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This is definitely a top notch thriller. It draws you in and doesnt let go. The fact that its a medical thriller is terrifying. I really loved reading this book late into the night with the lights on.
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Dr. Hope Sze has one of her worst night shifts ever at St. Joe's emergency room on a cold January in Montreal. It starts when patient Lori Goody tries to strangle her with her own stethoscope after failing to get a refill of her prescription. The manic woman is finally subdued and eventually sent offsite for a psych evaluation. Patient Alyssa's claims of falling down her basement stairs are refutable with clear signs of a beating and being almost throttled to death. Then Alyssa's security guard Patrick disappears during his shift and Hope is almost kidnapped by two men when she searches for him outside the hospital.

On the personal side, Hope gets a frantic phone call from the mother of her ex-boyfriend Ryan Wu. that he has vanished. Since Ryan blocked her from social media and Hope is busy working her shift, her current boyfriend, Dr. John Tucker volunteers to go to Ottawa to find him. What a guy.

The situation at St. Joe's escalates into a Code Blue when Patrick is found shot in the throat. Then as Hope and the rest of the ER staff continue their shift, a huge masked man enters the ER All he wants are more opioids, Lori Goody and the lottery windfall from one of the doctor's partner or he will detonate the bomb he is carrying.

This was another thrilling read in the Hope Sze medical thriller series.

I received an eARC from Netgalley with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and provided this review.
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Drugs. Alcohol. Violence. Chaos.
All in a night’s work for Dr. Hope Sze, aspiring Montreal emergency physician—until someone tries to strangle her with her own stethoscope.
Then Hope’s lover disappears.
A second woman barely escapes throttling before her beloved vanishes too.
Hope slogs through the pneumonia and hemorrhoid patients cramming the ER while a psychopath stalks the empty, post-midnight hallways of St. Joseph’s Hospital.
Waiting. Waiting patiently.
Until everything explodes.

This is a brilliant read.
Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believeable.
Great suspense and action with wonderful world building that adds so much to the story.
Can't wait to read more of these.
Recommend reading.

I was provided an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher.  This is my own honest voluntary review.
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thriller, kidnapping, medical-perspective, suspense

Loved it! Having worked nights in Emergency as well as having been a nurse in county jails, I can testify to the condensed version of very probable incidents. The sleuthing, suspense, and characters who truly are makes for a fascinating book of manageable length. Which is a good thing as it forced me to finish it in one long day!
I requested and received a free ebook copy from Kobo Writing Life via NetGalley. Thank you!
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I did not like this book!! Kind of boring!! Received this book from Kobo writing life from netgally!!
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*3.5* Stars. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Kobo Writing Life for this exciting medical thriller, Graveyard Shift. This is number 7 in the Hope Sze Medical Crime series, set in Montreal. It works well as a stand-alone. There are references to events covered in past books, and I am now motivated to now read previous books in the series.  

 This series was unknown to me until a few days ago when I read a positive article about Dr. Melissa Yuan-Innes (pen name Melissa YI) and her medical crime novels. I immediately downloaded book number 1, Code Blues, which is on my To Be Read List. 

 Graveyard Shift features Dr. Hope Sze, resident at St. Pat’s Hospital in Montreal. She is an aspiring emergency room physician. It is an account of the worst night ever for Dr. Hope and the hospital. A suspension of disbelief is necessary as it seems incredible that so much could go wrong in such a short time period. 

 Dr. Hope loves two men. Her former lover, Ryan, refuses to communicate with her. After a call from his distraught mother, it seems that Ryan has gone missing. She sends her present boyfriend, Tucker, to go searching for him. 

Her first patient, a drug addict, tries to strangle her with her own stethoscope. After being rescued, she attends her next patient, a woman who has been severely beaten and refuses to talk about it. This woman's partner is Patrick, a hospital security guard. When Hope goes to question him, he cannot be found. While looking for Patrick outside, she is grabbed by two men in the darkness. After a struggle, she escapes capture. Next, there is a shooting on hospital grounds. Then amongst all this chaos, things get worse. A very dangerous, explosive situation has developed for hospital staff. 

 This was a suspenseful, tense, enjoyable read with touches of humour.
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Dr Hope Zsu is a medical doctor coming to the end of her training but also seems to be a magnet for trouble.  Maybe I shiuld have read the previous 6 books as she referred constantly to actions taken and incidents in the past.  Engaging and worth the read, definitely not a stand alone.
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Dr. Hope Sze is portrayed as a resident at St. Joseph Hospital in Canada. She has been known to do a little crime-fighting on the side with her "now" boyfriend, John Tucker. Yet, her heart still belongs to her past boyfriend, Ryan Wu (who went missing a day ago). She sends Tucker to find Ryan. Tucker must REALLY love Hope to do so.

As a resident in the ER on the night shift, Hope encounters quite a number of characters, including nurses and doctor,s during her shift. Since Hope is a first year resident, she is the doctor lowest on the "totem pole". 

Tonight's first patient is Lori Goody who attempts to get a prescription for dilaudid much too early. This young woman becomes combative (to put it mildly). Next, Hope has a patient, Alyssa, who is the partner to a security guard - Patrick. It seems as though Alyssa had been beaten badly. Is it Patrick who had done this?

The story continues with code blues, code whites, a shooting and so much more. Also, I caught a bit of humor.

The question is - will Hope continue with her residency or decide she would rather fight crime?

Wonderful depiction of characters with a smooth plotline. I believe this book is part of a series. However, I read it as a standalone with no problems. (Actually, I want to go back and read the books that I have missed in this series!)

A fun, suspenseful, and enjoyable read!

Many Thanks to Windtree Press and NetGalley for a super read!
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