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An instant attraction romance!

Amelia is a up and coming fashion designer that gets the rare opportunity to be an intern in a Paris Fashion House ... but a month before she leaves, she meets David. David is an artist who has had some recent success ... and he is enamoured with Amelia from the moment they meet. When Amelia goes to Paris, the internship is not at all what she expected. She was hired to design the wedding dress of the season for the prestigious fashion house. The owner's son is a hunk who continually flirts with her and doesn't care that she has a boyfriend. But when David comes to Paris to visit Amelia ... the story goes in a new direction.

I liked that there was an instant bond between Amelia and David right from the start, but I loved it when Marcel was brought into the story to create some angst. I haven't read any of the previous books in the series and I had no trouble following this book ... but I feel that I would have gotten more of the back story on David and his family had I read the previous books. All in all a good read!

I received a copy courtesy of Ringmaster Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
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This book was all over the place! It was like one big fantasy romance improv! There was no consistency with the tone or characters - everything changed from chapter to chapter as if the author had no idea where the story was going. And speaking of characters, they were soulless and one-dimensional whom I couldn’t develop any connection with. 

And what was that mess about the wedding in the beginning? Chaos was thrown in without being addressed or explained (maybe I had to read the first book...?)

And the arrival of Cammie, the random new character, just served the purpose of the author trying to change the direction of the undeveloped story on the fly.

The best part of the book was Part 2. Totally had my attention and it was the only story-line that kept me reading as I was thinking of shelving the book before then.

This book lacked development, depth and dimension and didn’t work for me unfortunately...
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I really enjoyed this book. The love between partners and family was beautifully displayed in this book. It show how much your upbringing can have an impact on one's life and how you can heal from past actions through communication. Very lovely.
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