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Quick, fun read. I haven’t read any of the other books in this series but may have to go look them up as the characters are so engaging and the story line addictive. Leslie is recovering from a bad relationship and moving onto to a new pack with endless possibilities and is ready for love with her sights set on alpha leader Malcom.  

Thank you NetGalley, Katie Reus and  KR Press LLC for this edition and hearing my honest review. Looking forward to reading more with you
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Loved it. I am so glad we got a “follow up” on Leslie from Jaguar’s Mate. I so enjoyed this story. I am glad it was so short because once I started I didn’t want to put it down. I loved the adorable way Malcom was courting Leslie. This is a great novella with a great twist at the end.
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Chosen Mate was a good little novella. Perfect for a quick afternoon read. Leslie and Malcolm were both good well rounded characters and complemented each other nicely. A good balance of story, emotion, and sexy times, I really enjoyed this story.
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With an abusive relationship behind her, wolf shifter Leslie is quietly raising her young son in the Kendrick pack. If she’s occasionally lonely, it’s a small price to pay for son’s safety. And if she’s secretly longing for pack alpha Malcolm Kendrick, well…she’s keeping that fantasy to herself. Experience has made her a realist, and they’re far too different to work. She has no idea Malcolm wants her just as fiercely. That he’s been subtly courting her for a year. But subtlety has gotten him nowhere—even if he thought it was the best choice after what she’d been through. He wanted to make sure Leslie didn’t feel obligated to him, that she was truly ready to move on. Now that he knows she is, he’s determined to make sure it’s with him. And when a threat from her past surfaces, he’ll eliminate anyone who would dare to hurt his mate.
This was a great story by a great author. I’ve read a number of her books and they don’t disappoint. I really liked both main characters as well as the plot. It was a great, quick read. I recommend. 
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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This is a novella size read, but it packs a lot into its pages.  I have read and enjoyed Katie Reus before but never any of this series.  However, I found it worked perfectly fine as a standalone, as it basically concentrated on two main characters so you don't have to know loads about other characters. When you do need to know something for contexts sake, you are given that info as and when required.

Our main characters are Malcolm, who is an Alpha shapeshifting wolf of over 200 years of age, and Leslie, who joined his pack with her baby son, Elijah, after fleeing an abusive mating.  They are good friends who secretly harbour deeper feelings for each other.  

Honestly, I'd never have thought I would find a 200+ year old shapeshifting wolf to be my almost ideal romantic hero, but Malcolm is!  He is obviously strong and tough as required by his roles and responsibilities.  However, with Leslie, he is patient, respectful, sensitive and willing to do whatever it takes to win her over without resorting to just claiming her as her Alpha.  The only problem with this is that he is treading so carefully that she doesn't even realise he is interested in her.

This is a wonderfully romantic, steamy, easy read with likeable engaging characters which has left me hungry for more of this pack so can see myself hunting down the rest of the series very soon.
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Title: Chosen Mate
Series: Crescent Moon Book #9
Stand alone: yes, but recommended in order
Author: Katie Reus
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Blurb: Her past has taught her to be wary…

With an abusive relationship behind her, wolf shifter Leslie is quietly raising her young son in the Kendrick pack. If she’s occasionally lonely, it’s a small price to pay for her son’s safety. And if she’s secretly longing for pack alpha Malcolm Kendrick, well…she’s keeping that fantasy to herself. Experience has made her a realist, and they’re far too different to work.

This alpha is about to stake his claim…

She has no idea Malcolm wants her just as fiercely. That he’s been subtly courting her for a year. But subtlety has gotten him nowhere—even if he thought it was the best choice after what she’d been through. He wanted to make sure Leslie didn’t feel obligated to him, that she was truly ready to move on. Now that he knows she is, he’s determined to make sure it’s with him. And when a threat from her past surfaces, he’ll eliminate anyone who would dare to hurt his mate.

Favorite Quote(s)/Excerpt(s): “You don’t have to say anything. But now you know where I stand.” Surprising the hell out of her, he got to his knees and looked up at her. “I know I’m the Alpha, but you are completely in charge right now.”

