A Mysterious Mix Up

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Allie once again becomes the Kickboxing Crusader to find out who killed her heroine, the local librarian. Allie initially becomes involved when she and Brent discover the victim with another standing over her. Then Allie remains involved because she claims to want justice for her friend. However, I found Allie to waffle between wanting justice and wanting to just pin the murder on any likely suspect, not specifically on the guilty party. Allie also wishes to turn suspicion away from Brent, as he technically could have done it so was technically a suspect, but was mainly questioned only because he and Allie discovered the body. She keeps saying that Matt is good cop but still doesn’t butt out when she should and trust the police do their jobs. Allie is also on the lookout for an assistant to help with the Cobb Literary Agency, so as to allow her to take on more clients.

I had read the other books in this series and was excited to get to read this instalment as well. I enjoyed it and look forward to Allie’s next adventure.
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Allie Cobb runs a literary agency in a small town.  She also seems to be the go-to person when a murder must be solved.  This time it's personal--the library director who was her mentor growing up.  A quick read, though somewhat predictable.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  Life is good for Allie Cobb.  Her literary agency is growing nicely, her romance with her boyfriend is developing well, and things in general are looking up.  That is until her mentor and friend is murdered and her boyfriend is considered a viable suspect.  In spite of the worries she gives her family and friends, the kickboxing crusader feels compelled to find out who murdered her idol.
Naturally when she starts looking into the past, she discovers her mentor was human with all the foibles that come with it.  But nothing she learns seems to explain why someone would poison her.  There are some pretty obvious suspects but Allie is convinced the motive was not as simple as it seems.  In fact, when she discovers marijuana hidden in her desk, Allie is convinced there is a connection.  But what that connection is and who felt sufficiently threatened to kill proves more elusive.  And when the villain is revealed, Allie and the reader are shocked.
I do like this series and find even though Allie can be rather cavalier with her safety, she is an interesting heroine.  Four purrs and two paws up.
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Some of my favorite mystery series are book themed. Many have librarians as the main character but it's been awhile since I read one with a librarian as the victim. Allie has taken over her father's literary agency and has just returned home from a book conference. Her boyfriend tells her that her mentor, the long time serving librarian, is going to retire. Once Allie has reconnected with her boyfriend, unpacked and spent some time with her cat, she decides to head over to the library to talk with Vicky Napier, the librarian. Much to her shock and dismay she finds Vicky taking her last breaths, dying on the break room floor. It turns out that she was poisoned. Who would want to kill a librarian? Turns out one of the suspects, according to Allie's police chief ex-brother in law, is Allie's boyfriend. Not if Allie has any say in the matter. So what if he was on the list to replace Vicky? There has to be another suspect to make the top of the list and Allie is determined to nail the killer. She can't keep her nose out of the investigation and it puts her in the killer's cross hairs.
This is the third in the series and it was a great change from some of the darker historical mysteries I had been reading of late. Small town politics and relationships, family and friends with a well crafted puzzle to solve complete with some red herrings and a twist or two to keep me satisfied. I did enjoy spending my reading time with Allie, her boyfriend Brent and their respective cat and dog. All the characters are well fleshed out and believable. I'm happy to give this series a spot on my permanent to be read list.
My thanks to the publisher Lyrical Press and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
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The third in a cozy mystery series. I have not read the others but will now. I really enjoyed the story and the characters though the mystery was a little slow for me.
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This is the third Allie Cobb Mystery and a series I love to return to. Thank you to the author, publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity. Allie Cobb, literary agent is one of my favorite protagonist and these are such fun books to read. 

Allie has just returned from a  book conference when she finds her  mentor , the local librarian poisoned .  
Allie is determined to find out who did this to her friend and prevent anyone else from being harmed. As she begins to explore clues through the local community she finds out that her mentor had some bad people in her life and soon suspects abound and Allie may be in danger.   Allie is also shocked that her boyfriend is first on the suspect list and equally determined to clear his name. 

I loved the twist and turns that kept me guessing to conclusion. Allie is a likable protagonist and a savvy investigator. I love the setting of small town Indiana and the supporting charcters are enjoyable and all add depth to the books. I look forward to the next in series.
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A Mysterious Mix Up is the third book in the An Allie Cobb Mystery series.

Allie has just returned from a conference in New York City and the first thing that he shares with her is that the Rushing Creek Librarian, Vicky Napier, is retiring and moving to Florida. Napier had been the librarian since Allie started to read and was someone she looked to and who was largely responsible for Allie’s love of books.

The next morning Allie and Brent head over to the library with some cookies she had baked the night before. When they arrive the library has yet to open and the only cars in lot belong to Vicky and custodian, Porter. When they enter the library, no one is to be found. They head for the break room and find Porter kneeling over the body of Vicky. Once tests have been completed, it is determined that Vicky had been poisoned. 

Allie is now on a mission to help her ex-brother-in-law and police chief, Matt to find the killer. First, she needs to get Brent removed from any suspicion and then check out two prime suspects, Porter and Vicky’s ex-husband, among other suspects.

