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Much Ado about Nutmeg

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Another excellent edition to a wonderful series! Full of twists and turns that leaves you wanting more and enjoying each moment until the end when the killer is caught!
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Much Ado About Nutmeg

by Sarah Fox

The Golden Oldies Games have come to Wildwood Cove, and Marley, owner of the pancake house aptly named The Flip Side, anticipates and receives a bustling crowd as tourists and participants and their families converge on the beach town. Marley has excitement in her personal life too as she prepares for her wedding to Brett.

Sarah Fox’s Much Ado About Nutmeg has an interesting plot with several crimes and lots of suspects. Marley’s natural curiosity pulls her into investigating, mostly by interviewing, but that propensity draws her some potentially deadly attention. An enjoyable read, the book’s downside is a little too much description of Marley’s walk on the beach and to work, what she had to eat, and her attentions to her pets in her spare time.

This cozy mystery did not hold a lot of suspense, but its ending was a surprise. I’ll be back to discover how Marley’s life changes with marriage and if it dampens her enthusiasm for sleuthing.

I would like to extend my thanks to Netgalley and to Lyrical Underground (Kensington Press) for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4/5

Category: Mystery

Notes: 1. #6 in the Pancake House Mystery Series, but the author provides background information so it is good as a standalone.
	  2. Recipes included for scones and waffles

Publication:   January 14, 2020—Lyrical Underground (Kensington Press)

Memorable Lines:

I floated on my back for a few minutes, rising and falling with the waves. For the first time since I’d learned Yvonne was murdered, I relaxed and my racing thoughts slowed down. That was the magic of the ocean and Wildwood Beach. No other place brought me such peace.

Her determination was eerily familiar. I’d have as much luck keeping her out of the investigation as I would keeping myself out of it.

“We both know my reputation. I would have ended up looking into things even if you hadn’t asked me to. I’m drawn to mysteries like a moth to a flame.”
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This is the sixth book in the Pancake House Mystery series.  I've read them all, and the characters seem like old friends at this point.  It was a quick and easy read, perfect for a quiet afternoon.  I like the fact that there were lots of suspects, it made the culprit harder to guess!  I recommend this book, 4 stars.

Thanks to Kensington Books/Lyrical Underground for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This novel moved at a pace, definitely making me want to read more the authors work. I was awed but I was entertained enough to finish in a day and a half.
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It's summer, and Wildwood Cove is living in the fever of the Golden Oldies Games. Meanwhile, Marley McKinney is busy between managing her pancake cafe and getting ready for her late summer wedding. But when a suspicious accident and a murder take place in the quiet town, Marley will find herself trying to solve the murder herself. And, of course, that will lead to a lot of trouble.

Fast-paced and pleasant, Much Ado about Nutmeg definitely delivers in the cozy mystery genre. Not too complex but not too easy to solve, either, the book gives you an interesting mystery to solve, and it's short enough o read in a day or two - perfect for a mystery weekend.

