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As a fan of Solomon, I knew I wanted to read this as soon as I heard she had another book coming out. And then I put off reading it for some reason. And now I can’t stop thinking about Rowan and Neil.

Rowan and Neil have been at odds with each other for all of high school. Now they’ve just about made it to their high school graduation after fighting over everything, from student council president, to valedictorian, to just everything. But when Neil is named valedictorian, Rowan knows she only has one last chance to beat him, the senior game, Howl. It takes Rowan and Neil all over Seattle, where they learn more about each other than they ever thought was possible.

The best thing I liked about this was the romance. And I’m not normally an enemies to lovers kind of person. But with this one, their rivalry was cute. It wasn’t anything that was particularly mean. Those are the ones I can’t stand. I just don’t see how you end up in love after calling each other names or saying the rude things that sometimes show up in these books. This one was different, which might be why I had a different reaction to it.

I’m also not usually a fan of books told in one day. It normally seems like they’re told too quickly. But this one didn’t feel like that. I didn’t even realize it was told in one day until I was 17% in and they kept mentioning what time all these things were happening. Which to me means it flows nicely. I did like all the adventures they went on and all the things they saw. And I felt like I got to know a little more about Seattle as well. (Also, that Mr. Cooper clue, I totes saw something like that on Unsolved Mysteries lol) It was a fun game.

The one thing I didn’t like was the ending. I don’t like how they were already dropping love-bombs. I get it, they had crushes, but really, they love each other? And also I don’t mind sex in YA, but I kind of felt weird that it was tacked on at the end. Like was it supposed to solidify that they were in love? It just seemed weird to me. I would have preferred something else happen afterwards instead of just ending so abruptly.

Overall this book should’ve been something I wasn’t too fond of, but as it turns out, having an author whom you love and trust can definitely help you get rid of this preconceived ideas and trust that you might actually like those things. Because that’s exactly what happened to me with this book by Rachel Lynn Solomon. I can’t wait until she writes more books.
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Cannot review as Netgalley archived the book before I could read it & my new Kindle does not have this title.
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This was such a cute book! I don't read much YA anymore being in my 30s but this book definitely makes me want to pick up more YA titles (YA titles aren't just for young adults!!). This was a quick and fun read about two teens on the night before graduation. Beautifully written and the characters were awesome. I will definitely be reading more from this author. I could see this becoming a Netflix movie or something. It definitely made me want to visit Seattle too!
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Had to finish it before bed sort of good. Full of middle-of-the-cinnamon-roll gooey delicious feelings good. Made me want to go visit my bestie in Seattle good. I loved it!
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I feel like I'm in the minority with this one. Today Tonight Tomorrow was a book that I really had a difficult time connecting with. I have to ask myself if it's just because my love for YA may be waning. However, I know that it was, at least in part, because Rowan, the protagonist, just didn't speak to me. She got on my nerves an awful lot.

Also, because of the fact that this book is geared for teens, I think the author took the opportunity to use this as a way to "preach". There were many social issues addressed. Again, that's possible that this is the norm now with YA, and maybe I'm just getting too old to be reading about certain things.
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Enemies to lovers in just one day! Rachel Lynn Solomon has created a sweet, smart, and fun romance that takes place on the last day of school. Before our rivals graduate, there is one last game-- an epic scavenger hunt for the whole senior class. Rowan and Neil have always competed to be the best, and this last contest is no exception. When they are forced to work together (of course they are!), the two realize they didn't really know that much about the other after all these years as academic adversaries. 

I love the sweetness of the romance, the feelings of both wanting to leave high school and being afraid to leave high school, and the representation of two Jewish protagonists. This is a great read for fans of the romance genre, and I will definitely read anything else that Solomon puts out!
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I'm not usually a fan of romance novels, but I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well developed and realistic. The mix of nostalgia, regret and excitement of senior year of high school was captured perfectly.  The author also took the reader on a fun adventure through Seattle  as the characters engaged in a massive scavenger hunt, making the place almost its own character. It had a sweet, satisfying ending, and I was so glad I read it.
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Today Tonight Tomorrow was a book that surprised me! I was thinking that this was just going to be a good simple, cute read. I thought I was going to give it a three stars and move on to the next book but that didn't happen. This is a book that I still think about once in a while. We follow Rowan and Neil who have been rivals for all of high school, always trying to be the best of the best. 

Rowan wasn't to write romance and is scared when the future has in store. She wants nothing more than to beat Neil one more time so she teams up with him in order to take him down in a senior class game called the Howl. And you can guess where this is going the more time they spend together then the more they learn about each other. 

This book is set over twenty-four hours and usually, books that are set in this short time feels off to me but this one felt real. There was not over-the-top stuff that doesn't seem like it couldn't really happen or fell pushy. 

