with a bit of a mystery woven through it. Set among the wild blue bonnet fields in 1850’s Texas hill country.

This story started out at bit of a slow burn and slow picked up pace as it went along. Sweet, caring, yet independent, Evelyn is an interesting character. It was a adventurous journey we go on as we follow her and the little orphan, Polly, she takes under her wing. Then there’s charming Wyatt, who cares for his sister and mother and quickly befriends Evelyn and Polly.

The charming cover and the title fit the story perfectly. This is a charming start to this new series.
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Very refreshing book.  Set in the 1850s in Texas.  Evelyn's parents are dead and lived in a orphanage.  After the orphanage is burnt to the grown with everyone inside, she and Polly, a six year old orphan, head off to find a new home.  They meet up with Wyatt, a horse rancher.  

I've enjoyed all of Amanda Cabot's novels.
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I really enjoyed Out of the Embers. The characters were delightful and they developed nicely. The book kept me engaged and had a bit of romance, action, and suspense. All of which make a delightful combination. 

Evelyn Radcliffe is an adult orphan that lives in an orphanage. She has lived there since her parents were killed. She and another orphan, Polly, travel to town to sell the lace that the orphans make. Each time she makes the trip to town, she feels as if she is being watched. She is fearful because her parents were killed and she was the only one left. She fears the "watcher" is coming after her. Once her and Polly return to the orphanage and see it in flames, she knows she must take Polly and flee. She decides to start again in a town that God leads her to. She also changes her last name and pretends that she and Polly are sisters.

Wyatt Clark is a horse rancher that is busy taking care of his horses, his sister and his mother. His father died and Wyatt inherited a lot of responsibility. He comes across Evelyn and Polly on his way home from town. He takes them home to his sister and mother where they are welcomed and provided for. 

As Evelyn and Polly start over with Wyatt's family, they learn there is an opportunity for Evelyn to open a restaurant. That is her dream, to carry on in her parent's footsteps. As Evelyn and Polly begin their new life in Mesquite Springs they begin to make friends and establish themselves. Evelyn still cannot completely relax because she feels she might be found by the "Watcher". Wyatt and Evelyn form a friendship that soon turns to love. But Wyatt feels trapped in his life and longs to explore the world. He plan a horse sale that will provide him the funds he needs to be assured his family is cared for. But what happens when love hits you and makes you take a look at what is really important. Also Evelyn soon learns that she is not the one in danger, Polly is the one in danger. Wyatt and Evelyn work together to keep Polly safe. 

I highly recommend this entertaining book. I received an ARC of this book and this is my honest feedback.
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