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Good easy read.  Small town romance in Montana.  Widow and Single dad, Brock, a bull rider who  is going through life not thinking about relationships at the moment but something about Lincoln makes him want it again.  Something about her stirs him and makes him open up again.  This was just a sweet story.
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This is my first book by this author and I loved it!  Set in a small town it's a great start to a new series. I fell in love with the characters and really enjoyed the banter and chemistry between Brock and Lincoln. Blayze is a real cutie and stole my heart also!  A great read!
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Oh Brock!
I finally got around to reading Never Enough and boy was it good 😍
I love a second chance romance and this one hit the spot. 

With Brock, a Bull riding single dad as the hero and Lincoln, a strong independent woman heroine… Never Enough was really enjoyable.

3.5 stars
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This is book 1 in the Meet Me In Montana Series. It's a heartfelt story that consumes you from the start. It's a book of healing and strong family ties after a disaster. We get a Sexy bull rider, a sassy heroine and an adorable little boy. It's a single dad, small town, cowboy romance. You can't help falling in love with these characters. They just steal your heart. I can't wait to see where Kelly leads us with this series. I swooned, I cried and I laughed out loud. If you like Sassy heroine's, broken sexy cowboys and adorable little kids, this is the book for you. A must read.
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It was hard not to swoon over this bull rider, while at the same time, I wanted to swat him with his own hat. I love that Lincoln called him out and told him off. To be fair, Brock was hiding behind his attitude. I think Blayze was the star of this book. Innocent, but sassy, he was also a little charmer. I think I melted for this little man. It was small town, it was country, it was everyone in your business, but I loved it. I think I've give it 5 more stars just for Blayze's favorite song being "When I Pray For You."
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Brock has a four year old named Blayze.i like the name Blayze.Brock is a bull rider which I loved. Lincoln is moving to Montana. I love the name Lincoln for a woman.Lincolns friend Kaylee has the hots for Brock's brother Ty.I loved the multiple points of view. Ty gives Brock a hard time for being on the road which made me like him less not Brock. Blayze was a little charmer.I didn't care for some of the language.Brock was a jerk to Lincoln when he first met her. I liked when Brock and Lincoln decided to open up and give each other a chance . I liked the romance. I liked that Brock started to be more comfortable with Lincoln around Blayze. I thought Ty needed to be nicer to Kaylee but it showcased Brock and Lincoln more.I loved the ending.
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Ohhh lordy, these narrators were so extra I nearly passed out from laughing so hard.

This was about a 3.345 star rating, give or take a few behind the decimal.

Just kidding.

But no, really. I seriously regret not reading this and was being a lazy sack of potatoes and wanted to just listen-- and still I listened half-heartedly-- because I got too much personally going on right now to focus on mere words on a screen. Right.

But man, this was unintentionally hilarious when in reality it was supposed to be a generic, no contest romance. But nope, it sounded like a goofy contemporary when I expected a nice burn of country romance, hell I even thought it'd be great--especially with the southern country mixin' with the north. But I was wrong. It was meant to be light-heartedly tragic when in actuality it sounded dumb and corny and super hick. The story itself was good, the narration was good, but together, not so much.
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This is the first installment of the Meet Me in Montana Series by the excellent author Kelly Elliott, and while I read this book when it first was released, for some unknown reason, I forgot to actually publish it🤦🏻‍♀️ So here we go with an updated review of Never Enough. 

In Kelly Elliott’s new series, she brings us to Montana for a little cowboy action, and this time with the Shaw family, but this book is centered around Brock Shaw, widower, single father, and Rodeo Champion, but Brock doesn’t spend much time at home, as he competes on the Rodeo circuit, but he is safe in the knowledge that his parents are taking care of Blayze (cool name!) along with his brother Ty. But the calls are getting harder, his parents are getting older and he is missing out on so much, but there are so many painful memories that all stem around the loss of his wife, but now that his old home has been sold, it should all be easier right? 

