Lost Tomorrows

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When the past comes back with a bang!
Two women dead and both are connected to one man both personally and professionally.
One was his wife and the other his partner on the Santa Barbara police department.
Yet, that's were the similarities seem to end or do they when he's hired by the sister to investigate.
Not only does Krista's sis want answers so too does everyone connected to these horrible acts of violence.
What results will be more than anyone might be able to comprehend as the deaths were tragic yet senseless in many ways.
Will those involved be brought to justice?
Will the victims families ever receive the closure they desperate need?
A great new read by Matt Coyle!
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A solid mystery set in two of my former hometowns: San Diego & Santa Barbara. The author got the setting just right. The mystery was very well done. My only quibble is the characters were not as developed as fully as I thought they could have been. Otherwise, a solid mystery.
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Lost Tomorrows by Matt Coyle is a highly recommended noir whodunit featuring a troubled private investigator and the sixth book in the series.

San Diego P. I. Rick Cahill receives a phone call learning that his former partner on the Santa Barbara Police Department, Krista Landingham, is dead. When Rick goes to the funeral, his past is ever present and thrust into his face by the officers attending the funeral. His wife, Colleen, was murdered in the city and Rick was considered guilty by the police, but certain key people, like his former partner, knew he could not have been the guilty party. Now Leah, Krista's sister, wants Rick to assist another P.I. and look into her sister's death. She thinks Krista's death was murder, not an accident. Rick soon begins to wonder if Krista's death is somehow linked to Colleen's death because she had just reopened and started investigating the cold case.

This is my first Rick Cahill mystery and I could easily follow the backstory of the first person narrative without reading the other books in the series. What happened in his past is either explained if it is important to the plot and/or hinted at if it involves his character and background. The premise is set up immediately and the action escalates. The case is carefully presented and you can follow the twists and leads clearly as the investigation unfolds. The chapters are short and concise, helping move the plot along quickly.

Rick is a well-developed character and Coyle presents all his strengths and flaws. He is likely clinically depressed, but he is also an intelligent, attentive investigator who will follow any leads. Rick shows vulnerability and a hesitation to open himself up to any relationship as he doesn't think he deserves any happiness. This book could easily entice readers to read the previous books in the series to try an unlock more of what caused Rick's damaged psyche.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Oceanview Publishing.

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While this book was clearly part of a series, it provided enough background information that I was quickly able to get into the story. Rick, a former police officer turned PI, returns to the city where he lost his wife to investigate the sudden hit and run death of his former partner at the request of her sister Leah. He quickly discovers there are connections to his wife's murder. He struggles over the question of vengeance versus justice as he pursues those responsible.
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OK, but not my favorite book Good development of characters and storyline. 3 1/2 stars. A good mystery but not so much a thriller.
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Rick Cahill is called back to Santa Barbara when his partner from the days when he was a cop is killed by a hit and run driver. She was still on the force and looking into his wife's murder fourteen years ago. Are they connected? His partner, Krista's sister hires him to help find out what happened to her sister. Rick thinks he knows who the culprit is and wants to make sure he is dead before Tick goes home to San Diego. Could he be wrong? Can he find out in time before he does something he shouldn't?
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When Rick Cahill learns that his former training officer, Krista Landingham, has been killed in a hit and run accident he reluctantly returns to Santa Barbara to pay his respects. He left Santa Barbara and the force after being accused of his wife’s murder…a murder that has never been solved. Krista’s sister, Leah, doesn’t believe that her sister’s death was an accident and asks Rick to investigate. When clues lead Leah and Rick to believe that Krista’s death was not an accident the investigation turns deadly. Someone doesn’t want the truth of Krista’s death to be revealed, could this same person be responsible for his wife’s death? An exciting mystery as Leah and Rick try to learn the truth leading to an exciting and dangerous conclusion. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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Lost Tomorrows by Matt Coyle Rick Cahill is a flawed, stubborn but likeable character.  In this fast paced, action filled, emotionally charged suspense novel, he  finally finds out the identity his wife's killer. After the 14 year mystery is solved is this possible end of the series?  

Thank you to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.
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What happens to a man's humanity when he thinks he's lost everything? Does he take justice into his own hands, becoming judge and jury, or does he allow a little doubt to slow the path to self-destruction? These are the questions that came to me when reading this new mystery/thriller novel. The main character is obviously flawed but he's still likeable. The closer to the end I got the more I wanted him to consider other options. You'll have to read this one to find out if that's possible.
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Finally. In a tense, emotional , and suspense filled story, Rick Cahill discovers who killed his wife years earlier. Part of me is excited and grateful for an end to this long running mystery.... while another part of me is sad to see the conclusion to this storyline. I've developed a love of this character and these books and I certainly hope it's not the last we see of Rick. A good book ALWAYS affects you emotionally, and this one definitely has. Thank you Matt for creating such an interesting and engaging, and real person on the pages of the Rick Cahill books.
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Rick Cahill is accused of murdering his wife 14 years ago.  Revealing his alibi cost him his job on the police force.  Now when another women in his past is murdered; Rick knows these two crimes are connected.  I was not a fan of Rick with his goal of vengeance.  His clue following left much to be desired.  Wonder if this is the end of the series? "A copy of this book was provided by Oceanview Publishing via Netgalley with no requirements for a review.  Comments here are my honest opinion."
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