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Ivan feels at home in the lab, not in social situations. When he finally approaches his attractive neighbor, it’s not for a date—he wants tutoring in how to behave at an important fundraiser. Ivan doesn’t expect the chemistry between them to be quite so explosive, and is surprised when Cami actually accepts his proposal to embark on a series of “lessons”.

Cami soon discovers Ivan’s schedule isn’t the only thing he likes to be strict about—he needs to be charge in the bedroom as well. She’s shocked at how much she comes to enjoy her submissive side, but wonders if a real relationship is in the equation.

This is a very erotic story built around two very unlikely characters–two scientific types who could both really be classified as brainiacs with Ivan definitely one of those obsessed geek types. Yet Cami doesn’t just see a genius scientist when she looks at her neighbor — she sees one gorgeous guy who appears to be locked into a routine in order to be in control of his life and to live in his own comfort zone. She really can’t seem to find a way to break into his life and having Ivan come to her is nothing short of astonishing. Tutor and mentor? It’s a role she never envisioned. And the way that very unlikely beginning grew into a relationship is the meat of the story.
This is a wonderful story . . . a slice of erotica that keeps the tension alive page to page and a story that flows through the thoughts of Camilla and actions of Ivan. There are ups and downs as Cami tries to figures out what is driving Ivan and how she can fit in with his expectations. Ivan’s mind works so differently than any man Cami has known, but for that very reason she is intrigued and as time goes on, more and more “hooked” on him. This author has delivered an intense and sensitive romance that surprises the reader repeatedly and which never disappoints. I really didn’t know what to expect so the way this story played out kept me riveted from beginning to end. I seldom find a story that I don’t like, but I am delighted when I find one that is extraordinary, which holds me captive as this one did. This is not a long read and can be consumed in a relatively short period of time. Yet it is one of the most satisfying reading experiences I have had in recent days and one that introduced me to a new author. I will most certainly look for future work by this very talented writer.

I give it a rating of 4.25 out of 5

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