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The Insurrection by Chris Babu is the final book in The Initiation series.

Having survived the Initiation and expedition, this book continued with Drayden and his friends to take down the Bureau to reveal the lies of the government that have been deceiving them for years. In characters that kept evolving throughout every turn of a page, mistakes they have made and find out what they are capable of in trials and the enemies that they have faced in the New America.

As a part of the resistance and with the help of professor Worth and led by ally Kim Craig, they must find a way to defeat all power authoritarian, as well as Drayden wanting to find his mother after she was excited which we encountered in the first book The Initiation.

In this ending trilogy, an action-packed novel of characters trying to navigate being teenagers, reuniting with familiar friends and characters that we knew from the previous books in an epic battle that for sure needed for this series.

I read the first two books back to back and then I read The Insurrection by itself which I'm happy I did.

This book is a fast-paced gripping ride that holds grief, dealing with emotions, reflecting in a way that it's filled with hope.

And hope is all humanity needs in these difficult times.

Happy reading.
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This book had somewhat of a slow start. There was a lot going on and it made it hard to center myself with the characters. I did enjoy it as it moved further on.
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Nice way to wrap up this dystopian series. Enjoyable read. Overall, I enjoyed this series, although I could've done without the foul language. It's not necessary, especially in YA books.
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*I received an advanced copy from the author in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own*
All I can say is wow! This series ended so nicely!
With any dystopian read, that’s all you can really hope for. 
I think the author did a great job at making sure everyone had closure. Drayden got closure with his mom and dad. The Professor found his niece. Everything ended basically perfectly (other than injuries gotten from the war)
My only problem was that I felt the end was really rushed. It really went super fast. One minute they’re fighting for their lives and the next, it’s all over. A little more detail would have fit nicely.
I also think an epilogue would have been cool. I’m really interested in seeing what happened to our characters after the war. 
Overall, this book was really good! And the series as a whole was great! Would definitely recommend!
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As the series draws to a close, a new chapter begins!

Drayden, Catrice, Charlie, and Sidney are still shocked about learning the secrets of the Bureau and New America upon arriving in Boston.  Now they must undertake the dangerous mission of returning to New America when they were never expected to survive.  Even though they beat the Guardians to get to Boston, they are still an ever-present danger that is lurking outside the walls.  They realize that they need leverage and decide that an acquaintance from their previous journey will hopefully provide the help.  As the friends travel to New America, they begin to see that even though there are people outside the walls, people are connected in ways they didn’t know.  One thing they do know is that they wickedness of the bureau must be stopped.  A revolution is going to occur and they will have to be the catalyst to bring it forward.

I’ve enjoyed reading this series.  There are a multitude of dystopian novels available now and it’s fun when a series finally piques my interest.  Like many others, it is set in the United States after some apocalyptic event (in this case the aero flu known as the confluence) and depicts life after the event, usually in some type of totalitarian government arrangement disguised as democracy.  What I enjoyed about this book was how a group of teenagers continued to outmaneuver a group that had controlled the masses for decades.  And on top of that, they have regular teenage problems.  Drayden continues to find himself in the love triangle between Catrice and Sidney, although this book finally gets that set straight.  Feelings of insecurity bleed through the pages for each of the characters.  And, of course, masks of some of the characters are revealed to show their true motives.  Drayden must face his nemesis, both mentally and physically.  In the end, I think many readers will enjoy the conclusion to the series.

This is the third and final in the series.  I highly recommend that start at the beginning and not try to pick up this one first.  There is also some foul language throughout that could have easily been left out or replaced with dystopian slang as is part of the case, but not fully.  

