Cross Her Heart

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First of all let me say thank you to Montlake Romance and NetGalley for allowing me a copy to read for review.

Melinda Leigh scored a touchdown with this first in series of Bree Taggert. The characters and story had me instantly invested to the point that I would not put it down (front to back in one day). As you would expect there is always a backstory to bring buy-in, and the detail and flashbacks are effectively placed. Leigh wraps up the story effortlessly. while also leaving you wanting to know what happens next to the Taggerts, Matt, Dana, and the other secondary, yet important, characters next. I am ready for Taggert #2.
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Once again, Melinda Leigh knocks it out of the park with a book that has both a fascinating, page-turning plot AND phenomenal characters. I found the main character, Bree, to be instantly likeable. She's a tough-as-nails homicide detective who immediately rushes to be with her niece and nephew when her sister, Erin, is murdered. She will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of who killed her sister. And she doesn't have to do it alone - Matt (former copy and close friend of Erin's missing husband) is also determined to find out what happened to his missing friend (who happens to also be the main suspect in Erin's murder).  
I am so happy that Melinda Leigh has started a new series - I was really sad when I read the last book in her Morgan Dane series earlier this year. I'm excited that I now have a NEW series to look forward to (and I appreciated the brief reference to Lance Kruger from the Morgan Dane series in this this book)! I cannot wait to read the next book in this series!

Thank you to Montlake Romance and NetGalley for providing a copy for review.
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Melinda Leigh has another winner.  This is the first book in a new series and I can’t wait to read the next.  Bree Taggert is a successful homicide detective from Philadelphia who returns home because she thinks her sister is in danger.  And she is!  This is a fast paced mystery with strong characters, great dialogue and a strong story.  Don’t pass on this one - it’s very good.
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As children, the Taggerts experienced an abusive family life which resulted in the murder/suicide of their parents. As the oldest of the three children, Bree protected both Erin and Adam as much as she could and led them to a safe place where they were later found.

Now Bree Taggert is a dedicated  homicide detective in Philadelphia but she carries with her, a dark and traumatic past. A past that keeps her away from Grey's Hollow and her siblings. 

After receiving a distressing call from her sister, she decides to return 'home', especially when her attempts to contact Erin are all in vain. 

What she finds when she gets there is the worst imaginable scenario. 

This, the first of what I suspect will be many, Bree Taggert cases shows the range of skills of an experienced police officer.

As she sets about solving her sister's murder, whilst taking over the care of her nephew and neice, Bree establishes herself in the local community, building a local network of people I'm sure will feature in other Bree Taggert mysteries.

A great start to a new Melinda Leigh series where the author once again serves up a side of 'romance' with an intriguing thriller as the main course.
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A past that drew Bree to being a cop, people didn’t ask but she could tell by the whispers behind her back. A father that murdered his wife, leaving three. small children. Now the past has come back again with her sister Erin’s crime echoes the past, even to a bad marriage. The question is where is the. husband now. .With a promise she made, she has Erin children to take care of.  Former investigator Matt Flynn works with her, to uncover what happens.  This new series with Bree, starts as a child calling for 911, she is survivor, and a care giver, looking after her 2 syblings. The author is a master at moving your emotions from the beginning of the story, and wanting answers. How could this happen again. The plot is tense, direct, and fast paced. Looking forward to more in this series. Bree is a special, tough cop, and sure we will find out more about her.  Given ARC  by Net Galley and Montlake for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.
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She never disappoints!!  There is always a great storyline with suspense and this book did not disappoint. Captivating and addicting from start to finish. You definitely want to check this out and others as well.
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This is an amazing book!! I was hooked from the beginning!! It keeps you guessing and the twists and turns keep coming. I love the retired K9 and Bree’s journey to learning to trust again. It is a beautiful story of growth and her character comes full circle. It has tons of mystery and intrigue and you don’t know who the bad guy is until the end. The author did an excellent job writing this story!! I will definitely read more!! 

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I have voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this title given to me through NetGalley. This book was just absolutely wonderful. It was just so easy to get lost in and I just couldn’t put it down. I just lost myself within this amazing story. I most definitely will read more by this author.
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Very good mystery, but with a sad storyline. It was great to see Bree and her nephew and niece triumph in the end. I enjoyed the dynamic between Bree and Matt and the setting.  I felt like I could go live on that farm in the book. The author painted a very vivid picture of the landscape. The story was great and kept the pages turning.  I also liked the K-9 aspects that were put in, and would of liked to see more of that in the storyline. Good read!!
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As always, Melinda Leigh delivers. Bree is a likeable character with a lot of heart for her job and family.  A good story with mystery, intense scenes, and a little bit of humor.
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This is a high-energy thriller that went above and beyond my expectations. The chemistry between Bree and Matt and Bree's determination to find the person that killed her sister is incredible.  Dana was a treat and added spice to the drama with Erin's Ex the proverbial creep. I want to see more of Bree and Matt in the future and would love an update on Justin. A 5 star at its finest by Melinda Leigh.

I received an ARC from netgallery and I am providing this voluntary review.
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This Book 1 in the Bree Taggert Series is off like a rocket! Bree suffers from a horrible childhood tragedy that has left her and her two siblings marked in different ways. When her Sister Erin is murdered, Bree is forced to return to the town she never wanted to see again and try to find justice for Erin and to take care of Erin's two children. This book is truly a fast paced mystery, with plot lines flying all around you. It is so hard to stop reading, you just want to know what is going to happen next. While definitely not a romance, there is the start of something there between Bree and Matt Flynn, a former law enforcement officer with scars of his own to deal with. I highly recommend this book, and intend to read more. 4-1/2 Stars!!

