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Where Have All the Elves Gone?

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Neat premise, but Where Have All The Elves Gone? feels more like a short story gone mad than an actual novel. Not that that's a bad thing... it's a very engaging tale, surprising and amusing, quirky and wry, and the way in which Freed builds a world in which myth and man live side by side is as crafty as it is clever.  But I did feel it went on a little too long, which is a shame because, again, the story itself is great.
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A very unique story line.  The tale of a fantasy author who suddenly finds that his fantasies are partially non fiction!  There are NO straight lines in this tale of a human who finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation where the victim is an elf...yes, a real elf.  This book was very entertaining, unlike any book I can remember.  It was definitely a break from my usual reading and I thoroughly enjoyed the parallel world of elves.
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Where have all the elves gone tells the story of Daniel Thomas, an author who writes fantasy books. But suddenly his books become reality when he finds his agent dying. She actually is an elf and that's the start of his quest to save the princess of the king of the high elves. There is great world-building in this book, the characters were very likeable and in general I was really surprised with the content of the book! A story about an author is very original and it was fun to read!

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Daniel Thomas thought that the magical creatures he wrote about in his Fantasy novels were purely a figment of his imagination. He comes to realize that many of them do exist. They however exist in a way that is far different from how he had imagined them. He finds this out after he is roped into a murder mystery after witnessing his agent's death. While on a mission to save a Princess he has to fight to not become disillusioned by the differences between his imagination and reality.
The book fell flat at times. I also found myself speeding through a couple sections because I found them boring. It was however an overall interesting read. I enjoyed reading this take on magical creatures and their interactions with humans. I liked that the book was sometimes funny. I also liked some of the characters. I would recommend that anyone who enjoys reading fantasy give this book a try.
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I love reading everything about elves so naturally this book caught my attention. It was definitely an interesting story. The author created an interesting world. The story was full of action but i wanted to learn more about the characters. It was a good story to read.
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I was unable to review this book because the font color was too light and there was not enough contrast between the backgrounod and the text on my Kindle White. I'm reviewing this here, but not placing it on social media.
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Imagine being part of the fantasies you thought you made up on your own.  Those of us who were so taken by other authors and their books and movies with the fantastical creatures and beings might think this to be a real treat.  What happens when you find out that they are real and among us?  Then your life and family are threatened unless you can pull off a rescue and be part of a great, but dangerous change.  This is just what Daniel Thomas is thrust into.  What we find is a world of elves, dwarves, gnomes, giants, dragons and trolls and among them, human agents working for and among them.  Daniel has military training and has been in some tough places, but even those horrible flashbacks can’t prepare him for what he becomes involved in when he is tasked with rescuing a princess and destroying a heart.  This is action packed and doesn’t let you forget there are things out there (although maybe not fantasy beings) that we would prefer not to know about.  My only disappointment is not knowing what happened with a certain dragon.
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I'm really sorry, I just found this book impossible to get into. 
I struggled and tried to read, but found myself back pedalling and not being pulled into the story. 

Apologies but I have not finished reading this book and don't anticipate doing so.
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The answer is simple - nowhere. They are all still here - just hiding in plain sight. Which is always the best way to hide. Except that the Government knows about them and even has contracts and treaties with them.
This was a fun book in that it was basically an RPG with an extra side of plotting within plotting. Christian Warren Freed puts himself into the game as the  author Daniel writing about Elves in high fantasy novels who becomes embroiled by accident in the elves’ plots, along with his family especially his wife, who shows herself up in an excellent light and clearly is going to become a feisty warrior when the series continues. Which I am sure it will.
I felt very sorry for the dragon. He should be out and about flying as an UFO over Area 51 - I felt the same in Game of Thrones with the 2 chained up in the dungeons. No wonder they are unhappy and angry at humans.
I am not really an RPG person so I found the battles just a few too many for me, I would have preferred some subtlety and high treason through poison or... but it will appeal to a more bloodthirsty person than me.
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To be honest I didn’t really enjoy this book.  It started off really good and I was getting really into it, but then it just lost me completely and I got bored.

Sorry - my thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the copy though
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I recieved a free copy via netgallery in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed this book from start to finish. The author really created a believable world in which elves and humans existed. I wasn't a fan of the language used in this but that is a personal view. If I hadn't read the blurb looking at the cover I would not have known this was a fantasy book.
Overall a good book
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An interesting and engrossing novel, well written and with an excellent world building.
I appreciated the style of writing, the fleshed out cast of characters and the plot.
I'd like to read other books by this author.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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The story is set in and around Raleigh, NC, an area with which I am very familiar. As such, much of my enjoyment was in recognizing the locations and in picturing the epic fantasy-meets-reality clashes between humans, dwarves, elves, and gnomes. In particular, the zoo scenes, my adopted hometown, and the fairgrounds. It's obvious the author has done his research or is a local.

As for the fantasy, it's interesting. I always enjoy a new take on "what if" elves, dwarves, etc. are real, and in this story, that is paired with "what if" an author's stories reflect reality. Besides that, I found a few of the features of the fantasy creatures a bit too convenient, and I was getting hung up on how they were going to cover up the destruction.

Overall, worth a read. I enjoyed it because I like fantasy/reality mash ups, reluctant heroes, and action.

I received the review copy of this book from NetGalley.
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Where Have All the Elves Gone?  by Christian Warren Freed -- 5 Stars
Publisher: Warfighter books 
ISBN: 9781365991127 
I hadn’t read a fantasy novel in some time and it was fun to get back to a story filled with elves, dwarves, and even a dragon and a gargoyle. The storyline is unique, a novelist who finds himself in the middle of a battle as dangerous and otherworldly as those he writes about. The plot is action packed and although the battles are longer than I liked, they are exciting. I loved the fantasy characters and the human ones as well. Overall, it was an entertaining and enjoyable book.  

Reviewer: Nancy
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This is pretty good and a new author for me. It's a little uneven and tries little too hard but includes a good amount of action and good dialog. The author has a great imagination and some talent. A good bet for fantasy fans.

I really appreciate the NetGalley copy for review!!
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This book is better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be cheezy but it's really well done especially with all the fighting and battle. Discovering that there were are other races in the world is a big surprise for Daniel and his wife, when they end up fighting right in the middle of their little war but they handle it well and stay alive.  It feels a little unfinished as all the reasons why don't get told to us. #WhereHaveAllTheElvesGone #NetGalley
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