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All hail the queen of the psychological thriller! Kim has done is again. Each book she writes, she just sets the bar higher and higher as she out does her previous book! I don’t know how she does it, but this is just what makes her such a fantastic author and one of my all time favourites. As I do with another author, I don’t even read what the book is about when Kim releases a new one, I just let Kim take the reins and take me on its journey as I know I am in good hands.

Single is no exception. The plot of this book is a tale that you may have read before, but in this case with twists and jaw dropping revelations that I did not see coming! It is a refreshing change and this is what makes Kim the best in the biz! The obvious outcome isn’t always the case and I love how she messes with the readers mind. I am not going to go into detail of the book as the blurb gives enough and it is best read going in blind like I did. If you are reading Single, new to Kim’s work you are in for a real treat with this one! It is one of her best pieces of work.

Kim has created a mix bag of characters that are both likeable and unlikeable which is the perfect balance. They all are both realistic and believable. They are extremely well developed and through Kim’s visual writing, she brings them all to life and it is like they all jump off the page and act out the story right in front of you. I love how Kim is able to do this and it just enhances the experience of reading this story. I also liked how I was kept second guessing each one as it is revealed what events have shaped them to each act the way they do.

As always and what draws me to Kim’s work is how fast paced her stories are. Single has quick snappy chapters that always leave you wanting more. There is not beating about the bush with Single and you don’t have time to buckle up before Kim takes you on a wild roller coaster ride full of twists and turns where she also throws shocking revelations in along the way. Inside each chapter is flawless writing that is both fluid and engaging that drew me in to this story right from the get go. Kim is a master of a chilling prologue and at building the tension throughout, making your heart race till the last act which she does expertly in this story.

So do I recommend Single? Absolutely. It is a first class psychological thriller that has it all, that will have you racing through the pages well into the night. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to read and review Single and I can not wait to see what Kim comes up with next.

Thank-you to NetGally, Bookouture and K.K. Slater for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Single which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Lies, deceit, and delusion are at the heart of this psychological thriller … but, most of all, obsession and stalking.  What causes it, what motivates it, what twists and warps it.  SINGLE is my first book by this author, and it begins strongly with an intriguing setup and a foreboding sense of not having a full grasp on the facts.  Initially, the POV of the story and reader sympathy is with heroine Darcy and her unfortunate circumstances.  Gradually, as things unfold, there are other viewpoints that only deepen the mystery of events and make us question the reliability of any of them.

Widowed Darcy has been dealt a crappy hand of cards.  Left alone to raise two young sons in the aftermath of his death by illness, she’s finally risen above insurmountable obstacles, a few years later, for a fresh start.  Who can blame Darcy for going a bit crazy at finding out her husband led a double life with another woman (Daniela), that she was briefly found to be unfit and temporarily lost custody of her kids to Joel’s family, or that the family reminds her that she has it all wrong about Joel and that her obsession with Daniela is unhealthy? Things finally begin to look rosy when fate puts George, a widowed doctor with a young daughter, in her path.  Love blooms quickly, and Darcy’s ready to put all the past behind her.  But, Daniela resurfaces inexplicably, and there’s an obsessed stalker in George’s life that he’s reluctant to discuss. Darcy’s in-laws aren’t happy with the new romance, and Darcy’s on her own trying to figure out what’s going on and who to believe.  

While the pace and gradual revelation of clues kept this a page-turner for the most part, and Darcy was admirable as a woman on-the-verge who keeps her cool (her inner thoughts were measured and logical), everything around her was questionable.  And, eventually, even Darcy is questionable. Complications twist further, as characters seem to fall neatly into each other’s schemes and shady twisted motives.  The story falters not in design, but in execution.  There were things that were often underscored, but never fully explained – especially regarding George and his past.  There were many revelations and twists, some of which were easily foreseen.  The convolution of lies, deceptions, obsession, and stalking was quite clever, but ended up shortchanged by a rushed ending and overly talky explanations that did far more “tell, than show”, and wrapped up a bit too compactly. There was so much more to know about the warped agenda of one character, in particular, and ending with a few more questions than answers left me unsatisfied. The end result was a mostly enjoyable thriller, but the way it unfolded did not do it maximum justice. Still, I will definitely read more of this author's work.

Thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture, and KL Slater for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review
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A great read,  and great pace.  I enjoyed the build up and really enjoyed the twists and turns. 
I've read a few books by this author,  and think if you like her previous books you will enjoy this book too. 
Thank you to netgalley, Bookouture and KL Slater  for the advanced copy if this book, very much appreciated.
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This was my first book by K.L. Slater and I wasn't a big fan. I wasn't fully connected with Darcy or her relationship with George. I also thought that the "incidents" were a bit tame and not at all violent or dramatic. How is a floral bouquet or an anonymous box of vegetables dangerous? Darcy kept talking about how dangerous or violent Opal was and all I saw was stupid childish pranks that were more annoying than anything. I saw the "twist" surrounding Darcy and Joel coming from a mile away. It was very predictable. The ending was somewhat surprising, but I still thought that George and his motivations were unclear. I was not that excited by this one.
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K.L. Slater has written another fine book. When single mother Darcy is bereft after the loss of her partner Joel her life is turned upside down. Joel’s parents step in and take the boys from her while she recovers from her trauma. Now in the present, Darcy is finding her way again and her sons are the light of her life. Until one day at a play place, her youngest has an accident and a subsequent asthma attack. Sadly, his inhaler has not been packed. Enter George. Who is also present with his daughter Romy. George just happens to be a Dr. and a handsome single one at that. With Darcy’s heart filled with gratitude and her interest piqued regarding the sexy single father she sets off to hospital with a thank you card and an offer of a coffee and cake. To say thank you. Again. It’s just a thank you right? Elated when George accepts her offer, the two soon become inseparable. Spending all their time together. But Darcy holds a secret from her past with her boy’s father and it appears not everything is as it seems with George. A strange woman, is lurking around. Trying to warn off Darcy. Trying to get George’s attention. Stalking the 3 children. She has a message for Darcy but appears totally unhinged. Will Darcy listen to the warning?

Special thanks to Netgalley and Bookoutre for my ARC. I highly recommend it!
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I finished and kept thinking, "Well, that was silly."

Single was advertised as a thriller but read like a soap opera on paper.  I've read other books by this author and I seem to remember enjoying them.  I will now have to go back and see if they were as crazy as this one was.  All that being said, I had fun reading it and it was a really quick read (literally an evening).
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This is a great psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. 
The story centres around Darcy who is a single mum.  While at the park, her son Kane has a bad asthma attack and she panics as he hasn’t got his inhaler. A man comes to help and Darcy learns that he’s a Doctor and is so grateful that she’s immediately drawn to him. 
She invites him out for coffee to say thank you and the two of them hit it off right away.
As they get closer someone seems to be watching them and Darcy worries about the safety of her children. 
What happens next is a rollercoaster of events that will have you racing through the pages. All the people in this book are hiding something and it was great trying to work our who was telling the truth. 
This is a great psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns. 
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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I really enjoyed the storyline in this, the end just felt a little rushed. There was SO much going on that I wanted a little more "time to breathe" in between revelations. The other thing that threw me was the narration switched back and forth between 1st person and 3rd person. When I got to the end, I understood why it was done that way, but it made it difficult to get into the story at first.
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A twisty suspenseful thriller especially in the second half.

Whom do you trust when you are single and alone? For single mother, Darcy, after being single for 4 years and having gone through betrayal and illness, urologist George who saved her son was a true knight in armor. Love happened and she moved in with him. When things started happening to her... Which only seemed to escalate.

Kim Slater is a fantastic author. I have always loved her books as there are ususaly twists upon twists. This book too had many which convoluted and confused the plot till I was cross eyed. I had to scramble to get to some of them. None I expected as each person turned out to be different.

It felt as if the author had made all her characters wear masks over their true personalities. At one point, I suspected the main character too. None of them were likable, but Kim's writing made me want to rush to unmask them. The words ran quickly and it felt I had just started the book when I reached the end.

The only niggles I would say was that the suspense was low, I wasn't scared at all in the first half. The second was rocking and that pushed the book to be a fast paced thriller.
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Wow! I did not see those curveballs coming!! 
A brilliant psychological thriller that you don't want to put down! 

Darcy is slowly trying to rebuild her life. After Joel died of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia she discovered he was living a double life and her life fell apart. So much so that she couldn't take care of their 2 boys. 

It is now 3 years later and things are starting to look up for her. Then her youngest son has an asthma attack at a playground and a doctor comes to the rescue. She is immediately smitten and they start seeing each other. George is charming and for the 1st time in 3 years she is happy again. But will this last? Why does it feel like someone is watching and following her? Will Joel's family accept a new man in their grandchildren's life and is all as it seems? 

I found it an easy and relaxing read and I finished it in 1 sitting. Here and there little things bothered me and I though it was unnecessary for the storyline but all in all a very enjoyable read with very good twists.

Thank you to #netgalley and #bookouture for the ARC in exchange for my honest review
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Wow, what a ripper of an author K.L. Slater is.  She is the absolute Queen of psychological thrillers.  This book just twists and turns and you have no idea what is going on.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was brilliant!
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Darcy is the single mom of sons Harrison and Kane. Their father Joel betrayed her before he died. 
While at a park, Kane has a critical asthma attack. George Mortimer, a urologist and single parent, who is there with his young daughter Romy, helps save Kane.
Darcy is grateful to the handsome and charming doctor. She invites him out for coffee and the two of them hit it off right away.
They begin a relationship and are soon living together as a family.
But their happiness is threatened by an obsessive stalker.
This psychological thriller was an entertaining and fun read with lots of twists. It was hard to put down once I got going and I could not guess what would happen next! Some parts of the story were somewhat improbable, but still an enjoyable book.
Thank you to Bookouture for the e-ARC via NetGalley.
3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 stars.
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*thank you to Netgalley, K.L. Slater and Bookouture for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

5 stars!