Thank you NetGalley for giving me an ARC for my honest opinion.
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Cross Her Heart by Melinda Leigh
Just put this down!  What a read!!  I loved all the twists and turns in this mystery … the suspense kept you hanging onto every word!  Who killed Bree’s Sister??  Between the back story and her Sister’s death Bree has had a tragic life.  Will she get the answers she is looking for or will her life end as well?  I couldn’t put this down!  Melinda Leigh knocked on out of the park and I hope to read more about Bree & Matt! 

A great read from a great author – highly recommend!

Thank you to NetGalley for my advanced review copy. 

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Very cleverly plotted, this thriller kept me on the edge of my seat. I was so engrossed that I didn't rest until I actually finished reading it. Bree Taggert is smart, funny, compassionate and determined. The beginning of the Bree and Matt romance was particularly lovely but would have loved to see more of it, keeping it well paced and mysterious. 

I am looking forward to reading more of Bree Taggert's stories.
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I like Melinda Leigh's books,  you know what you are going to get.  Pacy,  good plots and gripping thrillers.  This didn't disappoint.
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This is the first book in a  new series. Bree Taggert is a police officer. When she gets a call from her sister saying she’s in trouble she goes to help her only to find out she’s been murdered. She and her siblings survived a-tragedy that left both her parents dead.
Matt Flynn is a ex K 9 handler and best friends with Bree’s brother in law who is missing. This is a edgy thriller. Not much romance in this first book but the potential is there for a future relationship.lLots of new characters to fall in love with.A great mystery which Ms. Leigh always delivers.A superb start to a new favorite
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4* A solid read until it got a few 'too many red herrings' and one person began to stand out...

... a little too much.

I've only really discovered this author this year, and boy can she write. I particularly liked that this book was not a romance but a police/mystery first and foremost. Strangely, though, I didn't think the emotional-loss aspect was strong enough, especially where two children who'd lost their mother was concerned, and two siblings who'd lost their sister. With the latter three's family history and especially since Bree was old enough to recall most of what had happened to her aged 8, I had expected more trauma, more delving into the past, more bonding with her remaining family. 

I'm not going to rehash the tale and it was well done for the most, though when Craig and Justin and Zack started to appear too much in person/on-page (because one of the characters is off-page until the very end) it got a little tiring. I think I started to suss out who the killer was because of a couple of mentions about Erin's (the deceased's) stance on domestic violence, and how she herself put up with a lot of abuse, though not when it turned violent. Did I believe the killer? Kind of, because what happened to him a lot of guys might take as a blow to the old ego and doubts and insecurities might well start to appear. For him to go so pyscho so quickly, and for Bree not to have bigger alarms bells going, didn't quite ring true. But, it all came out in the wash, which unfortunately involved innocent bystanders who got injured or killed.

Would I read more of this series? Yes, and not specifically for the romantic aspect, as that barely, barely, barely featured - in fact, I don't think the guys even managed a kiss, though the odd date in the future was mentioned. And, I liked that the tale, that the people affected by Erin's death took precedence in the tale, and that there were not TSTL moments like getting it on in the middle of stuff going down, just because the tale has a female lead and a male lead and it's kind of expected. That added intelligence to the tale. 

ARC courtesy of Montlake Romance and NetGalley, for my reading pleasure.
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Twists and turns abound...a well written action and drama filled who-dun-it that makes you want more.  can't wait to see what the author has up her sleeves next time...
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What a fracking great start to a new series!!!

Bree has had nothing but tragedy in her life.  She had to deal with her father killing her mother, the abuse he heaped on her and her siblings, and being raised separately from her siblings.  They tried to keep in close contact but they are now their own people, although still in contact.

Bree is now a homicide cop but when she gets a worrying call from her newly separated sister, she decides to go visit.  But on her arrival she finds she is too late, her sister lies shot and her brother in law is the only suspect.  Yes the clues all lead to him, but something lies uneasy with Bree.  It's just too pat.

Matt Flynn is a former deputy who was medically retired after he was shot during "friendly fire".  The previous corrupt Sheriff may have been ousted but there seems to still be animosity in the ranks. Now he finds himself involved in another investigation, his best friend has supposedly murdered his wife.  He knows he had problems with drugs but he would never have hurt his wife.  He loved her and his step-children to pieces.

Bree and Matt team up to try and get to the real heart of the matter.  But can Bree cope being in her old hometown?  Can she really contemplate losing her nephew and niece to their feckless father?  

OMG, this does not pull punches.  Taut, action thriller with a bit of a slow burn romance.  I loved the vibrancy of the characters and how all the siblings had processed their grief in various ways.  There are also some amazing secondary characters, such as Bree's partner.  I can help but see her as Christine Cagney-esque!  Kick-ass cop, failed wife but a great partner and friend!

I cannot wait to see what is in store for Bree and the gang in the next book!  I'm hoping we see more of her brother, he really does have to get out of his artist studio and into the real world!
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Melinda Leigh has created another great story with just the right amount of mystery, suspense, and romance for a great escapist read.  As a child, Bree Taggert protected her younger sister and brother from her abusive father and survived tragedy.  As an adult, she's a Philadelphia homicide detective but quick to respond when her sister is found murdered in their home town.  Bree has to deal with some life-altering decisions as she runs down the killer.  This is the beginning of a new series, and I'm looking forward to the next book already!
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