This is a great start to this new series, and while I didn’t always like Brock, by the end of the book you cannot help but love him, and boy will Blayze break your heart from the first moment😍 It’s a great book and one you will easily fall in love with.
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Brock is a single dad, and as a champion bull rider he is gone a lot on the road. The house and small farm where he had lived with his wife (who died in childbirth) is purchased by Lincoln, a young woman from Georgia who has come to Montana for a new start. Good story and really enjoyed the characters. Her friend Kaylee and his brother Ty, who are actually in book 2 of the series, have great back and forth here too. Good and fast read, and a feel good story. Highly recommend.
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Any time I enter a new Kelly Elliott world, I head in knowing that I’m going to be introduced to multifaceted main characters who have emotional baggage that they’re either running away from or burying, and because I know that Elliott always brings the feels and the angst when necessary. She also establishes a dynamic connection between the hero and the heroine regardless of their inability to move forward or even contemplate a future when the past and perhaps even the present aren’t completely being dealt with in a way what would allow forward progress.

The above ideas truly capture Brock Shaw and Lincoln Pratt’s current situations in the first book in Elliott’s Meet Me in Montana series, and while I would say that Lincoln is more apt to focus on the present and the future now that she’s finally on her own and out from underneath her father’s thumb and the big city she’s from, Brock is stuck so far in the past…so far into his own head that it’s difficult for him to see past his issues and make it out on the other end healed or at least emotionally and mentally on the mend.

Word of advice - give Brock a chance…some readers will be quick to judge him based on his earlier words and actions, but a lot of it toward the beginning of the story comes from the burden of grief that consumes him and the guilt he carries due to the choices he made. But once Lincoln begins to chip away at Brock’s walls and show him how it’s okay to move forward, to fully invest in others’ lives, especially his son’s, things slowly begin to progress in a way that allows Brock a second chance at life, at love, and at a family…all of which he thought was lost long ago.

Lincoln is the perfect match for the surly and closed-off Brock. She’s an independent woman who isn’t afraid to risk it all to go out on her own, even if it means making mistakes along the way. She sees something in Brock worth fighting for and she’s proven she’s willing to work for what she wants and Brock and his son are it.

Kelly Elliott always has an amazing group of secondary characters who add so much to the story line and can easily slide into the hero or heroine slot in a different book in the series, which makes it a great world for readers to escape to because there’s a solid foundation for stories to come.

Never Enough is one heck of a start to Elliott’s new series, and while I may not ever travel to Montana, journeying there in Elliott’s books with her characters and vividly experiencing the environment through their eyes and with their hearts makes it quite the adventure.

4.5 Poison Apples
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Readers get ready for a wild adventure in a way that Kelly Elliott knows how to create. This is a new series that have to say is a little different from her usual books. We have the sport bull riding and only one man that brings it to life filled with sexiness, tons of action and suspense all in one strapping chap wearing bullrider, Brock Shaw. Then we have an interior designer so opposite of what he is accustomed to turning his life upside down in a way he doesn’t want to happen again. Not just these two but then Kelly Elliott sneaks in a surprise attack that will make your heart melt in his son, Blayze. Now this little boy is so cute and already knows what a good woman Lincoln is just takes a little while for the Dad to get along with it. I have to say it was interesting how she brought this place to life filled with questions and oh my god the scene where he is on the bull hanging on for those long 8 seconds was on the edge of my seat feeling. This is the first part of this series and cannot wait for the second book and coming back to this town. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”
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NEVER ENOUGH is the first book in the MEET ME IN MONTANA series, and I can’t wait to read more. Southerners Lincoln and her best friend, Kaylee, arrive in Montana for Lincoln to take a new job. Their lives are turned upside-down, especially when they meet the Shaw Brothers, hot cowboys that have them turning inside out.

Lincoln had to leave home and a well-connected father who seemed to do everything for her. She decided she needs to stand on her own two feet and prove to herself that she’s good at what she does.

