The Meatless Monday Family Cookbook

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Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this cookbook!

Finally a veggie book that includes suitable recipes for children! I am a vegetarian but I don't force my children to be, I simply give them options and encourage them to try veggie meals. It has been a struggle to find things to try with them as they are quite fussy but this book has lots of tasty and easy meals to make with them!
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Unfortunately I couldn't even get into this book.....

Like I couldn't even read the thing.....

I'm not sure if I requested to late or what. But I couldn't even get the PDF to open and I followed all instructions to do so. 

But still couldn't get it to open...

I'm giving this book 1 Star out of 5 since I couldn't even look at it...
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I really liked this cookbook.  I received the preview on Netgalley, and was pleased enough to order a copy from Amazon. I usually don't purchase cookbooks because there are only 2 or 3 recipes that I really like, but this book was different, so I broke that rule. 

This book was really good. I tried a few of the recipes, and they were really tasty.  I took a look and found quite a few more that I am interested in trying.

This is Real World vegan cooking.  The basic vegan cooking that tired people will do after a long work day.  Almost every ingredient is in my pantry or fridge.  No odd ingredients that only can found in a specialty market 2 hours away. Quick, easy, and tasty.  My kind of cookbook.

I'm elderly, with no kids around; and still enjoyed the recipes.
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Great, easy recipes that the whole family will love. I loved this one and really enjoyed the recipes in it. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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I’ve tried a couple of these recipes and as a meat lover I must say these recipes are helping me transition. It’s easier to try and eat less or no meat with these recipes and I don’t really miss meat.
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As a veggie - I like the book. It has some great recipes in it and the layout (soups, salads, etc) is good. 
Whether it is specific to families or children is questionable. The recipes don't scream child-friendly and colourful (except green, because which child loves eating green stuff?) but they are relatively simple to prepare and do have an option of adding fun maccaroni children may love. 
Children aside though, this is a good starter book for anyone who wants to give vegetarianism a try, take part in meat-free Monday or just reduce their meat intake. 
As a vegetarian I often like to point out that humans aren't supposed to eat meat every day but rather once or twice a week. Having recipes like these will help you achieve that.
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A great read prior to Vegan January. 

Some really good recipe inspirations, although I did think there were a lot of soup options, maybe because its not something I make often. I will try some
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I'm always on the lookout for reasonable, healthy recipes, especially those of the meatless variety. A family cookbook, being focused on appealing to a wide range of tastes, holds a lot of promise. Unlike some "family" cookbooks, this one has no dinner party or cocktail sections. It's just every day food, though it weighs a bit heavily on the soup and salad front. Also has a lot of tips for stocking your pantry and changing up your menus.
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A professionally done cookbook that does not have pictures for all the recipes given in it. Still a well-done effort. Thanks to the publisher for the ARC.
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I love finding cookbooks that focus on easy, plant-based recipes! This is a great addition for anyone looking for some vegetarian recipe inspiration. You won't miss the meat in these recipes! I look forward to trying the Cauliflower Wild Rice Soup, Spicy Chickpea Melts and Meaty Mushroom Stew! 

Thank you, Quarto Publishing Group and NetGalley!
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I am always looking for new recipes! I’m not veg or vegan but some days I go without meat. This book inspired new recipes to try out.
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Are you and/ or you and your family resolving to eat healthier in 2020?  Or, would you just sometimes like to have a good vegetarian recipe?  If you answer yes, this will be just the cookbook for you.  Recipes are divided into chapters on hearty soups, satisfying salads, loaded handhelds, bountiful bowls, perfet pasta, one pot wonders, comforting casseroles, center stage vegetables and breakfast for dinner.  All of these appeal to me.  The final chapter is on sauces and staples while the book begins with advice for meatless Monday.  Some of this advice is about staples to stock, tools that are needed and also how to get children involved. 

There are so many recipes that I cannot list them all.  Just a few include cauliflower wild rice soup, miso soup with shiitake mushrooms and ramen noodles and rustic winter stew.  This only covers the soup chapter.  There is so much more.  All of the recipes are well laid out with clear instructions.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy their veggies.  Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.  I plan to buy this book myself.
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The Meatless Monday Family Cookbook by Jenn Sebestyen is a perfect introduction to starting a Meatless Monday tradition. It is a movement that seems to be an important one that aims to improve health and the planet. This book has a multitude of ideas that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

The Meatless Monday Family Cookbook starts off with a little backstory written by the founder of the global Meatless Monday Movement, Sid Lerner, which makes quite a bit of sense. Mondays are definitely days that everyone seems to be in reboot mode. It is a perfect day for trying a healthy alternative to the typical meat and potatoes dinner.