Thoughts: Katie Reus is one of my absolute favorite authors…and yes, I know I say that every time! LOL The Crescent Moon series is my absolute favorite series of hers though. While they might be novella in length, they pack a quite a punch. Part of what I love most is the sheer intensity and chemistry between the characters. Sparks literally fly there is so much desire and heat.

Chosen Mate was so, so good…for one, Malcolm is an Alpha and used to getting what he wants. He puts on the brakes, however, and holds out waiting for his mate and allowing her time to heal after she has been in an abusive relationship. And Leslie? Many would assume she’s weak, but she much stronger than people think. Yet again, Reus gives us a perfect match….and I love it!

Honestly, I recommend not just this book, but the whole series!

Rating: A+
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This story is well written and has a little drama and some passion with interesting characters. A good fast read that keeps ones’ interest so that you don’t want to put the book down until you finish.
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Short and easy paranormal shifter read. Alpha from Kendrick pack has a thing for Leslie since he first saw her. Leslie is ready to date again and Malcolm is so ready to be that one. A few misunderstandings later they are ready to start but someone is hunting and Leasli and her boy are in danger yet again. A sweet quick read for a rainy afternoon.
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for NetGalley
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3.75 stars—CHOSEN MATE is the ninth instalment in Katie Reus’ contemporary, adult CRESCENT MOON paranormal, romance novella series.  This is wolf shifters, pack alpha Malcolm Kendrick, and book keeper/single mother Leslie’s story line. CHOSEN MATE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Malcolm and Leslie) CHOSEN MATE follows the building relationship between pack alpha Malcolm Kendrick and single mother Leslie. One year earlier, Leslie was rescued from an abusive relationship and in the ensuing year Malcolm has bided his time tamping down his attraction to a woman who had suffered so much but Leslie is ready for some companionship even if she has to start dating from the human population. What ensues is the building relationship and romance between Leslie and Malcolm, and the potential fall-out as a rogue wolf sets his sights on the Kendrick pack.

Malcolm  is a two hundred year old shifter and knows that Leslie is his fated mated. Having watched from the sidelines as the members of his pack slowly succumbed to love and fate, Malcolm struggles with his attraction to a woman who may not be ready to move forward as his mate. Leslie is a single mother whose sole purpose is to ensure the safety of her son. Leslie, her son Elijah, and her mother have been accepted by the Kendrick pack but it is only a matter of time before Malcolm succumbs to his growing attraction.

The relationship between Malcolm and Leslie is one of mutual attraction but Malcolm holds himself back believing Leslie isn’t ready for another relationship while Leslie wonders what she has to do get Malcolm to notice she is ready to move forward. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top,sexually graphic language and text.

We are introduced to Leslie’s thirteen month old son Elijah, and her mother Luna, as well as the return of wolf shifters Chelsea and Hudson.

CHOSEN MATE  is a story of betrayal, vengeance, healing and moving forward. The premise is entertaining; the characters are animated and energetic; the romance steamy and hot. CHOSEN MATE is a wonderful and engaging addition to the author’s Crescent Moon series.

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Chosen Mate by Katie Reus is book 9 in the Crescent Moon Series.  This is the story of Leslie and Malcolm.  I have read the previous book but feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so.  Leslie came into the Kendrick pack abused women with a young little boy.  Now she has grown into a more confident one with is attracted to the Alpha of the pack...Malcolm.  Malcolm has been wanting Leslie too but didn't want to make her feel that she didn't have a choice so both have been dancing around each other but this book settles want they each want.  Quick Hot Read.
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If you love shifters, author Savannah Stuart (aka Katie Reus)'s Crescent Moon series is a sweet romance with depth and just the right amount of steam, danger, intrigue, family and friends. You will want to get your hands on CHOSEN MATE.