This is a recommended read, especially for those loving the cozy mystery genre.
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I love tgis series by Sarah Fox. Her characters are like 9ld friends that you love back to visit every chance you get. The plot kept me wanting to read and I didn't see the murderer coming until the reveal. I can't wait for the nedt book in the series!
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This is book 6 in the Pancake House Mystery and it's a good cozy to solve and a wedding to attend. Marley is busy with her pancake diner and the tourist season in full swing.  Adding the sporting events for seniors has people in Wildwood Cove from all over the country.  With 2 dead bodies the locals are after Marley to get the cases solved so tourist season can be saved.  Of course the police are not happy with her sticking her nose into their investigation and the killer may not only cancel tourist season but her wedding as well.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I loved this book and as always, it made me need to make pancakes!  Purchased copies for family members
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The Pancake House Mystery series by Sarah Fox is one of my favorites.  Much Ado About Nutmeg is the sixth book in the series. Marley is planning her wedding in the middle of tourist season plus during the Golden Oldies Games which the town is hosting.  When a sports reporter is murdered, one of Marley's restaurant regulars begs her to investigate.  The mystery is definitely the focus of this book with the wedding taking a back seat.  If you are looking for a book heavy on the romance, this is not it.  I am in it for the mystery so it was a perfect addition to the series for me!
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Wildwood Cove is hosting the Golden Oldie Games, an athletic event for seniors over 50, and the small town is overflowing with visitors, in the 6th installment of The Pancake House Mysteries, Much Ado about Nutmeg by Sarah Fox. Marley McKinney, owner of The Flip Side, a popular pancake house, is engaged, and is working on the details for her wedding that is only two short months away. Marley is pretty outgoing, and never misses a chance to meet new people, and is pretty upset when one of the tennis players falls overboard and his body is missing. Then when Yvonne Pritchard’s body washes up on the beach, and it’s evident that she’s been murdered, Marley’s amateur sleuthing instincts kick in and she starts investigating. One of Marley’s friends had been spending time with Yvonne, who was a journalist for a fairly sketchy tabloid-type newspaper, and has no qualms about writing hurtful, slanderous articles. He asks Marley to try to solve the murder, and as Marley uncovers clues, she finds that Yvonne had written trash about several of the visitors and athletes, and there were several who had the motive to kill her.

As Marley tries to get to the bottom of the murder, the suspense builds, and she puts herself and others in grave danger; it seems she may not survive long enough to attend her own wedding. 

Fans of this fun series are familiar with the characters, and they are well-developed so that they seem real. There definitely is a small town feel to the story; it is easy to follow and is a fast read. The bonus, of course, is that there are several mouthwatering recipes from Marley’s pancake house that readers will want to whip up and eat while reading the novel.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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This series is alot of fun with a really great cast of characters. Marley is busy planning her wedding and extra busy at her Pancake House as the town is hosting the Golden Oldies Games for participants 50 and over which has brought alot of tourists to town. When not one but two deaths happen, Marley can't help but investigate. Lots of fun, food, and suspects!
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I jumped into this series rather late. It can be read as a stand alone.
The book starts back with Marley and Brett getting for their marriage. There is a senior games going on in town. Someone gets killed and try as she might, Marley couldn't not help to try and solve murder.
If you are a fan of cozy mysteries, this is for you.
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3.5 stars 
It was a good cozy mystery. The twist didn't surprise me coz I did expect something along that lines. I wish I had read the other books in the series as Marley seemed to have a lot of backstory
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This is the sixth book in the series and while I haven't read the first five i will now. I recommend for all cozy mystery lovers
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I just love Marley and the gang in Wildwood Cove. This latest installment was a doozy of a mystery with multiple twists and turns and a surprise conclusion. I really enjoyed this mystery. It had a good plot and no shortage of suspects which kept me guessing throughout the read. Looking forward to more adventures at the Pancake House. 

I received this book from NetGalley and was not required to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own.
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MUCH ADO ABOUT NUTMEG, the sixth book in the Pancake House Mystery series by Sarah Fox, is a delicious return to The Flip Side pancake house featuring Marley McKinney. One of the things I enjoy about this series is that the protagonist has a full-time job as owner of the Flip Side and she devotes the necessary time and energy into making it a success. Marley doesn’t shirk her responsibilities, yet manages to get enough investigating done to track down clues and solve the case. I also like that her fiancé, Brett, gives her as much support as she wants and needs when investigating, instead of telling her to stay out of it… especially since his Uncle Ray is the sheriff. Even Uncle Ray seems to appreciate her ability to find out information that he can’t, despite his concern over her well-being. The action starts off quickly, with two murders within the first 24 hour period of the book. The plot is well paced and there are twists and turns that add to the intrigue. I was totally caught off-guard for the reveal…I didn’t see it coming at all and it added to my delight looking back at how the clues pointed in that direction.

Marley and her supporting characters are well-developed and are people I enjoy spending time with. While MUCH ADO ABOUT NUTMEG can be read as a stand-alone, this is a series that improves with each addition as the characters grow and change. The author’s descriptive voice brings both the characters and the setting to life, as well as making you drool over all the delicious food served at The Flip Side! Ms. Fox includes several recipes at the back of the book and they all sound delectable. 