Going meatless is not something that I am considering, but I do value the health benefits of adding more plants to my diet. This book does have quite a few options that have sparked my interest. The book is divided into 11 different sections:

Getting Started With Meatless Monday
Hearty Soups
Satisfying Salads
Loaded Handhelds
Bountiful Bowls
Perfect Pasta
One Pot Wonders
Comforting Casseroles
Centre Stage Vegetables
Breakfast for Dinner
Sauces and Staples

Sebestyen gives tips and ideas for getting started, as well as a number of simple recipes for meals, such as soups and casseroles. If you are looking for some healthy eating options, this is one cookbook to look for. The ingredients are simple and the book has a very easy to follow format. Definitely one book that will help to kick off a new year of healthy eating habits!
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I admit as a vegetarian of 30 plus years, I was skeptical about a cookbook called "Meatless Monday." For me, the title conjured up images of clueless meat eaters creating vegetarian recipes with no flavor. I am happy to say that my worst fears were proved wrong. Although the book is based on the idea of substituting a meat-based meal with a plant-based meal one day a week, these recipes could easily be used seven days a week, as most of the main dish courses have sufficient protein to satisfy the needs of growing children and keep adults feeling satisfied long after the meal is done. This compliment unfortunately leads to my one criticism of the book, it does not include the nutritional information for each recipe. With this one exception, this book is a stellar addition to any kitchen. What I like most about this book is unlike many vegetarian/vegan cookbooks, the recipes are based on ingredients that most people will already have in your house or if not, can easily be acquired from your neighborhood grocery store. There is no need to launch a safari in search of exotic spices, grains, legumes, or vegetables from specialty stores. Better yet, these recipes are easy to prepare and many in fact require only one pot or pan, allowing more time for other activities after the meal besides cleaning. I know, because I have actually prepared a few of them. For those who have kids, each recipes suggests simple and easily accomplished ways to get young children involved in food preparation. And for those who have skeptical diehard meat eaters in the house, many of the recipes are vegan versions of familiar recipes such as sloppy joe's, mac n cheese, and beef stew. For the more adventurous, there are also Indian, Greek, and Thai inspired dishes.
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This cookbook feels like it’s been written just for me, right now. With a picky elementary schooler and a desire to go more meatless but a general sense of frustration about how to do it, this book offers realistic recipes my family might actually eat. From simple and fast recipes to tips for involving kids in the kitchen, it has all the tips I need. I can’t wait to make the black bean soup and the pot pie-like creamy vegetable soup, and the section of handheld sandwiches and snacks is on point. The various bowls are delicious looking for me and my husband... and can be deconstructed for children who don’t eat composed food yet. Breakfast for dinner is of course the section my son loves most!

Highly recommended, and I can’t wait to test out the recipes. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in return for my unbiased review.
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Meatless Monday is a campaign aimed at helping people decrease their intake of meat and increase their intake of other, healthier alternatives. As someone who cooks and eats mainly vegetarian meals at home, I was intrigued by the book and hoped to find inspiration and some new favourite recipes. I enjoyed the intro, which helped explain the campaign, how it came to be and the various benefits. Sebestyen writes in a personable, conversational manner that isn't at all preachy. 

Part recipe book, part guide, the book is filled with lots of helpful ideas on how to get started with Meatless Monday, how to involve kids, what to stock your pantry with and how to keep Meatless Monday fun and exciting. There are also tips on how to prepare items people may not be familiar with if they're new to eating meatless, like tofu. The majority of the ingredients are things people will be familiar with and are easy to find.

My hang up with cook books is that I really like there to be a picture for every single recipe - it helps me visualize what it's going to look like (i.e. is this something I want to eat) and helps me know, once I'm done, whether I've got it right! So my only wish is that there were more photos/visuals for each recipe. The photos they do have are great!
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This is a good cookery book for getting the family started on having at least one meal a week that does not include meat.

The Meatless Monday Family Cookbook includes plenty of recipes: 11 Soups, 9 Salads, 12 Handhelds (such as sandwiches, wraps & burgers), 11 Bowls, 11 Pasta dishes, 11 One-pot wonders, 8 Casseroles (though not the English type of casserole more like lasagne, enchiladas or mac n cheese), 9 Main vegetable dishes , 8 Breakfasts for dinner and 12 Sauces/staples.

Has both imperial and metric measurements, easy to follow ingredients and instructions and how many portions it makes.  A few ingredients are in American terms such as eggplant and zucchini.  There is vibrant colour photographs in this cookery book, but not all recipes have an accompanying photo.  There are also tips on how to get the children involved in the making of the recipe, be it mixing ingredients or adding their own fillings plus suggestions for swaps and accompaniments.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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This is essentially a vegetarian cookbook but it should appeal to a wider audience. I see it geared particularly towards families as the recipes are fairly simple, easy to recreate in an average kitchen, and use easily and widely available ingredients, so perfect for dinners after a busy day at work, school or university.
There are mouth-watering photographs to help to help you see what dishes should look like, and the step by step instructions are clear with timings and guides to the number of servings each dish will create, allowing you to easily multiply to make a bigger amount or less if required. There are also tips, serving suggestions or suggestions on swaps to customise and change recipes, in the corners, so you can add variety and put your own twist on the dishes.
I love the section on bowls with chickpea and rice bowls, great for hearty winter warmers, as well as one pot wonders for delicious dishes with limited washing up!! 
Overall it's a great addition to a kitchen shelf and would be great for families with one or two veggies or those who are trying to eat less meat, for reasons of health, ethics or environmental concerns, something we are all very aware of these days.
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This cookbook was filled with recipes utilizing meatless options.  There were some appealing recipes with some more well-known such as cauliflower mac and cheese.  The book also included staple recipes at the end for various sauces and sides.
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I have been trying to reduce the consumption of meat and being more aware of the environment and this book is the perfect introduction to new ideas to experiment in the kitchen.
What not to love? Easy to follow recipes,clear instructions and illustrations.

I love the fact that recipes are divided by type so you could find soups,bowls,salads,pastas and much more.

Not necessarily for vegetarians or vegans but a great introduction to a plant-based diet for everyone! 

Thanks to the publisher and the author for the ARC of the book in exchange of my honest opinion.
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