Annetta Sweetko, reviewer for Fresh Fiction

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This novella had it all. A bit of suspense, lots of romance with hot flames. I don’t want to get into details, but I loved the characters. Malcolm was the best alpha. He’s strong yet tender and kind. He could be swift in delivering justice, but he’s fair. A guy everyone would love to have. While Leslie, someone who just got out of an abusive relationship, was a strong woman through and through. I always love strong female character, and this always the ‘break-it-or-make-it’ point for me.

Another thing that I think great about this story was the delivery of the sensitive issue such as abusive relationship. Ms. Reus was able to deliver this in real yet delicate way. I always love her books, and by this book, it doesn’t seem to change.

I was provided a complimentary copy by the author / publisher through NetGalley, but this in no way influenced my thoughts or opinions.
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I volunteered to read and review an advanced readers copy through Netgallery of Chosen Mate . I really enjoyed reading this story . It has suspense and Intrigue . The characters are fantastic . It's well written although short . Malcolm Alpha of the Kendrick pack has been courting Leslie for quit some time . Leslie doesn't even realize he has been . She doesn't think Malcolm being the Alpha of the pack would be interested in her . Leslie's ex was very mean and abusive . He caused physical and mental abuse . When danger comes at Leslie and her son Malcolm and the pack will protect what is theirs . A wonderful story . I highly recommend taking the time to read and enjoy .
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Chosen mate is a shorter novella in the crescent moon series about the Kendrick pack. Malcom took in Leslie and her pup after leaving an abusive mate. He knew from the moment he met her that she was his, but he needed to be cautious. The whole pack has watched these two dance around each other since they met and when the sparks fly those around have to watch out not to get burned.

If dealing with past abuse and new feelings and little pup isn’t enough there is a feral making a pest of himself. When he’s coming for the pup it will be all hands on deck. It was very enjoyable and Malcom is swoon worthy. Another very great book in the series!
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This series is fantastic and so super quick to read!  You can jump in and out of the series as needed, because it's pretty much standalone for each book.  While the larger group of characters and world building does grow with each book, I invite you to start wherever you want in the series - as long as you start it!

This book was about Leslie and Malcolm.  Leslie has a bit of a darker past, in that she joined the pack after being rescued from an abusive mating.  She and her mate had an idyllic courtship, but things went quickly downhill after they became mated.  The control and dominance, coupled with threats to her mother and her unborn child, kept her in place for way too long.  Now, free of that influence and starting to become her own person, she finds herself hopelessly attracted to Malcolm, the pack alpha.

Malcolm is pretty much the perfect alpha.  He's protective, almost to a fault.  He doesn't want to have Leslie feel like she has to accept his advances, but he's also not sure how long he can hold off claiming her.  Lucky for them both, the pack is pushing them together, whether they like it or not.  It definitely helps matters that Leslie's son adores Malcolm.  If you're wondering where the tension comes in - this story does have a bad guy.  There's a wolf invading their pack lands, but the pack is rallying to get to the bottom of the mystery.  Throw in some action, some sexy times, and a much deserved HEA and you've got a wonderful and satisfying read.
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Leslie has been through a lot but it has made her stronger and now she's ready to move forward. She would like for that to be with Malcolm, the pack alpha but she's not sure he feels the same way.  

