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The Layman's Seduction Guide

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Terrible book - terrible topic.

It is like reading something out of the 1970s. Strategies to pickup and bed women. I thought society and men had moved on beyond this. 

The writing itself, when you get beyond the appalling topic, is easy to read with strategies on  its topics, but generally not user friendly.
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I can't believe NetGalley let this book onto their site. It's 2019 and women are MORE than their bodies.

By the way, not all men what women for their bodies either.
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How to attract a woman whilst exuding Alpha Male vibes - dehumanise said woman and score her out of 10 in a variety of categories, but mostly pertaining to her physical appearance. Eurgh! Gross. There's some real sketchy stuff in here around consent and boundaries too. Newsflash fellas - we don't want to be manipulated. At all. The language used throughout is derogatory, the tone condescending and terminology vulgar. Much of the advice sounds like a lot of hot air. Thankfully I'm too old to be on the receiving end of such game-playing nonsense. Bon chance to all young women on the dating scene. What a time to be alive! The only way to redeem this book is to change the title to "Trump's Guide To 21st Century Dating" and call it satire. Needless to say, I found this an excruciating read.
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