I love how their relationship develops and grows over these pages, it's not rushed but stead. I had a fun time reading it.

If you like Frenemy, enemies to friends, end of high school story, wannabe authors, and more then this is a read for you.
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“Opposites attract is my favorite trope, so it made sense to start there.  Because, of course, the thing about opposites:  They always have a lot more in common than they think.”

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow is a charming book that left me with all the feels. I’m not one to sit and read a book in one sitting, but I could not put this book down.  

This book takes place on the final day of high school for Rowan and her arch nemesis Neil.  For four years, they both have been rivals competing for everything: grades, student council, science projects, and the coveted valedictorian.  The last day for seniors is also a game called HOWL.  This is a scavenger hunt assassin game across the city of Seattle.  The prize is $5000 to the winner.  Rowan sees this as an opportunity to settle the score with Neil.

TTT covers a wide array of topics that are relevant to teens.  It covers graduation, college, sex, religion, friendship, and family drama.  It has a great message on opening  your eyes to the world around you, rather than just focusing on specific short term goals.  It’s a story of acceptance, changing and chasing dreams, and love.  So much!

5 Stars!!!

Thank you to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This is such a fun YA novel! It follows two teenage enemies on an epic scavenger hunt through Seattle. I love how it weaves personal issues and lightweight teen fun together into one night. I would highly recommend this to fans of teen romantic comedies!
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I adored this book. I loved the characters, how the two of them begin navigating vulnerabilities over the course of their time together, and of course the background being Seattle - an absolute win for me as well.
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This was such a cute and charming enemies to lovers story! I definitely saw some Hating Game vibes!! It had me feeling so sentimental about those last day of school feelings.

Rowan and Neil are big time enemies and have been competing against each since Freshmen year. But then their last day of school the juniors host this super near scavenger hunt around Seattle where Rowan and Neil decide to partner up! I really liked when they finally started being more friendly towards each other. The whole scavenger hunt thing was such a unique, fun storyline!

I definitely could relate to Rowan at times because like her I over romanticize most things. But I will say I was never super competitive in school or really cared about being valedictorian so some of that I struggled relating too. But it was so heartwarming to see Rowan and Neil get to know each as more than enemies and find their commonalities!

There were many times though they'd say something that frustrated me like in most Enemies to lovers. I do wish this hadn't been quite such a slowburn. I'm just so impatient. But it was so worth it and absolutely precious. I loved that it was even more mature YA too and handled some situations with respect and grace! It was a delightful read with a wonderful ending!
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Thanks Net Galley for the preview!

I loved this cute book! I love a good scavenger hunt and the enemies to lovers plot always keeps me interested!  You could tell the author knew a lot about Seattle and made the search around the city feel authentic and very descriptive.  Rowan and Neil were balanced with relatable teen problems and did normal dumb stuff teens would do aka eat pot cookies.  I loved their witty banter back and forth and the conclusion was the sweetest culmination of their crazy adventure!
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Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon is an enemies-to-lovers romance, and who among us does not love an enemies-to-lovers romance? (Caveat: as long as neither party is an asshole. No assholes, please.) Also, everything happens in one 24-hour period, which is both fun and cinematic. The plot: On the last day of the school year, Rowan and Neil, who have been rivals for all four years of high school, seem to have reached the end of the road. Neil wins valedictorian. Which sucks for Rowan, who decides that her final shot at besting her annoying freckle-faced rival is to defeat him at Howl, the annual senior class scavenger hunt. The duo wind up having to team up, and the more time Rowan spends with Neil, the more she sees that she’s made some pretty wrongful assumptions. The dude is actually a mensch (and, it turns out, a fellow Jew) and also freckles are kind of hot. Today Tonight Tomorrow is not only a love story; it’s also a love letter to its setting, Seattle—as the kids race around solving puzzles and collecting clues, you feel that you too are exploring this cool and quirky and beautiful city. (All the locations in the book are real except one.) Sweet and swoony.
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I love stores like this—enemies to lovers, opposites attract... basically, all my favorite tropes! I felt like I got to take. Trip around Seattle, which is on my bucket list, so thank for that! The banter and dialogue were natural and not forced at all (so wonderful because that is not always the case!).
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I was really bummed out by this book. What I was hoping to be a cute and fun read turned out to be the opposite, unfortunately.

I went into this book excited. A lot of my friends in the book community have had nothing but high praises for it, and trusting their judgement, I thought I’d end up feeling the same way. But when, 100 pages into the book, I was bored out of my mind, I knew my opinion on it wouldn’t change and I’d still be tired of reading it if I continued. So, I DNFed it.