Brock, a widower with a five-year old son and a lot of guilt,is a professional bull rider and world champion. He sells her his house on a piece of land that used to be part of his family’s ranch. When not traveling, he lives in another house he built on the ranch with his son, Blayze. However, Blayze normally lives with Brock’s parents and spends time with Brock’s brothers. Blayze is a cute kid, wise beyond his years, and adds another dimension to the story.

There’s a lot of anger in Brock, and much of the time it’s directed at Lincoln. Yet she’s a soothing balm for him, and they have electricity whenever they are together. Lincoln fits in with his family and is wonderful with his son. The family dynamics definitely add heart to the romance.

There are wonderful descriptions of bull-riding, in which we are totally immersed. NEVER ENOUGH has plenty of family and friends, drama, and a stellar romance. I look forward to reading more books in this series!
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Thank you for the ARC. 

I’m a sucker for single parent books and  this was book just what I need it. 
Hot bull rider as a hero, feisty heroine, adorable kid, small town feel. 

This book was really cute, feel good, fast paced romance. My first by this author and I’m looking forward to read more books by her.
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So I'll be real with you...I JUST finished this book. Meaning this is my fresher than Lia outta the shower when she opens this review! CAN WE SAY TROPE CITY! At first I was like I wonder how this will go down since they start off as "enemies" and all. But like he's damaged and she is new and gonna open him again (Damaged Goods trope) and then its the whole "I Love Him/Her from just seeing them" then jealousy then hot steamy fornication then she loves the kid then he cant live without her, impromptu wedding and pregnancy and I was like DAMN. All that just because she needed a change of pace? I wanted her to have had like a shitty situation in Atlanta that made her leave. I wanted her to make him work harder for her. I just wanted more things fleshed out. I totally felt like this was a cliche romance movie with a ton of sex and not a ton of depth. Like did he love her or lust her? Why did he feel so beat up over Kaci? My guy she was in a triple marriage with you and Dirk. ALSO WHY DIRK. Like I kept thinking of my sisters boyfriend and I was like ... uhhh... you know? I love Kaylee because she makes me laugh. -JD
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Kelly does it again. Always does. Over and over and over again! 

I absolutely love and adore all of her books, this one was no different!
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Loved the story line for this book as well as the character flow. I have been a fan of this author since her first book and this one did not disappoint. I enjoyed the concept and the level of the angst/drama that was involved.
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The first book of the new series. In this one, Lincon wants to start her life one her own turns and she moves in Montant in a former house from Brook the bull-rider. Brook has a lot of baggage and guilt from the past will he be able to overcome all for Lincoln? I have mixed feelings about the book I liked that it has its funny moments, both Brook and Lincoln are ok characters their love story is just a little bit predictable it could be more developed she just falls all to fast for him. The story about the family drama and I am waiting to see how will another from Shows brother fall in love. 
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for NetGalley
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Having never read a ‘cowboy’ book before I was a little hesitant, but this had some great reviews and it didn’t disappoint! 

From the start, it’s a heartbreaking story to read, young bull racer, Brock Shaw, has lost his beloved wife and has a young son who he leaves at home with his parents while he competes. He clearly loves his son greatly but can’t cope with his own emotions and come to terms with his wife’s death, which he blames himself for.

Then Lincoln Pratt, an interior designer from out of town arrives and buys Brock’s old house. They get off to a bad start, but she falls in love with Brocks son and family instantly! 

The characters are well developed and very loveable, it’s easy to feel involved with them right from the beginning. Quite an emotional book that had me hooked and wanting to read more of Kelly Elliott’s books!

If you are a fan of cowboy, romance, realistic happily-ever-after stories then this is definitely the read for you!
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I absolutely adored this book by Kelly Elliott. Never Enough was wonderfully done. I would highly recommend this book!!
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Brock and Lincoln story is so beautifully written. A story of overcoming your passed. Creating a new you, future. And little Blayze is so cute! I cant wait to read more of the meet me in Montana series. I loved it and cant recommend this book enough.
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