Woah I am officially really dizzy from all those twists and turns in this book! What am amazing read this turned out to be. I absolutely loved this story. At first, I was a bit worried it was going to be quite focused on the romance aspect but like a wave, that came and then went and we were then on the road to a really gripping thriller. There are so many shocks and surprises in here. I couldn't believe it. It is impossible to guess how this is going to end and I never could have thought things were going to turn out as they did. This is what makes a book so fantastic and enjoyable to devour. The not knowing what will happen next and the surprise value. Plus it was so well written but that wasn't a surprise because I have come to love this author's work. I would highly recommend this and any other book of K.L. Slater's that I have read. An amazing masterpiece.
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Many thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture, and K.L. Slater for the opportunity to read and review her latest thriller - will definitely keep you guessing until the end!

Darcy has had a rough go of things.  Her husband died, leaving her with two small boys.  But it was the secret that was uncovered after he died that really did her in - she had a breakdown and ended up in a facility.  Meanwhile, the boys' grandparents took custody of them until Darcy was better.  They still had a very active role in the boys' life, which Darcy appreciated.  When Darcy was with the boys at the local park. the youngest had an asthma attack.  Thankfully, a doctor was there with his daughter and was able to get the little boy breathing again until the ambulance arrived.  George, the doctor, and Darcy soon hit it off, both single parents of young kids, and soon move in together.  But are things as they seem?  Both Darcy and George are hiding some secrets and the grandparents aren't happy being pushed out of the way.

Told from many different viewpoints and not sure who you can trust, you will have a hard time putting this book down.  Great read!
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First, I want to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for allowing me to review this ARC copy.

I enjoyed this book quite a bit.  I'm a big fan of mystery/thrillers so this domestic thriller was right up my alley.  I enjoyed the plot and story line of this book and it grabbed me from the very beginning.  It is fast-paced and kept me captivated especially in the last 10 chapters...I couldn't put it down!!!

I gave this a 3 star rating tho because I felt the writing was a bit disconnected and didn't seem to flow smoothly.  Also even though the twists were awesome and kept me guessing, the ending was a bit unbelievable and felt rushed.  

Synopsis: The story follows Darcy, a young widow with two children. She had a hard time coping with her husband's death along with a secret he had kept from her, and her in-laws helped her out with the children for awhile. When Darcy met George and fell in love with him fast, her in-laws were more than a little concerned for her and the children.. Like most relationships, theirs started out great until complications came because of their pasts.
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This book kept me hooked for quite a bit; it was fast-paced, with a storyline that keeps you captivated. However, the ending was a disappointment; while some of the twists and turns are predictable, the book keeps you guessing until the end, at which time the plot turns into full-blown craziness. Unfortunately, the personalities of the characters change in radical manners and the author tries to wrap up the story a bit too neatly.

A good, suspenseful read, but the ending is a bit too much. 

Thank you to Netgalley and to Bookouture for the ARC.
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Well written psychological thriller.

I have read that author many times and am never disappointed!

Well developed storyline with interesting characters, good twists and plot...  Really captivating! I was into it from the start. 
And that scene where you see your child agonize in front of you... I couldn't even imagine!  Emotions well described, everything was there!  Even cute doctor coming to help... perfect! 
Then a few chapters I felt like added nothing to the story, two people starting to date... ... ... not boring though.   Just extra pages with no action, nothing happening.  But then the second half of the book it started to really move and get interesting!  

If you think you found the perfect man... think again!

The last few chapters had me thinking WOW, NO, REALLY ?!?!?!  I didn't see that coming!  So many secrets revealed and connections between people...  TRUST NO ONE!

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the ARC of this book.  This is my honest review.  All opinions are my own.
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Darcy has struggled with mental health issues since the death of her husband. When Darcy had a breakdown, her two  boys, Harrison and Kane stayed with her in-laws. The boys eventually go back home when Darcy is feeling stronger. Then Darcy meets George after he saved Kanes life. Darcy starts dating George. Things then start to change for Darcy. She feels like shes being watched. But George a,so has secrets. I'd Darcy's new perfect life so perfect after all?

This is one roller coaster ride you will  ot want to get off. K.L. Slater has done it once again. This is a super, well written, gripping and and twist filled read. A story of trust, deception, betrayal and how your past can come back to haunt you. The plotline is well crafted and executed. I was hooked from the beginning. The characters are true to life. The writing flow seamlessly from the page. The story also touches on stalking and bullying. The suspense and tension builds the more you read. I do recommend this book.

I would like to thank NetGalley, Bookouture and the author K.L. Slater for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Really easy read, not too complicated to follow which I liked! This is the first book I have read by this author but it definitely won’t be the last.

The characters were all really well written & intriguing, George would have had anyone fooled!

I did find some of the story slightly unbelievable but it did keep me guessing & some of the twists I REALLY didn’t see coming.
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Omg. KL Slater is fast becoming one of my favourite authors! I have just finished this blockbuster psychological thriller. If you pick this up I guarantee you will not be able to put it down.

Just read it! 5 stars.Thanks to all for the ARC.
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