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It Starts with a Kiss

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Sci fic romance?? Now that's new, even for a helpless romance reader (my self). But sincerely, it was good.

We see Celeste, an engineer that works for a company with horrible management set on keeping them down.  Her coworker Owen won't support her either.

Loved how the genre which was a Sci fic blends in with the romance. And adored the main character Celeste
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This is one of those that I instantly liked. It has the perfect scale of workplace tension, romance, and friendship. It's one of those books that keeps you on your toes and more importantly makes you want to keep turning those pages. The moments of tension were enough to make me cringe, grin and shriek. I genuinely cannot think of anything that I didn't like about this book. 

I really, really enjoyed this. I'll definitely be reading anything else Peridot comes out with!
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Who knew Sci-Fi romance was a thing??

A steamy office novella in space. I’m game. Celeste is an engineer that works for a company with horrible management set on keeping them down. Owen is the man that keeps his head down and eye on getting out of this mess. 
This was a first read of JL Peridot and I was pleasantly surprised by her writing and how well And easily I was able to jump into a genre I didn’t even know I would want to read. 😍
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This novella is a bit different than what I usually read. I didn't think I will like the sci-fi element. And though I didn't understand a lot of the tech talk in this book. It was alright, I got the story and it was a cool thing to read about. This one is a fun quick read.
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I love a good sci-fi romance, but unfortunately this was not for me. The plot is very interesting, but the writing was a little off. It was maybe too informative as far as describing the actual work they were doing. I feel like maybe it should have focused more on the actual characters and less on fake coding/future technology. It was very hard to get into and I skimmed a chapter or two. I don't know what was missing, but it just was a miss for me. Maybe others will like it more!
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