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Big Trouble in Mrs. Porridge's Henhouse

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I liked this book much better than I was expecting to. The mystery wasn't patronizingly easy, nor was it so obscure that it would have taken me three days to figure it out so I could explain it to the kids. It is long enough to seem like a "real" book to the early readers.

I have mixed feelings about the illustrations. First of all, they aren't a style that I care for much, so that undoubtedly colored my feelings. I actually did find some of them quite likable, but others just seemed like clip art in the hands of someone who is good with computers. I don't think that will matter much to the kids, however.
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Enjoyed the storyline, pictures were interesting and went well with the story. Very quick, fast paced read for small children to enjoy. I liked that the story made a statement and will be looking into the others in the series!
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Hmmm – not sure where the 'funny and insightful', nor the bit about 'life lessons', relates to this book.  Its very basic adventure is of a girl and a rabbit who seems a lot smarter than her, investigating the repeated theft of some old woman's birds' eggs.  Pleasant enough, but one to borrow first, especially as there's destined to be quite a series of these.  Two and a half stars.
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