I was provided with an advance copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Marley is busy, busy, busy.  She's making last minute plans for her wedding.  She's the owner of the Flip Side Café, where business has really picked up due to a athletica event for seniors going on in town.  When a sports reporter is found murdered, Marley's natural curiosity kicks in and she finds herself trying to solve yet another mystery.

With each book in this series, I've grown to like Marley and the residents of Wildwood Cove.  There really is that small town feeling where neighbors want to help each other.  The excitement really ramps up close to the end as Marley gets closer and closer to figuring out who committed the murder.  It all turns out to be quite exciting!

My thanks to Kensington Books and Netgalley for this ARC.
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A blend of bananas, cinnamon & nutmeg 
make delicious pancakes. Or you can have
blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon.
Or perhaps you rather Belgian waffles with
a strawberry topping, bacon , sausage or
just a scone. All are favorites at Marley
McKinneys’s The Flip Side Pancake House
in the seaside town of Wildwood Cove on 
the Olympic Peninsula.
The town is hosting the Golden Oldies Game.
This is a statewide sporting event for 
athletes fifty and older.
You will meet a lot of the game participants 
plus members of the press and newspaper 
photographers. Each presents with a different 
facade and are well constructed.
Then mishaps occur....a man falls overboard 
off his yacht, an unpopular reporter washes
up on shore and a dead photographer.
The book was well plotted presenting several
puzzling option for a solution.
You will meet Bentley, the dog and Flapjack, 
the orange Tabby cat. You will discover 
delicious recipes and mouthwatering 
descriptions of foods. 
You will attend a beach side wedding.
Colorful, well created main and supporting 
This is book # 6 in the Pancake House Mystery 
series. It can be read as a stand alone.
I volunteered to read this eBook. Thank you 
to Kensington Books/ Lyrical Underground via 
Net Gallery for the opportunity. My opinion is 
voluntary and my own.
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It might be off season in Wildwood Cove, but with the Golden Oldies Games, sports events for those over 50, taking place Marley is busier than ever. Throw in the planning of her wedding, she doesn't have a lot of time on her hands. There is media in town along with athletes and their families along with their coaches and there are a lot of extra people around. When the husband of one of the athletes is washed overboard on his yacht and sports reporter, Yvonne Pritchard washes ashore having been killed, Marley once again fits in some investigating into her already busy schedule.

I always enjoy a visit to Wildwood Cove. I enjoy this series, mainly due to the wonderful characters. Marley is a great protagonist who has a hard time turning anyone down when they ask for assistance. This time, one of her long-time regulars asks her to investigate the death of the reporter, who is a friend of his. With so many strangers in town, there are so many suspects. As Marley investigates, she finds that there are many people that Yvonne has alienated due to her writing, sometimes not always true, that there are a lot of people that had an issue with her. There were enough red herrings that kept me guessing. The plot was well-written and the mystery had me turning the pages quickly. I was not able to guess the culprit although as the reveal happened, I was able to look back and see some of the clues. The motive, was one that I had expected, but there was more to it than I had thought. Another great addition to the Pancake House Mystery.
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Marley and the Pancake House gang are cooking up some delicious meals for the Golden Oldies athletes as well as preparing for Marley and Brett's upcoming beach wedding. With the influx of visitors and competitors, there is rarely an empty seat at least until the back to back deaths that couldn't possibly be related other than by location.  Marley cannot help but ask questions although this time the pancake flipper is in the other hand when Sienna, one of her waitstaff wants to play Nancy Drew as well. Like the ones before it, this latest pancake house mystery kept me enthralled and entertained not to mention the pancake cravings. I cannot wait to make the Banana Nut Pancakes this weekend. The author does a great job of reminding the reader of how and why Marley feels and does the things she does so it is not necessary to have read the previous books to be able to follow the storyline or character development. You don't have to read the early books but after you have one, they are like the tempting pancake and crepe meals described in the stories, you are going to want more.
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