I always enjoy my visits to Rushing Creek, as I have come to enjoy well-written and plotted stories with a very interesting cast of characters. There are plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing till the end.

I will be watching for the next book in this interesting series.
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Very traditional, over-the-top, murder mystery, written in the first person, that will appeal to fans of Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swenson mysteries.

Allie Cobb is a literary agent working out of the small town where Allie grew up.
Against the wishes of her live-in boyfriend, Brent, Allie is compelled to investigate the death of her friend and mentor Vicky, who was the librarian at the town's public library.
The action, revelations and clues are meshed into detailed descriptions of the setting and the local inhabitants and their backgrounds which does quite slow down the main plot, without explaining why any of the three main suspects was motivated to poison such a well loved librarian. 
The real killer is not well signposted so you may be in for a surprise.
I would personally have loved to see more humour in this mystery apart from the occasional descriptions of the bodily functions of Allie's "fur babies."
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The Allie Cobb Mystery series is a new one for me. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed getting to know Allie and her friends in A Mysterious Mix Up. If you’re a reader like I am, I’m sure you spent much of your childhood (and adulthood!) in the library.

How would you feel if you found your favorite librarian almost dead in her office? And you got there too late to save her? You’ve already solved two murders, why not solve this one too? Yep, that’s what Allie thinks too. Allie follows the clues, but are they the right clues? The red herrings may throw you off the scent, but in the end, you may be able to figure out who the real killer is as well as the whys and hows.

A Mysterious Mix Up is a quick and easy cozy mystery to read. I had no problem with it as a stand alone, but if you want to read about the other two murders that Allie solved without spoilers, you’ll want to start with book one.
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While this is the third book in the series, I found it read well as a stand alone. You will find all the bases covered.
Small, connected community. People with eccentric traits and twisted relationships. This time it was not a much hated person who was the victim. In fact, the woman we lose quickly at the beginning of the story is very well liked and looked up to. We are told she has plans to retire and move south, sadly enough, for she will be missed. Shockingly, she never gets to enjoy retirement.
Allie's business is flourishing and she finds herself looking for an intern, someone to help with the work load. She also finds that qualified applicants are not going to be easy to find, even with input and help from friends. Add to things pulling her attention in all directions is the search for a killer, when she, once again, feels the simplest answer is NOT the correct one.
You will want to keep turning pages as Allie finds herself in danger (also Once AGAIN) as she comes face to face with a murderer when she uncovers too much information. Lessons learned come back to be put into practice.
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J.C. Kenney provides a masterful combination of suspense and character development in 'A Mysterious Mix Up,'  Allie maintains a mystery solving/'real' life balance that is believable, as well as a believable working relationship with her Chief of Police ex-brother-in-law.  I figured out the who among the suspects, but not the why, which was no less enjoyable for me as the book concluded.  There are many opportunities for future potential and I sincerely look forward to more. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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A great series! The author’s love of the literary world comes through in the pages of the book. A fun series with wonderful characters that is sure to keep you entertained from beginning to end. I have enjoyed the character development throughout this series and I look forward to seeing where Allie’s adventures take her next.
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When literary agent Allie Cobb's hero, the longtime town librarian, is murdered, Allie decides to investigate. I enjoyed the lit agent angle. The background was interesting, and the flexibility worked well for avoiding the question of why the amateur sleuth has time to investigate. I also appreciated that Allie could generally see when she did something unsafe, and although she made mistakes she attempted to be careful- women can be brave and smart. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the ARC. The opinions in this review are honest and my own. #cozymystery #AMysteriousMixUp
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Back home again in Indiana and what a delightful place to be. Allie has her hands full with the latest murder in her small town. Nice pacing and several heart-warming moments. A few nail biters, too. A charming series that never fails to please.
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A Mysterious Mix-Up earns 5/5 Overdue Notices...Engaging Fun!

This is the third book, and my first, in J.C. Kenney’s Allie Cobb Mystery series, so I’m always concerned I’ll start at a disadvantaged...no need to worry here! Kenney’s writing style developed well the background and character connections to keep me quickly engaged. Allie Cobb, a literary agent, is a unique occupation to highlight, and putting her in the middle of a murder investigation was very entertaining. Allie had started her career in New York, but a family tragedy brought her back home to Indiana where she decided to stay and take over her father’s agency; she is now enjoying success which included being an active participant at the national book conference. But, returning home with lots to do, trouble again pops up when childhood mentor and the town’s beloved librarian, Vicky Napier, is found on the eve of her retirement...dead. The “why” is not immediately evident, but motives are exposed within the victim’s circle of friends, co-workers, and acquaintances including Allie’s boyfriend who was set as Vicky’s replacement. The drama moves at a steady pace with entertaining twists and a satisfying, although not entirely unexpected, solution that had Allie in nail-biting peril. Beyond the crime and investigation, Kenney includes engaging side issues that make this series one I plan to revisit: dynamics of a small town, ins and outs of running a small business, friendships, friends and family including a couple of fur friends, and a fascinating connection with law enforcement being an ex-brother-in-law. Great cozy fans should not miss!
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A Mysterious Mix Up by J.C. Kenney is the 3rd book in the Allie Cobb Mystery series, and another great addition. Allie Cobb is now running the family's literary agency that her father started.  Allie returns from a book confrence, excited to be home. Until Allie finds her role model, the town libraian, close to death on the library floor.   Why would anyone want to poison Vicky Napier, when she is ready to retire?  Allie is determined to find out.  I really enjoyed this book, and read it in one day it was so good. So many twists and turns. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.  I highly recommend this cozy mystery book and the whole series.
I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and Kensington Publishing. Thank you.
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J C Kenney has done it again, another engaging story starring Ursula the Calico Cat (oh and her servant Allie Cobb!)