Malcolm has decided that Leslie is his mate and has been patiently waiting for her to heal from her past. Then Leslie tells him she's ready to start dating and he has to decide if he's ready to make his feeling known. Before they can complete their mating, trouble comes calling and someone tries to kidnap Leslie's son. Can Malcolm eliminate the threat and make a life with Leslie and her son?
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Chosen Mate centres around Leslie, a single mother we first met in Jaguar’s Mate when she was rescued from her abusive husband.  Now settled in a new pack with her toddler son she’s slowly managing to put the pieces of her life back together again and is beginning to notice Malcolm, the pack Alpha.  Malcolm has been attracted to her since he first laid eyes on her but wary of scaring her after all she’d been through he was happy to take things slowly, so slowly she thinks his attentiveness is just due to him taking his duties as an Alpha seriously.  What’s a girl got to do to get him to make a move?
What I love about this author is how even though her heroes are all alpha males they are always willing to hold back and let their women guide the pace they move at no matter what it costs them and Chosen Mate is no different.  Malcolm was patient with Leslie and let her come to him but even when all his protective instincts were aroused and he wanted her to stay on pack lands where she’d be safe he was still willing to listen and see things from her point of view realising that after her experience with her ex-husband any demands he made might be misconstrued.  Even though this book is novella length nothing about the story felt rushed.  It flowed at a steady pace and was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.
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I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!
This was a great book !
Leslie is more concerned in raising her son than romance.
Not matter how yummy the pack Alpha looks with his shirt off.
Malcom has be courting Leslie, but it looks like it is going nowhere.
Does she even know that he is attracted to her ?
It looks like it is time to dial up his seduction techniques.
After all, what more can he do ?
Loved the characters + the storytelling !
It has all the ingredients that you need for a great book!
I can't wait for the next book in this series.
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If you are looking for a very quick wolf shifter romance fix, this 139 page novella may make that choice pretty easy, folks. You really can’t go wrong with Malcolm, an alpha protective, caring, understanding leader of the pack wolf shifter hero, who has already fallen for the widow, single mom heroine before you even start page 1. Knowing the spousal abuse Leslie has suffered in the past, he has respectfully waited patiently for a long time for her soul to heal before making his move. 

You get what the synopsis promises, so I’m not going to ruin this for you by being overly specific. I will say it’s a good thing these two already know each other beforehand, because this is a super quick read. 

I’ve been reading this series since book 6 and haven’t been disappointed. In fact, I’ve got some backtracking to do myself. Each book is a stand-alone which often features cameos and/or references to characters from previous books. However, you won’t feel like a stranger at someone else’s family reunion when you come across them. They basically just blend in naturally or play only minor roles.

I must admit I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this genre’s animal shifting process, mainly the clothing issue. Maybe it’s silly/childish of me, but I can’t help but raise my eyebrow (even think “Oh, my!) at the thought of the awkwardness of all that public nakedness when they make the change and feel a tad embarrassed for them. But it is just a day in the neighborhood for them, folks. 

As usual, this author’s graphic, smexy/steamy at times writing flows across the pages, and you’ll have a wrapped up HEA conclusion by the end. I don’t know about you, but HEAs is what this avid romantic at heart beats for. Except for one worrisome event, it’s actually pretty smooth sailing for this finally a couple main couple. 

Title: Chosen Mate, Series: Crescent Moon (Book 9), Author: Katie Reus, Pages: 139, very short novella, stand-alone but part of a series, alpha protective/caring/understanding good guy hero, leader of the pack wolf shifter hero, abusive past history heroine, widow/single mom wolf shifter heroine, violent wolf shifter fight scene, only a couple smex scenes, romance safe.

(I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not given any payment or compensation for this review, nor is there any affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley.)
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Leslie got out of an abusive relationship a little over a year ago. She and her mom were able to get her baby out and leave. Her mate who had been abusing her was killed and now she's with Malcolm's pack. Leslie and the rest of the pack are wolf shifters. Leslie has taken things slowly and let herself heal from all she was put through but she's been dealing with her alpha, Malcolm whom she has feelings for but she doesn't think has any feelings for her. 

Malcolm is the alpha of his pack and ever since Leslie, her son and mother joined his pack, he's been showing her that he can be trusted and he knows that she feels safe with him but he's not sure she feels anything for him. He's been sending her subtle signals that he's interested for months but she hasn't picked up on any of them so now the only thing for him to do is make his intentions clear to her. 

Right as Malcolm and Leslie are finding their way to each other, a new threat from her old life rears its ugly head and puts her son in danger. Malcolm isn't about to let anything hurt the people he's grown to love but first he has to figure out who the wolf is who's been stalking outside his his pack. 

This novella was packed with story. it was a fun quick read filled with action, danger and romance. 

Disclosure: I was given a free ARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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