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This book is primarily biographical with some high level ideas and instructions to help you turn your passion into a business.  It is a good read for inspiration and for an up to date reminder of how the business world has changed.  Rather than instructional it is more of a boost to kick start your creativity and passion for getting out there and doing your own thing.  Some parts are more relevant to the Italian market but the translation is Ok and it is quite a good read.
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One of the creators of the fashion and blogging phenomenon The Blonde Salad, Riccardo Pozzoli wrote a book - in this case, the English edition - sharing his experiences and challenges while helping various startups to grow or turning ideas into reliable businesses. The examples are mostly relevant for the Italian market but it includes also suggestions about how to fit your business into the global culture. Although most of the ideas are easy to spot in almost all the good books dealing with start-up culture and expertise nowadays, the different angles and personal experiences count in the case of Create Uniqueness. Most probably, if you are working hard building either your small business or your empire you won't have time for such literature, but before you start, going through the systematic thoughts shared by Pozzoli would help not only for practicalities, but also for a certain enthusiams and optimism he is sharing, based on both his successes and failures. The book is written with a certain mindset that helps any entrepreneur to be on the right side of the success, despite the struggles and aparent lack of progress.
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