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.
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I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I felt like this book wrapped up the universe it was built in perfectly. The other books in my own opinion were better story wise but this one was definitely a strong ending.
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Great ending to the series. It took me a bit to get back into the swing of the story, because it picks up basically right where we left off last time. This installment is non stop action. Alot of story is packed into this final book. It will definitely keep you interested. My only complaint is Dray's insecurities. After a few instances of him waxing poetic on luck, I kinda wanted to smack him.
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The Insurrection, the third book of The Initiation series, continues the saga of Drayden and his friends, a fight against the New America government, The Bureau. After Aeru, a deadly bacterium, became pandemic, a totalitarian regim erected twenty-five-foot-high, concrete walls and divided old Manhattan into four residential zones, from A to D; the D, also known as Dorms. In exchange for protection against Aeru, The Bureau asked from his citizens total obedience, if not, they will be expelled outside the walls, exposed to the killer bacterium. 
Angry because his mother was deported without any reason, not being allowed outside his zone, and asking himself questions, the sixteen years old Drayden will try The Initiation, a life and dead test, which, if passed, will give him and his family access to a better life. An ad-hoc team of teenagers was formed, and The Initiation pushed Drayden in the leader position, due to his inteligence. I leave to your judgement if the kids were winners or liberatores, after reading the first book. Soon after The Initiation, in the high speed process from childhood/adolescence to maturity, Drayden and his team were sent by The Bureau in The Expedition (second book) in attempt to save New America from an iminent disaster and provide deep-cycle baterries from a far away land, called Boston. I wonder if this is not a contemporary comparison between Manhattan – the place of money and perdition, and Boston – the city of cultural elites? I’ll leave you to judge this by reading the second in the series, The Expedition. 
After the first two volumes, you’ll know why the third was a must (to be written, read and shared). Drayden, Charlie, Sidney and Catrice take the way back home from Boston. Understanting the magnitude of their enemy, they are concerned about the safety of their families left in New America. Also, Drayden hopes to find his mother outside the walls. They are ready now to start the change and turn New America upsidedown by revolution. But they are four teenagers and an old man, Professor Worth, against an autocratic regime, which has a well-trained army. Luck was merely a matter of perspective. Will they succeed? 
After reading The Insurrection I moved Chris Babu from YA shelf to the classics’. As he states in an interview, he wrote the series for his daughter Lily, to involve her in the beauty of mathematics and encourage her to read, and he did a great job. ”The sleep of reason produces monsters” (Goya) can’t be better described: Chris Babu sounds an alarm signal of how society can evolve if we do not pay attention. It is amazing how accurately Chris Babu describes a totalitarian regim (although he has not experienced one) as a result of the lack of democracy in a crisis situation. The author creats powerful images: a strong american symbol of freedom, The regal Statue of Liberty, was raising her torch like a cry for help; the broken spire of the World Trade Center; docking too damaged to be used; rusted shells of cars and buses; a laminted menu in a ex icecream shop, dangling from the ceiling – american way of life long time gone. This book doesn’t leave the reader in peace!
I would like to underline how the author plays his characters. From inocent teenagers to urban guerilla/partisans, Chris Babu describe and give life to all type of adolescents: bullies, shy, brave, intelligent, diabolic, bold; then he uses their full potential in a dinamic action which will involve the reader completely. The author brings into attention, in a fresh manner, old principls of life: the truth always wins, the societies are changed by youngs, the winner is not necessarely happier, but wiser. 

A 5 stars series I loved to read!

The book will be published next year, the 18th of February; it is available for preorder.

You can find The Insurrection on Netgallery or, if you are a bookblogger who already read the 1st two in The Initiation series and would like an ARC, ask Chris Babu, he will kindly send you one! The author can be found at
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This book afforded a lot of closure that many of the previous books in this series were missing. I’ll start off by saying that the stakes were very high in this book, and the resolution was logical. The path to get to the ending was perhaps a bit tumultuous, but it worked. I’ve never really loved Drayden as a character, and that certainly didn’t help my overall opinion of the story. The drama between him, Sidney, and Catrice didn’t really work, either. In my opinion, the relationship tension present throughout most of the book seemed unnecessary and stupid. Charlie wetting himself was also not very enjoyable to read about. Moving on to what I did like, I thought that the fifth addition to their party was a good choice. That person helped make up for the brainpower Drayden seemed to lack. Not only did Drayden fail to recognize blatantly obvious traps until it was almost to late, he also failed to recognize a double agent. However, he was under a lot of pressure and understandably made a few mistakes. The story itself was very well-thought-out, and the word choice employed by the author was very powerful. Chris Babu’s eloquent use of language frequently lead to my looking words up in a dictionary. It was enjoyable to expand my vocabulary as a result of this novel. If you have read the first two books in this series, then I recommend reading this one as well. This grand finale won’t disappoint.
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