Honestly, I didn’t really like the dynamic between Rowan and Neil. I thought that their “rivalry” was really just forced tension, and it didn’t feel realistic to me at all. At one point, I thought that the author might actually make Rowan’s ex-boyfriend Spencer a second love interest, but that fizzled out pretty quickly after. A specific scene actually brought this thought about, and it’s during the Howl–the characters’ school’s farewell seniors scavenger hunt–that this took place. Rowan ended up going into the coffee shop she works at and Spencer happened to run into her. Ironically, Spencer happened to be her target for the scavenger hunt. The entire scene felt very forced and just convenient for the sake of the plot.

One thing is for sure, this book dragged hardcore. I hate saying this, but I don’t think I’ve ever yawned as much during a book as I have during this one. The pacing was incredibly slow, and it wasn’t my taste at all. I also didn’t like that Rowan made fun of a classmate for liking and writing shapeshifters in fiction when she herself has been made fun of for liking and writing romance books. It felt very hypocritical.

All in all, I am pretty let down by this read. I was hoping for more but didn’t get what I was looking for. Maybe some of these things might be up y’alls alleyway though, so I’d still definitely give it a try for yourself. Even though this book wasn’t to my liking, I’ll still be giving Solomon’s other books a try when I can get around to them.
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To start off, I have to say that this book has become one of my top 3 reads of not only 2020 but pretty much of all time! I read this book in a span of hours and finished it around five in the morning and was so giddy that I could not fall asleep.

Today Tonight Tomorrow was SUCH a comedic and heartwarming read in that I completely fell in love with Rowan and Neil and their story filled with endings and new beginnings. Not only that, but the entire atmosphere of the book was also so prominent and I loved the way that we got to explore Seattle in a fun way. I could picture every scene and moment that either felt light with humor or heavy with tension (the good kind of course).

Our main character, Rowan, was someone that I instantly connected to and I loved being in her head and part of her family. Rowan’s background was definitely one of the highlights of the book and we’re introduced to her author-illustrated duo parents from the very beginning. I loved their family dynamic and the culture that was brought into the small moments we were given with her family. We’re told that Rowan’s mom is from Mexico City and was born to a Russian-Jewish mother and her father is Jewish, and throughout the book, we’re constantly reminded of these aspects of Rowan’s identity which becomes an important part of the plot itself. This was something that I really enjoyed about the book in addition to learning the negative stereotypes that Rowan has to encounter in her journey of being who she is.

Rowan was a character that I could completely relate to because she loved to read and fall in love with stories, and just like many of us, her issues felt so prevalent and relatable because sometimes reality did not meet the expectations she created through her fantasies. And phew, I felt that in the deepest recesses of my soul and I think that so many others could relate to that as well! Another aspect of Rowan that I absolutely cherished from the get-go, was that just like her parents, Rowan wanted to write books for a living. However, her passion was writing romance novels and it was clear that she treasured all the romance novels she read and the authors that wrote them. Through this love of romance novels, the author brought to light the toxic concept of how many women are attacked for the things they truly find comfort in and cherish, and therefore, have instead become a punchline.

This was another aspect of the book that I had to applaud out loud (although technically I couldn’t since it was like 2 am when I was reading this) and I was completely about it!! This leads to my last favorite thing I have to mention about this book, although I could go on and on, and it was that I loved the communication and overall relationship between Rowan and Neil. I loved their relationship not only as a pair but as individuals as well. The way the author tackled not only the issues within Rowan and Neil as separate individuals, but she also did such a marvelous job of addressing these issues out loud and showing the growth of communication and seriously talking about issues such as: making comments without truly understanding who you could hurt with what you are saying, normalizing talking about sex rather than it being taboo and embarrassing, deconstructing toxic gender roles, and letting people be truly excited about what they love without the need to make fun of them and tear them down.

All of these issues mentioned applied to both Rowan and Neil, and for their relationship as well, and their growth and learning from their mistakes was so mature!!!!!

After reading this book, I definitely had this need to send it to everyone I knew and yell: READ THIS NOW. This book was a breath of fresh air that I needed and I completely understand the hype for it! I highly recommend picking it up once it is out in the world, it is a story that will stay with you for a long time and for good reasons.
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I really wanted to love this book. It has every trope I desire in a young adult novel! I think I just really didn't like the main character Rowan. She got on my last nerve and I wanted to just move on from her from the beginning. It also didn't really seem like a true high school experience that you or I would have had (can't fault that though, it just seemed totally unrealistic). I also wasn't a fan of the cussing. I felt like it was there to look cool? It just felt so out of place and unnecessary. What a bummer.
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Even though one might guess what the outcome might be between the two main characters, reading the journey to see how it all unfolds made this a fun read!  The addition of the cut-throat senior scavenger hunt added even more fun and tension to the story. I laughed. I cried. I stayed up late to finish it. This will definitely be a book I recommend to my students.
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This last day of school book was everything! I loved the Jewish representation, the hate-to-love troupe of the main characters and how sweet and romantic it ended up being.
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