Allie has been away at a book conference back in New York, and she is glad to be able to get back to her apartment in Rushing Creek and to see Ursi and her house/pet sitter aka her boyfriend Brent and his dog Sammy, when she has unwound from the conference and the travel Brent lets her know that Mrs Napier, the head librarian, is planning on retiring to Florida and she is recommending that he, Brent, applies for the job!  Allie is sad that she will be leaving (but is happy with the idea that Brent could be permanently around!), the following day they head to the library to give Vicky Napier some cookies only to discover her dying in the break room with a volunteer kneeling beside her!

Now Allie is determined to find out who would kill a librarian and why, at the same time try and find an intern for her expanding business, oh and try not to get checked out by a killer!
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A Mysterious Mix Up by J.C. Kenney is the third book of the cozy Allie Cobb Mystery series. As with most cozy series each book in this series contains it’s own mystery that is solved by the end so each can be read and understood as a standalone. However, some character development happens that carries over book to book for those that follow from the beginning.

Readers met Allie Cobb in the first book who was definitely her father’s daughter as she followed his footsteps into a career as a literary agent. Fresh out of college and trying to make a name for herself Allie chose to begin her career in the big city of New York. However, Allie’s father had taken ill and passed on so she returned to her hometown of Rushing Creek in southern Indiana to attend the funeral and close out her father’s business but then decided to stay.

Now Allie’s business has really begun to do well so she begins the process of looking for an assistant to help her out. After returning from a book conference she also finds out that her boyfriend will be getting a job in Rushing Creek at the local library when Allie’s her longtime role model retires. However, before it’s announced Vicky is found murdered which then puts Brent at the top of the suspect list for being in line for her job.

I have to admit that the biggest appeal to this series for me is that it was set in my home state of Indiana and I always find it fun when places I’m familiar with are mentioned. I’ve also found after getting into this series that I actually enjoy the characters too and it is good for a few laughs while sorting through suspects which I always enjoy. However, again in this series the victim is someone well liked which I think brings down the tone a bit when it’s not a “bad” guy so in the end  I would give this one 3 1/2 stars.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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New from Lyrical Press https://www.facebook.com/LyricalPressInc/ is the 3rd installment in the literary series, “An Allie Cobb Mystery,” and possibly the best one yet, A Mysterious Mix Up.

Allie is always getting herself in the middle of a murder investigation. Sometimes she is also the main suspect. In this literary series, amateur sleuth and literary agent Allie Cobb is once again skirting danger and worrying her friends and family. For the most part, Allie is a very likable character, as are all of the repeating individuals throughout this series, but she has a nasty habit of getting herself involved and hurt as a result of her inability to let the police do their job. Great if you are a suspect, not so great if you are her boyfriend, mother, or other friends and family members.

This time Allie’s childhood hero, the local librarian, is murdered for no apparent reason. She vows to get justice. The suspects are few, and the motives are a bit thin in this third book in this literary series. Unfortunately, I was able to figure out who the guilty party was almost from the first chapter. But other readers may not catch on to who the killer is until midway through the book. That said, the fact that I figured out who killed Allie’s hero immediately did not detract from the great storytelling or the enjoyment of the read.

From start to finish, A Mysterious Mix Up is a fast-paced, easy read. The characters are delightful, and the victim sympathetic. The relationships between Allie, her boyfriend, and her family members are becoming stronger, and readers will love having Brent, Allie’s boyfriend, around a lot more. This is one of my favorite literary series,’ and I am happy to recommend this book along with the other two for readers who like quick reads and characters with oodles of personality.

ARC provided by Kensington via NetGalley
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Allie Cobb is shocked to learn that Rushing Creek's librarian and her mentor Vicky Napier is abruptly retiring and moving to Florida to be with her sister. Allie and her boyfriend Brent go to give Vicky their best wishes and end up finding the librarian dead on the library floor. Vicky was much beloved by the town but there were some toxic people in her life, including obsessive handyman Porter Rasmussen and wood carver Ozzy who felt that Vicky had ripped him off on a contract. Brent, who’s in the running to take over as town librarian also becomes one of the suspects for the police. Determined to avenge Vicky's murder and clear Brent's name, Allie is willing to risk her life again to get justice. The book title refers to a mix-up in delivery that is the key motive to Vicky's murder.

This was another enjoyable read in the Allie Cobb mystery series. I received an eARC from Netgalley and Kensington/Lyrical Underground with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and provided this review.
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